3 Most Common John Deere 325g Problems & Troubleshooting

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G-Series’ newest addition, the mid-frame 325G compact track loader, arrived in 2018 with 74 gross hp (70 net hp) to provide enhanced performance and greater pushing force. 

This type allows operators to reach unprecedented heights in a compact design, with a height to hinge pin of 10 feet, 6 inches, making it suitable for filling a 10-foot sidewall dump truck or hopper

Compared to its large-frame contemporaries, the 325G maintains the same pressurized cab for maximum protection against dust and noise. 

Cab upgrades like heated seats, Bluetooth radio, a rearview camera, and a luxury LED lighting package increase durability and visibility by 50% compared to the standard equipped halogen lights, making for a more comfortable and, therefore, more productive operator.

The Most Common Problems with John Deere 325g

Every day, John Deere 325g is used by a wide variety of businesses and people to do a variety of landscaping and construction-related chores. If you have any experience with this, you understand how crucial it is to keep them in good shape. 

It’s essential to know the telltale indicators of John Deere 325g trouble so you may prevent lost time and money. If you are familiar with these warning signs, you can inspect and care for your skid steer more effectively.

It’s essential to maintain an eye on the John Deere 325g’s engine, hydraulics, and controls to ensure peak performance. Here are some of the most common problems with skid steers that fall under these categories, along with some suggestions for troubleshooting them:

1. Control System Problems

Sometimes, john deere 325g operators may discover that the loader and steering joysticks are unresponsive. Loose or disconnected connections on the steering or loader may be to blame, necessitating a reconnection or tightening of the relevant connections. 

It’s also a good idea to double-check the connections between the joystick and the actuators, hydraulic pump, and wires. If you’ve exhausted all other options and the joystick control circuit board still won’t work, you may need to replace the whole thing.

Control system problems are likely if your controls respond, but only slowly. In addition to the connections mentioned above, we recommend verifying the safety switches on the John Deere 325g.

If this safety switches malfunction, there will be repercussions across the whole control system. All connections between these switches should be tight and working correctly.

Similarly, faulty circuits might damage your control system, making monitoring the john deere 325g’s battery essential.

2. Engine Issues

When an engine doesn’t turn over, it’s often best to start with the fuel system because of how many problems might arise. John Deere 325gs often have gasoline filters, fuel lines, and a tank, all of which should be inspected separately.

John deere 325gs that use diesel fuel can experience problems if the filters are not changed as suggested. John Deere 325gs should have their filters changed regularly in dusty situations to avoid engine failure.

Next, move on to the fuel tank once you double-check the diesel fuel filters. Inadequate fuel delivery to the fuel injector from the tank might reduce the engine’s performance. Fuel injectors are a typical source of poor fuel flow; therefore, ensuring they aren’t blocked by debris is crucial.

Problems with the engine’s glow plugs are also somewhat prevalent. When operating in frigid temperatures, the glow plugs in a john deere 325g allow the machine to work as designed by warming the combustion chambers. 

These glow plugs can sometimes become dislodged, rendering the engine unheated. Check the snugness of their connections after locating the plugs on both sides of the machine.

Last but not least, check the connection between the throttle cable and the throttle body. The engine can malfunction if the wires become dislodged. Look at the cable from both ends to see how well it is secured

The throttle body and accelerator on the motor’s upper front require the wires to be attached.

3. Hydraulic Issues

The hydraulic system is another common source of problems with john deere 325gs. Hydraulic fluid level is generally to blame if the john deere 325g loader isn’t functioning correctly. To get the most out of your hydraulic system, fill it up to the exact level specified by the manufacturer.

A blocked hydraulic fuel filter may also bring on significant performance concerns in the john deere 325g. If your loader suddenly seems less potent than usual, a clogged fluid filter could be to blame. Filter clogging reduces loader efficiency by preventing fluid from flowing freely.

The pump in the hydraulic system is also essential to john deere 325g’s operation. If a belt-driven model is malfunctioning, you can inspect if the belts are correctly fastened and in excellent shape. Inadequate maintenance can have a severe impact on the efficiency of the hydraulic system.

Among the most important things to examine are the hydraulic lines for leaks or weak connections, which can significantly degrade the efficiency of the hydraulic system

Pressurize the hydraulic system and ensure the pump and engine are functioning before inspecting either. If there are any little leaks in the system, you’ll be able to see them much more clearly when the fluid is under pressure

Wear protective equipment like gloves and goggles while performing this examination to avoid harm from the high pressure involved.

Afterward, you can inspect the control valve’s fittings and seals for leakage. Breaking these seals or having the fittings lose can reduce the efficiency of the hydraulic system. The valves can undergo a test to ensure they open and close without resistance.

John Deere 325g Problems: are they deal breakers?

The John Deere 325G mid-frame compact track loader, with its 74 gross horsepower, is ideal for contractors that need the power, technology, and productivity of larger equipment but can’t accommodate their bulk. The sleek, redesigned cab is more space-efficient and increases visibility in tight workspaces.

Nevertheless, John Deere 325g is notorious for breaking down at the worst possible times and places. However, experts provide some advice to lessen the likelihood of expensive breakdowns and identify problems in their early stages. Following the experts’ advice, you can take full advantage of this excellent track loader.

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