Exmark vs Toro: Which one is the choice best in 2024?

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Toro and Exmark are two of the most well-known brands in the power equipment industry. 

American businesses have established enviable reputations on the pillars of creativity, dependability, customer service, and world-class engineering competence.

Both the Toro and Exmark brands, which utilize premium engines from top industry-ranking outsourced manufacturers, are the products of Toro design and quality.

Despite the fact that just a small number of basic engines are made under each company’s brand, they are also outsourced as white-label goods.

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Exmark vs. Toro: Quick Overview

A division of Toro is called Exmark. Exmark Manufacturing is a manufacturer of industrial tools for managing lawns that were established in May 1982. It is now a market leader for commercial mowers used by landscaping professionals.

To start manufacturing, the firm first hired seven individuals in a modest garage-style building south of Beatrice. Toro first entered the push mower market in 1948, following the acquisition of Whirlwind Corporation. They sold push lawnmowers for several years under this brand name.

In 1952, the Whirlwind facility was closed and demolished in Windom, Minnesota. The Toro corporation is home to some well-known mower brands such as Exmark, Ditch Witch, Spartan Mowers, etc.

The models of Toro lawnmowers are very diverse. Traditional customers consistently choose Toro because of their fantastic service and reliable results. 

In addition, Toro is preferred by most lawn owners since it stands out while cutting a large amount of grass. It also enables you to cut through the bulk of grass without damaging the machine deck.

Exmark, on the other hand, offers its clients well-organized, comfortable riding facilities. 

Furthermore, it can readily compete with other top-name lawnmowers in terms of specification and design.

Its powerful engine and other components’ efficiency are also quite impressive. The majority of Exmark models cut exceptionally well and leave a superior layer on the grasses when it comes to cutting techniques.

Let’s evaluate some fundamental technical characteristics from two of their most popular models to start the comparison between Toro and Exmark. However, we have chosen the Exmark Aerator S-Series Kaw FJ180V and the Toro Timemaster30.

Exmark Overview

Exmark Manufacturing was established in May 1982 to produce expert lawn care equipment. It is one of the industry’s top producers of commercial mowers right now. 

Exmark is unbeatable when it comes to cutting thick grass with its motorized wheels, which are propelled by hydraulic pumps.

According to their life expectancy, these parts still have 1,500–2,000 hours to live. The application of RED technology has changed Exmark mowers.

Due to this characteristic, Exmark’s models have a wide range of cutting-edge power-control capabilities and unique features. 

Steel reinforcements are welded onto the deck of the Exmark. Its transfer case was also specifically developed to meet its requirements, with internal wet clutches and automatically tensioning shafts and driving belts.

Even though the first lawn mower was created in the 1800s, Exmark started producing them in 1982 and has since manufactured some of the most robust mowers in the market. 

Exmark continues to be a leading brand with several series of cutting-edge lawnmowers, even if they are currently managed by a different company. We’ll be talking about anything Exmark mowers in this section. 

The Exmark stands out among lawnmower manufacturers, even if others are doing an excellent job. Mowers made by Exmark are well known for their high-quality parts, expert craftsmanship, and impressive power. 

For practically every type or size of property, they have produced a very broad selection of mowers. Mowers made by Exmark are excellent additions to your property’s list of necessary equipment.

Toro Overview

Like most significant power equipment manufacturers, Toro essentially uses external engines for their lawnmowers. The quality of Toro engines matches that of the firms that manufacture them through outsourcing. 

Toro mower engines are among the best made in any brand of mowers on the market since they are purchased from some of the top manufacturers in the business.

Most of these outsourcing agreements are with well-known American companies like Briggs & Stratton and Kohler, which are recognized for their great power output. 

One fantastic illustration of the incredible Kohler-powered creatures in Toro’s stable is the 54-inch TimeCutter z-turn.

An excellent household mower with a smaller carbon and physical footprint, the 21-inch Personal Pace SMARTSTOW Super Recycler, is powered by Briggs, the king of compact engines.

Toro also uses international companies like Kawasaki and Honda for outsourcing. The Kawasaki FJ180V KAI overhead valve general-purpose motor powers the 21-inch Heavy Duty BBC, a commercial self-propelled wonder.

