6 Most Common Husqvarna 572xp Problems & Troubleshooting

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If you are in the forestry and wood cutting business, you will appreciate what the Husqvarna 572xp offers. The top-performing gas chainsaw has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. It is also fast and more accurate when chopping trees. It is no need to mention that it is cheaper than the Stihl 500i.

Still, all these excellent specifications do not make all the users 100% happy. Some users still experience different Husqvarna 572xp problems. Generally, these problems are not manufacturing defects. Also, they are not going to make you abandon the chainsaw. Typically, the problems revolve around the engine failing to start and breaking down after starting.

This article will shed light on these issues and how you can efficiently handle them.

The Most Common Problems with Husqvarna 572xp

With a couple of temporary engine issues or performance problems, the Husqvarna 572xp remains a versatile gas chainsaw. Most of these problems can be dealt with through proper DIY maintenance. If you are unfamiliar with DIY chainsaw maintenance, you can seek professional help from a local dealer or repair shop.

1. Engine’s Failure to start

When the engine of your Husqvarna 572XP does not start, there are various suspects. In this case, things are similar to the Stihl MS 271. You will need to look at the starter pawls. These pawls can get clogged with deposits

Clogged pawls might make the engine unable to start, as they are directly connected to the machine’s flywheel. You will have to unclog them. If they don’t get clean, you will have to change them.

Another major cause of start failure is fuel. You could be using the wrong type of fuel. If you suspect this, you will have to act fast. Emptying the tank and refilling it with the right fuel might save the pistons, crankcase, and, typically, the engine from long-term damage. You must follow the guidelines in the user manual for the gas type.

2. Engine starts and dies shortly

The Husqvarna 572xp is not supposed to die after starting. However, several high-end zero-turn mowers, like the Ferris IS 700z, experience this problem. This issue might result from several defective parts. The filters, carburetor, and spark plug are some of these components. 

It would help if you started with the spark plug. It could be unclean, so you will have to clean it. Also, sometimes it could be wet due to flooding in the engine. A wet spark plug won’t work until it is dry. So, dry it up and make sure the flooding is appropriately handled. After cleaning and drying the plug, properly reinstall and tighten it.

Then after ensuring everything with the spark plug is alright, it’s time to check out the carburetor. It could be responsible for engine breakdowns when the machine is idling. In this case, you will have to adjust the carburetor.

There are screws inside the combustion chamber that could benefit from proper tightening, precisely the speed adjustment screws. If you feel uncertain about making such adjustments, you can talk to the dealer.

Now it is time to inspect the filters. The engine will stall whenever a buildup clogs the air or fuel filtersCleaning or changing them is the right action, and both options are easy to carry out. You should begin with cleaning, and replacing the filters is the ultimate choice if it does not work.

3. Starter rope is not working

A starter rope in a chainsaw can experience various issues. For instance, it is not retracting or has difficulty pulling the rope. If it is not responding to your attempts to pull the rope, you can look for stuck parts in the pulley system. Also, there could be a problem with the housing or the starter.

Before digging too deep into the pulley system, you should inspect the rope itself. It could be damaged and need replacing. You can start looking at the pulley wheel if the rope is fine.

Sometimes, there could be something stuck, preventing the wheel from spinning. The starter pawls and springs must also be inspected. These two components could be corroded or worn.

4. Poor combustion

Proper airflow is essential for operating your Husqvarna 572xp. Bad combustion is not categorized as one of the Husqvarna 572xp problems, but it is common in many other 2-stroke machines.

When something goes wrong in the combustion chamberthe balance between air and fuel will be negatively affected. To avoid this problem, you should constantly check the cleanliness of the air filter.

Another vital part of the combustion process is the muffler. If it has oily deposits, you will need to clean or replace it if you can’t get the first one done. If these parts are not 100% efficient, there is a high chance that contaminants could get inside the body of your chainsaw and plug it.

5. Malfunctioning ignition coil

Another common Husqvarna 572xp problem is when the ignition coil goes bad. This coil is essential for running this machine. This coil is responsible for transmitting voltage to the spark plug. Any issue in the coil, there would be no such process.

You can check the condition of the saw’s ignition coil using a multimeter tester. Remember that this test should not be performed while the spark plug is inside the chainsaw. Replacing the coil is not difficult.

6. Insufficient compression

Poor compression won’t let your Husqvarna 572xp work correctly. You can notice that your chainsaw is not running as powerfully as it should. You should ensure that the compression is checked when the saw’s rope is not pulling as intensely as before. You can easily get a substitute if the problem is in the rope.

But in many other cases, the culprit has damaged seals on the crankshaft. They could be loose or worn out in a way that allows air leakage. Any component leading to an air leak should either be fixed or replaced. While checking the crankshaft seals, you might also want to look at the pistons and gasket.

Husqvarna 572xp problems: are they a deal breaker?

Despite all the above-discussed Husqvarna 572xp problems, this chainsaw is still one of the top gas chainsaws. It is backed with lucrative features and a powerful engine. As long as you know how to take proper care of this saw, it promises you nothing but longevity.

Keep in mind that maintaining this chainsaw can be done daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your use. You can check the user manual for a suitable appointment for each care routine. Also, when you are not using the saw and plan to store it for some time, you will need to give it some care to avoid malfunctions when re-operating the machine.

Another thing to keep in mind is to monitor the fuel needs, as this heavy-duty saw can get thirsty after frequent use. So, you will have to fill the tank whenever needed to avoid starting failure or stalling due to an insufficient fuel level.

Avoiding old fuel that has been on the shelf for several months is also critical. There is a high chance that this gas has lost its efficiency or become full of contaminants and muddy deposits. Using old or improperly stored fuel can cost you your engine.

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