6 Most Common Kubota SVL75 Problems & Solutions

Kubota svl75 is one of the top-notch track loaders out there. It is known for its versatile performance and compact size. It has a powerful four-cylinder diesel engine.

Also, it comes with a practical cab and a smart sliding front door. However, all these perks do not mean the machine is flawless.

Users report a few common Kubota svl75 problems. If you want some insight into these problems, keep reading this blog post. We will discuss these problems and provide reliable troubleshooting methods.

The Most Common Problems with Kubota SVL75

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Kubota svl75 has proven its reliability in countless landscaping or constriction tasks.

While users have fallen in love with the advanced features of this compact loader, some have complained about minor issues. These issues include unusual exhaust, starting lag, or unexpected overheating.

1. Difficult to start the loader

Just like many well-known loaders, starting difficulty is not a rare issue. This issue can be associated with various culprits. The fuel gauge is the first place you should inspect when you experience this common issue.

An empty fuel tank makes starting your Kubota svl75 impossible. Fixing this issue is as simple as filling the empty reservoir.

Another important spot to check is the loader’s battery. The battery could have died when stored during the winter. The battery could be recharged or, in the worst case, replaced.

Another common cause of the Kubota svl75 starting problems is increased fuel viscosity. In case of high diesel viscosity, you should check major fuel system components.

This includes cleaning the filter and removing debris from the system. Also, you will have to empty the tank to get rid of the thickened diesel fuel. If cleaning does not solve the problem, you should replace the filter.

2. Unusual exhaust

Smoky exhaust is another common issue that many Kubota loaders are concerned about. When your Kubota SV175 emits excessively smoky exhaust, you must inspect the machine’s fluids.

The problem could be related to using expired or contaminated diesel fuel. Improper fuel leads to the presence of black smoke, noise from the engine, or power loss.

When your machine has all these symptoms, you must change your fuel for a higher-quality product. Otherwise, you will be risking the well-being and longevity of the device.

Another often disregarded cause of this problem is filling the reservoir with too much oil. Too much oil in the diesel engine can easily find its way to the fuel lines. Typically, it will mix with the fuel. This can easily damage the lines and filter.

Also, it will lead to poor engine running. The simple solution to this complex situation is to reduce the amount of oil used. Replacing damaged parts in the fuel system is the logical next step.

3. Lack of driving force

This is one of the most common problems with a skid steer or compact loaders. If you experience this issue with your Kubota svl75, it is time to check the position of the first and second gears.

You should look into the pressure oil gauge to see if the gear positions are intact. If it is lower than expected, this can indicate oil pressure leakage.

The main culprit, in this case, would be the gearbox cap. You can try tightening the cap. Also, there could be loose bolts inside the gearbox, and you should look them over. Typically, you would either tighten or replace the faulty ones.

4. Engine overheating

It is not normal for a high-quality diesel engine to heat up rapidly. You should inspect the water pump if this happens to your Kubota svl75. The leading cause of water pump issues is a bad seal.

This small yet vital component is supposed to prevent coolant from leaking into the rest of the machine’s body. Additionally, it is responsible for preventing unwanted air from mixing with the cooling liquid.

First, you should ensure that the seal is installed correctly. Then, you can replace it if it turns out to be faulty. You must check the coolant levels if the issue does not resolve. Decreased cooling liquid is the main cause of overheating.

In this case, you can refill to the recommended levels. Another vital thing to consider when adjusting this liquid’s levels is adding an anti-rust product to the radiator. This action is a precaution to prevent rust from building up in the radiator and mixing with coolant.

5. Hydraulic system malfunctions

The hydraulic system of your Kubota svl75 is responsible for proper performance. This system is considered the loader’s heart. This may explain why it has four pumps. So, if you suspect any problem, you must start with the basics.

Please make sure the levels of the hydraulic fluid are proper. This means it should be kept above the right level. Either way, you can easily adjust the levels to the recommended setting. If the fluid is appropriately filled, you should look at hydraulic hoses. 

These vital lines can suffer from casual wear and tear. Typically, this will cause overheating or malfunctioning. You can do nothing to reverse such damage, but you can easily replace it.

If you suspect a hydraulic cylinder problem, it is best to lubricate it. The lubricating oil can treat a stuck cylinder. While at it, it won’t hurt to check the cylinders for wear and tear. A damaged piston cylinder will make it impossible for the hydraulic press to hold pressure.

6. Unbalanced drive system

The advanced track system of your Kubota svl75 allows this loader to perform flawlessly on any site. However, it can experience issues that would affect the driving experience. The most common issue in this component is the inability to maintain the desired driving direction.

Two factors commonly contribute to poor driving experiences: speed and direction deviation. There could be some stones blocking the track’s proper mobility. Search the path for any stuck stones or large debris.

The belt on your machine’s tracks might not be in the correct setting. It could either be loose or tight. Too-tight tracks will increase fuel consumption, negatively affecting the hydraulic system in the long run.

When the channels become clogged with debris, the tightness level increases automatically. This can end up damaging the track system.

Loose tracks can lead to the same fate but by different means. For instance, it will increase the chance of bending the entire track. It can also jeopardize your safety by increasing the chances of rolling over large obstacles, including stones.

Solving this issue can be pretty simple if you are familiar with adjusting tracks’ tension levels. You can find the correct reference in the machine’s user manual.

Kubota SVL75 Problems: Are they a deal breaker?

No, none of the issues listed above are deal breakers. You can experience these common issues with almost any other steer skid loader. But the pros of the Kubota svl75 outweigh all these minor issues.

You can avoid the vast majority of these issues through proper and regular maintenance and avoiding contaminated fluids.

The Kubota SV175 is excellent for the money and has various leveling options. It is also equipped with an advanced anti-stall setting. This feature comes in handy whenever your loader’s engine gets stressed. Your Kubota sv175 should run peacefully and smoothly for extended periods.

So, aside from replacing worn or damaged parts in the engine or hydraulic system regularly and being careful with the fluids that run through your Kubota SV175, you will have nothing to worry about.

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