8 Most Common Echo CS 590 Problems & Solutions

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The CS-590, otherwise known as the Timber Wolf, is a professional-grade chainsaw that beats out the competition with this hefty 59.8cc engine and a slew of user-friendly features that make it perform efficiently and conveniently for the best user experience possible.

Being the high-quality instrument it is, it also comes with quite a price tag. As such, you’d expect it to be both reliable and durable.

But many users have reported running into problems with their Echo CS 590 that any prospective buyer should be aware of beforehand so you can be sure of the product you are buying and what you can expect to deal with in terms of troubleshooting and maintenance.

The most common problems with Echo CS 590

Undoubtedly, the CS 590 is one of the most effective chainsaws around for woodworking. Whether cutting timber in a professional environment or maintaining your personal grounds, this beast will handle everything with ease.

It’s easy to operate and upkeep thanks to its dual-post chain brake, toolless access air filtration system, and quickly replaceable bumper spikes.

However, like any chainsaw, it will inevitably run into some problems and require some fixing and upkeep to keep it in good shape. So we’ve scoured the internet to find the most common problems users have reported running into, and we’re going to share how you can solve them yourself quickly and easily.

1. The air filter becomes blocked

This is probably the most common component that will cause issues if not correctly maintained. The air filter stops dust, debris, and other things from making their way into the engine and harming it.

And while it does an excellent job at this, the filter can, over time, become so blocked that it restricts airflow into the engine, which in turn causes poor performance.

Fortunately, this is a nice and easy fix thanks to the CS 590’s toolless access air filter system. You can have it cleaned out in just a few minutes.

  • You should first of all be checking this air filter before every single use. I know it sounds troublesome, but it just takes a few seconds.
  • Start by closing the choke.
  • Remove the air cleaner cover, which then reveals a removable air filter.
  • Lightly clean the air filter. Of course, Echo recommends using compressed air. But you can always blow on it and make sure all the debris is removed.
  • Reinstall the air filter and close the cover, and it’s good to go!

2. The recoil starter is damaged

The recoil starter is critical for the crankshaft to turn the engine over. It’s the pull chord you need to extend which rotates the pulley, thus starting the engine.

So obviously, if this develops a problem, you will not be able to start the echo chainsaw engine.

Start by removing the start assembly so you can inspect the recoil starter. Then check the tabs are adequately tightened down. If they are not, re-tighten them and then pull the starter rope to see if the tabs shrink and the engine starts.

If this doesn’t work, the recoil starter may be damaged, which will need to be replaced.

3. Failed spark plug

The spark plug is responsible for generating a tiny electrical spark that ignites the gas, thus starting the engine. However, these little components quickly fail and often need to be replaced.

Don’t worry, though. They are very cheap to purchase and easy to replace. You’ll find yourself needing to do this with other chainsaw brands too.

On the CS 590, you can easily access the spark plug by removing the air cleaning cover, which exposes the spark plug. Simply remove the old one and replace it with a new one. 

You may also check the spark plug gap to ensure it’s within the specification (0.65mm). If it’s larger or smaller than this, then adjust it.

4. Broken ignition coil

Equally as important as the spark plug is the ignition coil. This is what transfers the electrical signal to the spark plug. So when this is not working, then the engine will not start.

If the ignition coil is broken, it needs to be replaced, but do keep in mind that it’s also extremely common for a broken ignition coil to break the spark plug. So if you are replacing the ignition coil, have a spark plug to hand, as you’ll probably need it.

5. The carburetor is blocked

When the carburetor is blocked, you will not get that air and fuel mixture that enables the engine to work. However, just through the natural use of the Timer Wolf, this will become blocked over time.

Use a carburetor cleaner and follow through the process as indicated in the user manual to clean this out.

6. The spark arrestor is clogged

Hopefully, you’re seeing the pattern by now. Most of the issues the CS 590 deals with are to do with components becoming blocked through natural use, and simply cleaning them out can solve the problem.

If the spark arrestor screen has become clogged up, you can clean it gently with a brush to remove the debris. However, if you notice any noticeable holes or tears in the mesh, replace it, as you won’t want to run the risk of larger items making their way inside.

7. Worn clutch pads

Clutch pads separate when the engine is used through centrifugal force, and when they come back in contact with the drum, they can engage the chain sprocket through friction.

So when these pads are broken, worn, or defective, even when the drum is turning, they will not be able to engage with it, resulting in the chain not working adequately.

If the clutch pads are burnt out, you will need to replace them or possibly reinstall the clutch assembly.

8. The engine is being flooded

This is often more of a user error than something mechanically wrong with the machine, but it is something you must be aware of during operation.

If you leave the choke open for a long time, it’s easy to flood the engine with fuel, which throws off the fuel-to-air ratio, severely hampering the chainsaw’s operation.

To solve this, set the echo chainsaw down for 15-20 minutes to let the flooded fuel evaporate from the engine. Then it should work.

Echo CS 590 problems: Are they a deal-breaker?

As nearly every issue that users have reported encountering with the CS 590 relate to general maintenance and upkeep, we have not seen any evidence of anything faulty with the construction or quality of the Timer Wolf. Every issue that crops up with this model is likely to present itself in other models and brands of chainsaws too.

Because of this, we have no issues recommending this product. It’s high quality, comes from a well-respected company, and provided you take good care of it and keep up with maintenance requirements, it will serve you well for many years to come!

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