8 Most Common DR Brush Mower Problems & Troubleshooting

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DR Brush mowers are commonly used in gardens and lawns that require serious work. These machines are top performers in turning a neglected garden with dense and untrimmed grass into a well-groomed lawn. Unlike zero-turn mowers such as Ferris IS700Z, DR brush cutters look somehow like traditional push mowers.

Despite receiving many positive reviews from national and international users, no mower brand goes without issues, and there have been complaints about a few DR Brush Mower problems.

The vast majority of these problems revolve around uneven cutting results, problems with engine lag, or smoky exhaust. But applying simple maintenance steps helps deal with or avoid them in the first place.

This article will discuss major and common problems with DR Brush mowers and how to overcome them easily.

The Most Common Problems with DR Brush Mower

Regarding DR Brush mowers, engine issues and malfunctions are the main culprits. This does not mean DR brush cutters come with faulty engines, but how you care for this machine can affect the engine’s performance and durability.

1. Engine starting difficulty

If the engine in your DR Brush mower is not starting quickly every time you switch it on, there could be numerous reasons, most of which are fuel-related. First and foremost, you will have to refill the gas tank because your mower might not have enough fuel.

However, if you smell gas while trying to start, it could be due to overfilling the tank. Supposedly, this issue will clear itself after a few start-up trials. But if this is not the case and you can’t get the engine running, then you should suspect the spark plug.

Removing the spark plug is an initial step before any maintenance action on your DR Brush mower, Spartan mowers, or any other mower in the world. So, once it is removed, you need to inspect the plug. Make sure it is clean and does not have any debris.

Also, watch out for signs of wear, as the plug tends to wear out within 90-100 hours of use. Therefore, a spare part will be your savior.

2. Blades not spinning

So, you started the engine, but the blades remained stationary and refused to move? The first thing to suspect is the throttle handle. This part is essential for distributing fuel in a way that matches the desired blade spin speed.

Usually, a throttle cable becomes broken if the engine dies while engaged. In this case, replacing the cable is the only way to fix this broken throttle situation.

If the throttle is not the cause of this common lawn mower problem, you must shift to the clutch. A damaged clutch can be responsible for the lack of blade turn. If the clutch is not engaging, then the blades will not work.

Sometimes, the reason can be as simple as loose springs, and some proper tightening will do the deed. However, a damaged clutch inside will break the connection between the machine’s engine and the drive shaft. In this case, replacing the whole clutch assembly is the only fix.

3. The engine starts and stops abruptly

This is one of those issues that happen to everyone. When the engine starts and suddenly dies out on you, it can indicate the presence of dirt and debris buildup in one or more of the engine parts. You should take a look at the carburetor.

A clogged bowl in the carburetor can make the engine combustion process inefficient. Thus, the engine will run poorly and might suddenly die. While at it, checking the air filter is a good move. Make sure it is pristine; otherwise, you should get another one.

4. Vibration coming from the blades’ direction

This issue is not one of the only DR Brush mower problems; it happens with Kubota zero-turn mowers. It is not normal when you hear frequent and loud vibration noises coming from the blades. It could be a sign of uneven, damaged, or broken blades.

In the case of dull or uneven blades, you will have to sharpen them. As for damaged, bent, or broken bladessharpening is not recommended. Replacing the blades is the right thing to do. 

5. Wheels drifting in one direction

When one of your DR Brush mower wheels pulls in one direction, be it right or left, it gets frustrating trying to straighten the machine’s motion.

Usually, the reason behind this common issue is insufficient tire pressure. Inspect the wheel tires to find the cause of pressure loss and fix it. Then, look in the DR brush mowers user manual to determine how to adjust the pressure based on it.

6. Bad Grass Cuts

You opt for a mower to get grass that is cut evenly. So, when a quality mower like the DR Brush fails to fulfill this mission, it is usually the blades.

Their nuts might require some tightening. Make sure the tightening rate meets what is mentioned in the user’s guide. The nuts should not be too tight, though.

7. Smokey exhaust in white or blue colors

When your DR Brush Mower emits white or blue exhaust, it could indicate improper oil burning inside the engine. There are various reasons leading to this condition, including incorrect oil-to-fuel blend.

It can also be due to insufficient cleaning inside the air filter. Also, you might want to check out the head gasket. 

To solve the problem of the oil-to-fuel ratio, you can pull out the manual for specific numbers. All 2-stroke engine machines, such as DR Brush cutters, will take 1 to 30 parts of oil.

However, some 2-stroke engine machines take 1:40 or 1:50. If the head gasket gets blown, you must change it.

8.  Backward motion not working

You need to check the drive belt when you can’t move your DR Brush in reverse. It could be damaged due to a problem with the pulley bearings. So, make sure these bearings remain clean without dirt or corrosion.

If you tried this trick and it did not work, check out the belt’s appearance. If it looks burned, you may want to replace the belt with a new one. However, a good quality drive belt can last up to 4 years with proper maintenance.

DR Brush Mower Problems: are they a deal breaker?

Despite the above-listed problems, DR Brush mowers are worth investing in. They demonstrate high efficiency and top performance in mowing lawns.

They are equipped with a versatile engine and a quality deck. The machine is also made in the U.S., which indicates manufacturing standards.

The machine is also simple to use and understand. It does not require complex maintenance; apply standard care, and you should enjoy it for a long time.

One of the best things about DR Brush mowers is their variety of solutions for all gardening needs and requirements. Also, there is always something for every budget.

So, regardless of these common DR Brush mower problems, you enjoy significant advantages that outweigh all the downsides. Keep in mind that you will use the machine for the purpose it was made for without overworking it if you want it to last without any issues.

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