Editorial Policy

If you’ve landed on our About page and have already met our team, you know pretty much everything there is to know about Farm Sun Seed. However, if you’re one of the curious ones, feel free to delve deeper into our process!

Our content policy

At Farm Sun Seed, we only write about topics we have first-hand experience on. That is to ensure that our readers are provided with practical tips and guides they can actually follow right away.

The main purpose of Farm Sun Seed is to take new farmers by hand and guide them through the jungle of first times. That’s why some of our topics might sound obvious to the most experienced but are nothing more than what we would have liked to know when we first started this adventure.

Farm Sun Seed is editorially independent, and as such we love to collaborate with self-made farmers and agricultural experts alike, as we believe that it’s important to bring a different point of view to the table.

Of course, every article published on the website goes through a strict reviewing process to ensure that every piece of information published is reliable. However, if you ever feel that our content could benefit from some improvement, or if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

Why you should trust us?

Farm Sun Seed is a project born out of our love for farming and our desire of helping everyone achieve the country life of their dreams, that’s why we value authenticity and transparency above everything else.

In some of our articles, you might find affiliate links. When you complete a purchase through our affiliate links, we receive a small commission, which helps us keep both our farm and website operational.

Please note however that we only ever recommend products that we truly deem worthy and that have been carefully evaluated. Of course, we do not ask our readers to click on these affiliate links if they don’t want to.

At the heart of Farm Sun Seed, we simply wish to connect with people who care about that exciting farming life just as much as we are! All while learning something new every day and having fun in the process. Welcome to Farm Sun Seed!