8 Most Common Kubota BX2380 Problems

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Kubota BX line of sub-compact diesel tractors is perfect for experienced farmers and novices alike.

Whether you’re farming, gardening, or just doing maintenance work on your property, you’re gonna love the BX2380 from Kubota.

That is not to say this model is without flaws. This Kubota tractor has many interesting features, but some of them may be causing issues from time to time.

Let’s dive into the Kubota BX2380 problems and their possible solutions!

The most common problems with Kubota BX2380

Kubota has been among the best sellers of compact tractors for many years, and for good reasons!

Their machines are very popular and the BX line, in particular, was designed with first-time users in mind.

The Kubota BX is the perfect mix of versatility and power in just the right size for your garden or field.

Nonetheless, you need to be ready in case something goes wrong, as some users have reported a wide arrange of potential issues.

We studied the most reported problems and compiled a complete guide on how to troubleshoot and fix the most common issues with this lawn tractor.

1. Steering box issues

A faulty steering box is responsible for a wide arrange of problems such as:

  • resistance when maneuvering the wheel
  • loose steering wheel
  • wobbling of the front wheel

This problem usually occurs when you use your Kubota tractor in the rain because as soon as the water gets inside the steering box, the problems arise.

The fix for this issue is quick and simple: unplug the weep hole and let the water out. If you do this regularly you shouldn’t have problems with your steering wheel anymore.

2. Starting issues

If your compact tractor starts off well but shuts off immediately, the fuel system is failing to supply the engine with enough fuel.

This problem is also known as fuel starvation, and luckily for all Kubota owners out there, it is easily troubleshot without professional help.

Here’s a complete list of what you need to check:

  • Fuel line: this part of the system might be blocked. You can use an air compressor to unclog the line.
  • Fuel pump: if the pump is faulty or clogged, it won’t perform as well as it should. Make sure the pump is in good condition, clean, and that there is no air trapped inside.
  • Fuel filter: filters are the first thing that gets malfunction when dirty, so make sure to check the fuel filter. A dirty fuel filter is better off replaced right away.
  • Airflow system: if the problem doesn’t lie in the fuel system, move on to the airflow system. Inspect it closely for any clogs or flaws.
  • Air filter: the air filter is essential because too little air is just as bad as too much air for fuel combustion. Check the filter and, if necessary, you can use compressed air to clean it.

3. Folding ROPS issues

Nowadays ROPS can be considered a fundamental system for tractor owners, given that the main cause of fatal accidents for agricultural workers is indeed the tractor.

The ROPS system on this Kubota tractor is praised by most of its users, however, some people have reported issues with the pins.

It seems that while it’s very easy to pull the pins out when folding the ROPS down, it’s not as easy to line them up when folding it back up.

While this isn’t a technical problem, strictly speaking, it is something to pay attention to, given how important the ROPS system is.

One solution for this problem would be to grind a slightly bigger hole for the pin that won’t fit in. Easy peasy.

4. PTO issues

Given how multitasking this sub-compact tractor is, it goes without saying that the PTO is pretty important if you want to take advantage of all the available implements.

However, no matter the model of the tractor you’re using, the PTO is not infallible.

It may happen that the shaft of the PTO doesn’t turn after engaging the clutch, even if the light is on.

At this point, you want to check the hand lever of the clutch for a bent linkage. If that’s the case, fix it right away.

You can also try to shift the PTO by hand since when you do that, the mechanism should start turning with little to no effort on your part.

5. Third function issues

If you’re one of those buyers who had the third function installed during your purchase, you may also be one of those who were disappointed by it.

Despite the overall great quality of the BX2380, the third function doesn’t really live up to the expectations.

The electrical connection of the third function is, in fact, pretty low quality and on top of that, some connector pieces aren’t even tied up properly, so they just wobble around.

While it’s true that some dealers use cheap options, you don’t expect this kind of service from an authorized Kubota dealer.

There’s not much to do in this case, except contact Kubota and see if there’s anything they can do to make up for it.

6. Loader issues

You might have noticed that when you put the loader back on, one side is alright while the other pops out.

Don’t worry, because it just takes a little bit of patience and some manual work to fix this issue.

The first thing you need to keep in mind to avoid loader issues is to make sure to be on the perfectly-leveled ground when you mount it, for example, in your garage.

If that’s not the problem, you should check the bottom lift cylinders. As you know, they’re crossed, so one side will be higher than the other.

To be honest, this is rarely a problem but it might happen, and in that case, you should try to level them by adjusting their extension.

7. Throttle lever issues

This is another non-issue that we still wish to mention because from a high-quality product like the Kubota BX2380 you wouldn’t expect such flaws.

Some users complained that the throttle lever acts like a bit of a rebel, for example when it’s pulled down, it immediately goes back up again.

This probably happens because the throttle lever tension wears down over time.

The solution is to use a wrench to give a few turns to the lever until it starts working correctly again.

8. Switch issues

We talked about the poor quality of the third function, but unfortunately, some users have reported a similar issue with the tractor switch located in front of the grab handle.

It seems that it falls off without warning while the tractor is running, meaning the buyer has to replace it time and time again.

There is no final solution to this problem as of now, except hoping that Kubota will make some improvements in their future design.

Kubota BX2380 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

They’re not, because, despite the issues that may or may not arise, Kubota makes heavy-duty machines that are meant to last for many years.

Many issues that you may encounter with this tractor are common issues with many models, and they’re easily fixed at home.

So, whether you need a lawn tractor, a garden tractor, or just a smaller tractor in addition to a more powerful mower, the Kubota BX2380 won’t disappoint.

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