6 Most Common John Deere x758 Problems

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The John Deere x758 is part of that beautiful line of the x700 series tractors. Too small to be considered a compact tractor, this garden tractor proved to be more worthy than many machines of the same size.

With its newly designed seat, sturdy exterior, and reliable mowing deck, many small-scale farmers are delighted with this purchase.

But is this John Deere mower really without flaws? As you may guess, that’s not possible.

There are a few issues regarding the engine of this mower, and now we’re going to see them all in detail, so keep reading!

The most common problems with John Deere x758

The x758 lawn tractor is often compared with the John Deere 1025r because they’re very similar, although the 1025r is a compact utility tractor that comes with a loader, while the x758 doesn’t have one.

You will need a few thousand bucks to add one if you need it. That’s because the x758 isn’t made for that, and most buyers use it primarily for mowing.

And while most user reviews prove that the John Deere x758 is a lawn mower that has been fully capable of living up to the expectations, there are also some concerns regarding its engine.

All of the John Deere x758 problems concern the 3-cylinder diesel engine, although these are common problems with many compact tractors, including other brands such as Kubota and Cub Cadet.

Nonetheless, it’s helpful to know how to troubleshoot these issues, so let’s dive right in!

1. Starting issues

Among all John Deere x758 problems, the starting issue is probably the most common but unusual.

Why? Because often, a mower that doesn’t start has clogged filters or stale fuel in the tank.

But the x758 tractor has a tiny fuel tank of around four and 1/4 gallon capacity, which translates roughly into 5-6 hours of work.

This means that this tank should be refilled quite often. However, it depends on your use of this, of course.

If your x758 mostly sits in the garage, it could be that the fuel in the tank has run stale, and it’s time to replace it with fresh fuel.

Even if you don’t use the lawn tractor often, change fuel at least once a month because old fuel can create all kinds of issues in the fuel line.

2. Stalling issues

Your John Deere lawn mower starts and stops, or maybe runs well, but it won’t start again after you turn it off.

This is another common problem with compact and garden tractors alike. The issue can usually be linked back to the fuel injection pump timing.

If the fuel pump doesn’t provide the engine with fuel at the correct time, the engine might start stalling.

This kind of issue can arise when the fuel injection pump gets clogged. When you look for debris and dirt accumulation, check the fuel filters.

Another reason why your x758 engine stalls are the coolant. When the temperature is too low, the engine cannot heat up properly, and thus it won’t run for long.

You can fix this by letting the mower warm up for a few minutes before using it.

3. Overheating issues

Many users reported that the engine of this x700 signature series tractor overheats way too quickly.

This is because the air intake was too close to the deck discharge.

There’s not much you can do about this except to remove the screen between the radiator and the air cooler and open the engine cover.

Of course, this isn’t a practice that can be done all the time, but for a short period to prevent further overheating due to sunlight.

However, this isn’t the only reason why your engine overheats. It could be that you don’t have the correct type or level of oil in the machine, which shouldn’t be too low or too high. Oil pressure should also be checked.

4. Running rough issues

This issue is relatively common with John Deere tractors, including bigger models like the 3032e and even the multi-functional Gator 825i.

When your John Deere lawn tractor runs rough, the problem is usually the carburetor, which is either clogged or faulty and needs replacement.

If the lawn mower starts running rough after hitting something on the way, the problem could be the flywheel key. When damaged, it disrupts the ignition timing.

However, the problem might also be easier to solve than it seems. This is another instance where old or stale fuel can significantly create issues with the engine.

Other causes for this problem could be a faulty spark plug or poor cylinder compression.

5. Electrical issues

The main electrical issue with this John Deere mower is the battery. It could be that the battery doesn’t charge or doesn’t hold the charge as long as it’s supposed to.

During winter, removing the battery and only mounting it when using the mower is better. However, this doesn’t always solve the issue.

If the battery contacts are corroded, you can clean them with a rust remover. When you charge the battery and see that the voltage is very low, you should replace the battery.

Other electrical issues may include broken lamps or linkages. Check if the light plug is connected. Any broken lamps should be replaced, as well as broken wiring.

6. Mechanical issues

This John Deere lawn mower is known for excessive vibrations; however, this isn’t the only mechanical issue it presents.

We’re going to talk only about the standard equipment of this tractor, given that many users choose not to use the PTO switch, mulch control attachment, snow blower, or other utility equipment.

The high capacity mower deck doesn’t seem to have any particular issues, but some users report skepticism over its durability.

Here are some mechanical issues you may encounter with this tractor and what to do to fix them:

  • Clogged discharge chute: reduce the speed and the mower deck height if the grass is tall. Do not work on wet grass.
  • Belt placed incorrectly: reinstall the belt. If there is debris in the sheaves, clean the pulleys.
  • Loose belt: replace the belt.
  • Excessive vibrations: clean the pulleys and the deck, and replace anything damaged or worn out.
  • Wrong alignment: adjust the alignment of pulleys and belts, and ensure the blades are aligned with one another.

John Deere x758 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

Yes and no. The x758 tractor is undoubtedly a tremendous small-scale machine; it’s comfortable, durable, and occupies reduced space.

The issues we presented are relatively common issues for many, if not all, tractors, whether they’re lawn mowers, compact utility machines, or even multi-functional vehicles.

The real issue is that the price of these models has gone up since their first release, so now the x758 might have lost some of its value for money.

It is still a good machine if you’re looking for something smaller and don’t need a heavy-duty vehicle.

We recommend this John Deere model to those who mainly need a mowing machine and won’t use other functions as much. 

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