Machines like the Honda-powered Personal Pace are available for domestic use (22-inch).

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the word “Toro” is both a brand and the name of a business that serves as the parent company to several other companies.

Most of these machines (at least the combustion ones), are made by these other manufacturers, which also produce lawnmowers.

Exmark vs Toro: The comparison

Popular manufacturers of lawnmowers with nearly identical features include Toro and Exmark. Most Toro commercial models are used in Exmark machines.

Customers are often lured to Toro by their exceptional service and faultless performances. 

Exmark, on the other hand, was made to resemble premium lawnmowers in terms of design and construction.

We simply compared two models from brands that are relevant to us. However, it is not simple for the purchasers to determine their priorities and preferences. This section will compare some other key traits between Toro and Exmark.


Engine power is crucial for a lawnmower. Using a strong mower with the right engine power makes mowing a field simple.

The 23–27 HP engine of the Exmark mower is utilized to drive the mower and cut the grass. This lawnmower is ideal if you’re seeking a mower with a lot of power.

Toro produces many lawnmowers for various users. Depending on the models and manufacturers, its engine has a range of 20 to 60 HP.


Some of the most trustworthy lawnmowers on the market come from the Exmark brand. It is made entirely of high-quality materials and has a sturdy body structure.

Exmark mower engines have undergone thorough testing and are frequently simple to maintain and fix. There are just a few of these engines, including the Kawasaki and the Kohler, and each one is believed to have a lifespan of at least 3,500 hours.

Mowers from Toro are also dependable. It is renowned for producing some of the industry’s most reliable and long-lasting lawn care equipment.

Additionally, Toro mowers offer excellent customer service and a wide range of fantastic warranty options.

It is also essential to note that repair parts are readily available, a benefit many other lawn mower manufacturers do not have.

Wheel Drive

Many lawnmowers simply have a forward motion and no reverse. The Exmark, however, doesn’t work that way.

The two selectable speeds are 12–14 mph and 5–6 mph for forward and backward motion, respectively. It’s a mower fit for professionals. Toro, however, has a selection of mowers that can go at speeds between 10 and 30 mph.

Cutting Width

Using a broad cutting width, you can cover a large area and make a smooth cut. Since most mowers strive for the more typical 52-inch cutting width, it’s a good thing that Exmark’s cutting width is 48 inches.

Exmark’s cutting width of 48-60 inches is marginally superior to Toro’s 50-72 inches. Despite Exmark’s ability to complete the task, Toro is obviously the victor in this comparison for cutting width.

Charging Capacity

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a lawnmower is how long the battery can function before needing to be recharged.

Exmark batteries have a capacity of 35 amp-hours and 12 volts. Fo

r Toros, 12 volts, and a 35-AH battery are equivalent. As a result, the battery capacity of the two mowers is equal.


Maintenance may be really annoying when it needs to be done every day. Exmark has an extremely low maintenance stat as a result.

You might be able to keep your mower working for a lot longer than anticipated if you develop the practice of doing routine maintenance on it.

These engines’ power and endurance enable them to easily cut through any sort of lawn and negotiate any type of grass.

Additionally, Toro requires little maintenance. Simply consult the handbook to see how long it typically takes to change the filters and the oil—keeping in mind that regular cleaning is required.


Exmark’s premium and commercial mowers provide a range of features and top-notch standards. Or, to put it another way, the price of this mower is absurd. The cost might range from 4,800 to 21,000 USD.

The cost of Toro Mowers is reasonable. The typical price range is between USD $3000 and $30000. Sometimes, prices can change.

Exmark vs. Toro: Which is the best?

We can conclude that Toro vs. Exmark is a never-ending subject because we are able to compare a vast number of models from both brands.

Lawnmowers, in particular, have different characteristics from one manufacturer to the next when it comes to field gear. 

As a result, each brand has a unique feature and technology that sets them apart in the eyes of different people.

But ultimately, it matters what you decide. After reading Toro vs. Exmark: A Comparative Analysis on Top Two Lawn Mower Brands, you may decide on the best lawnmower brand.

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