How to Start a Makita Chainsaw: Fast Full Operating Guide

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Makita chainsaws are among the best-regarded brands all over the world. Despite being made to fit large cutting projects, it is often purchased for home gardening and trimming. If you are a first-time owner of a Makita saw, you will experience some difficulties starting it.

So, if knowing how to start a Makita chainsaw is giving you a hard time, then you are in the right place. This blog will dive deep into the proper and safe starting methods of Makita gas chainsaws.

Safety Precautions before Starting a Makita saw.

A gas or electric chainsaw is associated with several hazards. The vast majority of these hazards come from the sharp chain blade. Storing chainsaws requires a “Tool-less” blade and chain adjustments.

But if you plan to use this heavy-duty machine, you will need the blade to be sharpened and properly attached. This is when your own safety precautions step in.

1. Wearing Personal Protection Equipment

You must protect and cover all body parts that may come in contact with the blade or chain compartment. This includes covering the face with a shield, the eyes with goggles, the head with a helmet, and the hands with heavy leather mitts. As for the legs, you will have to wear comfortable nylon-sewn pants.

It would be best if you did not forget to shield your ears. The loud noise associated with a chainsaw can be bad for the ears’ wellness. Continuous chainsaw noise can often lead to hearing loss, as the associated noise is around 130 decibels.

Besides this, the chainsaw’s noise can cause general fatigue, which is dangerous when using a saw. You will need efficient ear protection, such as ear muffs.

2. Clear the Area Before Working 

Another major risk associated with a Makita saw is the kickbacks. This happens when a solid substance stands in the way of the rotating chainsaw chain. In this case, the blade would be pushed forcefully back in your direction.

Such a scenario would result in injuries and cuts. To avoid all this, you must remove any obstacle from the chain’s path. Also, keep an eye on the bar’s tip to prevent kickbacks. Moreover, locating nearby electric lines and avoiding operating close to them is necessary.

3. In-depth Inspection of the Saw

Buying a brand-new Makita saw, you should not worry much about an inspection. However, if you have an old or used machine, you must look thoroughly into the chainsaw’s safety features.

This includes checking the chain lubrication, tightening bolts, testing functional switches, and ensuring a full fuel tank. Moreover, you must look at the brakes to ensure they are engaging and disengaging.

Lastly, ensure the major engine components, including the filters, carburetor, and spark plug, are adequately maintained. These parts require frequent cleaning to prevent carbon deposits, dirt, and debris from clogging the engine.

4. Do not Work Alone

It is essential to have someone to help out in case of emergencies. However, this person should be a responsible adult wearing protective equipment and standing at a distance. So, there should be no animals or kids around the work area.

Filling the Fuel and Oil in Makita saw.

The oil-fuel mixture is necessary to start Makita gas chain saws properly. It is what gets the engine parts lubricated. Moreover, a proper fuel mix will prevent these parts from clogging with heavy carbon buildup or rust accumulation.

In addition to lubricating the engine and preventing buildup, the oil blend contains certain additives that protect the engine parts against casual wear and tear.

As one of the many simple 2-stroke chain saws, Makita saws operate on a fixed 50:1 ratio. However, checking the user’s manual for the recommended mix is always recommended. This is advisable, as a few chainsaw models might differ in their recommended ratios.

A 50:1 mix means mixing 50 parts of the recommended gasoline with the amount of the recommended oil. If you want precise numbers, you will need 2.6 oz of engine oil for each gallon of fuel.

Any incorrect fuel and gas mixtures will make the engine run lean or rich. Both cases are bad for the engine. As the machine operates this way, the engine will weaken and suffer expensive and irreversible damage.

Starting a Makita Chainsaw

Starting a gas chainsaw from Makita is not a challenging task. However, you must follow specific steps to ensure optimum performance and endurance. A first-time user would properly have to start when the engine is cold. To successfully achieve this, you have to follow this guide:

  1. Check the fluid levels, including oil and gasoline. If they are insufficient, the engine won’t start.
  2. Put the saw on flat, even, firm ground or a similar surface. This allows you to have better control of the machine.
  3. Look at the blades, teeth, and bar to ensure they are not blocked or rusty. Also, ensure that the chain brake is active.
  4. It is time to adjust the combo switch. This means changing the choke position to the “up” setting.
  5. You must place your right foot inside the rear handle. Your left hand should hold the front handle, while the right hand should pull the starter cord. After a couple of pulling attempts, the engine should fire powerfully.

Running a Makita Gas chainsaw

To ensure that your saw will keep running for as long as you want, you will need the following steps:

  1. Keep checking the fluid levels, particularly the oil.
  2. Let the machine idle for a couple of minutes. Idling allows the engine to heat up gradually.
  3. Accelerate the engine till it reaches its max power. This process is called revving. This is possible by adjusting the throttle control.
  4. Once you get the desired speed, disengage the chain brake and hold the saw with both hands. It is time for you to start cutting.

Shutting off a Makita Gas Chainsaw

If you finish your cutting project, avoid switching off the ignition coil. You will need to take a few steps to prepare the engine for shutting off:

  1. Allow the motor to idle for about three or four minutes. This step is necessary for cooling down the engine.
  2. Activate the chain brake once again.
  3. Switch the Makita Chainsaw Ignition Coil off and let your machine rest.


Using a Makita gas chainsaw makes large-scale cutting projects easier. It is a heavy-duty machine that has a lot to offer. Still, it would help if you learned how to start a Makita chainsaw correctly.

It would be best to take all the necessary safety precautions to operate your saw like an effective chainsaw operator. Also, you have to double-check all the safety features on the saw, including the proper tension and functionality of the brakes. 

That said, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s manual. Reading this guide will clarify many things about the machine. One of the best things to know from this guide is the recommended fluids for the machine’s engine.

Lastly, contacting a professional chainsaw maintenance specialist is mandatory whenever you need help with these routine procedures. They can help you replace a defective spark plug, clean a carburetor, or fire a stubborn engine.

Additionally, you should only go for a chopping project if you are certain about your safety. You can always consult with a certified operator.

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