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Marvin Tucker

Founder and Farming Equipment Expert

Marvin is an expert in farming equipment with a strong background in agricultural engineering. He graduated from Kansas State College of Agriculture, where he received a degree in Agricultural Engineering and specialized in farm equipment design and maintenance.

After graduation, Marvin began his career working for a large agricultural equipment manufacturer, where he gained valuable experience in the design and testing of various types of farming equipment.

He quickly rose through the ranks and became a leading expert in the field, and with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Marvin has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that farmers face when it comes to equipment maintenance and performance.


Jake Hill

Chainsaws Expert

Jake is a chainsaws expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. He is a licensed professional by the National Chainsaw Program, which attests to his skills and expertise in the safe and efficient use of chainsaws.

Jake began his career in the logging industry, where he quickly developed a passion for chainsaws and the art of cutting wood. He honed his skills over the years and eventually became a supervisor of a logging company, where he was responsible for the safety and productivity of a team of loggers.

After several years in the logging industry, Jake decided to focus on chainsaw training and consulting. He began offering his expertise to forestry companies, tree care services, and homeowners. He became known for his safety-first approach and his ability to teach proper chainsaw techniques to people of all skill levels.


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