The John Deere z355e is a great zero-turn mower that users can ride. It is a powerful riding mower with an excellent engine displacement of 724cc. The lawn mower provides plenty of power with its 22-hp engine.

This model also features increased torque. Such sophisticated specs make this mower ideal for spacious properties and professional uses.

Despite all these unique features, some users have complained about specific issues. The usual issues with the John Deere Z355E will be clarified in this blog post. Also, we’ll discuss possible solutions. So read on to get a proper insight into these problems and troubleshooting. 

The Most Common Problems with the John Deere Z355E

The John Deere Z355E is a heavy-duty zero-turn mower that provides fast and versatile mowing. But just like any other outdoor power tool, it can face breakdowns or improper maintenance.

Such problems will affect performance; fortunately, you may prevent this by keeping a check on the mower’s internal parts’ cleanliness and the quality of fluids including engine oil, gas, and hydraulic transmission oil. 

Now let’s dive deeper into all the common John Deere Z355E issues:

1. Inability to Start the Engine 

This is a pervasive issue, not only in this model but in many other ZTrak mowers. While many users might conclude that they have a bad engine, the problem can be easy to fix. It could be related to insufficient fuel, to begin with. So, in this case, you’d like to add fresh fuel of the recommended type.

Also, the battery is a significant culprit in starting failures. You can examine it to ensure it has no corrosion or worn terminals. Also, the battery could be dead, as you might forget to charge it. So, recharge the battery and ensure there are no loose wires.

Also, when there is corrosion on the battery, it won’t let the engine start properly. You will need a new one if all these remedies do not revive the battery.

Lastly, you should inspect the machine’s filter, particularly the air filter. When clogged, the air filter prevents the necessary air from flowing into the engine. Therefore, there will be no successful combustion that gets the engine going. Cleaning or replacing soiled or damaged fuel or air filters is recommended.

2. The Engine Stalls 

It is also prevalent to face engine stalling while running the John Deere Z355E. This can be associated with a dirty carburetor. Lack of cleanliness can affect the efficiency and lifespan of the carb. 

A dirty carburetor is usually associated with stale fuel that leaves carbon deposits. In this case, you can get a commercial carburetor cleaner and work on all contaminated components. Otherwise, you should get a replacement part if you have a broken carburetor.

 3. The Engine Overheats 

Overheating is a threatening issue that reflects on the lifespan of your John Deere Z355E engine. This does not end with feeling the excessive heat on the engine. It can lead the engine to stop running suddenly.

However, stop the machine immediately if the engine overheats and does not shut down. Before inspecting anything, give it some time to cool down.

The first place to look is at the cooling fins. These small parts are responsible for venting and cooling the engine. If they are damaged, you will have to replace them.

Sometimes getting plugged by dirt and debris blocks proper air circulation inside the cylinder head and engine parts. Luckily, these fins are easy to clean using compressed air and rinsing.

 4. Smoky Exhaust 

Many users get very concerned when they spot this issue. It is not normal to spot smoke from the mower while still on. A clogged air filter usually causes this common issue. When this filter is not clean, it blocks sufficient air from reaching the engine.

This leads to poor combustion and the burning of the engine oil. This burned oil leaves the machine in the form of black smoke.

Additionally, increased engine oil is not a good thing at all. Overfilling the oil reservoir leads to burning the excess oil and increasing the black smoke coming from the exhaust. Running rich in oil also makes the fluid reach places it should not, like the cylinder. This threatens the lifespan and functionality of the cylinder.

 5. Decreased Performance of Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission allows the smooth and efficient performance of your John Deere Z355E. It gives your mower a variety of speeds that suit different tasks around the property. The loss of such a smooth performance should warn you about many hydrostatic transmission issues. 

Contaminated, old, or dirty transmission fluid is the main culprit in the most common transmission problems on the John Deere Z355E. This bad fluid will not lubricate the components of the hydrostatic system. This results in weaker performance and numerous problems in all parts. 

The best remedy for this issue is to drain the hydrostatic oil reservoir and refill it with fresh fluid. You should also change this oil per the manufacturer’s guidelines for any changes to its condition.

Inspecting the drive belt is recommended when your John Deere Z355E suffers from poor transmission. The condition of the deck belt is associated with the performance of the hydrostatic fluid pump. In the event of a broken cutting deck belt, the pump would malfunction. Inspect the belt for signs of wear and tear and replace it.

6. Incorrect Steering 

Typically, your John Deere Z355e should go in the direction where you steer it. However, when there is a problem with the steering, it won’t remain in a straight line. It will also keep pulling to one side. There are different causes for this problem. However, tires are often the ones to blame in this situation.

It would help if you started by measuring the tire pressure. If flat or unequal, fill them equally according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Furthermore, one or more faulty dampers can make proper steering impossible. These components are responsible for minimizing turf turning. As a result, if they are not in good condition, moving ahead will cause frequent jerking.

Lastly, steering issues in the John Deere Z355E can indicate air inside the system. This situation calls for air bleeding. The steps for this process are illustrated in the user’s manual, but it is challenging for everyone. In this case, consulting an expert is necessary.

7. Difficulty Reversing

If everything is okay in the hydrostatic system, you can reverse it easily. However, if this does not happen smoothly, you should suspect the hydraulic lever. This lever might be stuck in the wrong position, which makes the mower unable to reverse.

In this case, placing the lever in the normal position will enable you to move the mower forward or reverse.

Other vital components of this system can cause this problem too. This includes the drive belt and tensioner pulley. Check the belt for wear or cracks. Replace the belt if this checks out.

As for the tensioner pulley, it is a necessary component for keeping the drive belt adequately tightened. If this pulley goes bad, the belt will become loose and fall off. Subsequently, the machine won’t move at all. So replacing the pulley is the right thing to do.

8. Strange Vibrations 

It is usual for your mower to vibrate without being loud. If the vibration becomes unusually excessive, you should suspect the blades. These can be dull or uneven, causing the engine to overload. Proper sharpening and balancing should settle this issue.

If this does not do the deed, you should replace the engine mounting bolts. These can get loose or go missing for any reason. These bolts absorb the motor’s vibrations and make them almost silent. So, check the mount bolts and replace the missing or worn ones.

John Deere Z355E Problems: Are they a deal breaker?

John Deere Z355E is a great zero-turn mower that can maintain large properties. It is meant for hard work and commercial uses. It comes with a powerful engine and easy-to-operate control panels.

All the discussed issues are easy to tackle if you know simple DIY Maintenance. You can find many of these issues included in the warranty coverage. So, looking at your warranty and contacting your dealer if necessary is essential.

Aside from these issues, you will enjoy maximum durability from all the parts. Also, it can work efficiently for hours without bogging down or losing power. Keep in mind that contacting a professional is necessary, if you cannot commit to a regular maintenance routine.

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