5 Most Common Kubota SVl97-2 Problems & Troubleshooting

This new addition to Kubota’s lineup of compact track loaders, the SVL97-2, provides the same reliable power and productivity that Kubota’s customers expect. 

The new SVL97-2 from Kubota raises the bar for our compact track loader lineup with its standard-issue telematics, rearview camera, lockable DEF door, and reimagined DEF System

Kubota’s SVL product line has long been a mainstay in the competitive construction equipment market. This unit’s upgraded features ensure that the company maintains its position as an industry frontrunner.

The Most Common Problems with Kubota svl97-2

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Robust and low-maintenance, the svl97-2 was designed to last. As you go through rough terrain, you won’t have to be concerned about it overheating. Even so, you may encounter some issues. An svl97-2 with these five frequent issues. I also explained some potential answers:

1. Engine Doesn’t Start

This engine issue is one of the issues brought up first whenever we discuss any problem involving a skid steer. The svl97-2 comes standard with a diesel-powered engine mounted in the rear. 

Usually, the fuel system or the glow plugs are the issues when an engine turns over but does not start.

  • Fuel System: 

The fuel system comprises gasoline filters, a fuel line, and a fuel tank. The issue may lie with any of these components or even with all of them combined. Therefore, you must examine each one of them.

After a certain amount of time has passed, the filter on your svl97-2 skid steer needs to be replaced. You should change the filter regularly if you work in an area prone to dust.

If you don’t do this, the filter could become clogged and malfunction, leading to contaminated fuel and poor engine performance. Make sure there aren’t any fuel leaks. You should address any issues, if there are any.

Following the inspection of the gasoline filter, the next step is to examine the fuel tank. If there is a problem with the flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injector, the engine will not be able to run as strongly as it usually would. 

Ensure you add the correct quantity of diesel to the fuel tank. If the pressure in the fuel rail drops for any reason, including a blocked filter or something else, the engine will not receive its fuel supply. Therefore, check that it is in good shape and that the fuel injector is clear of debris.

  • Glow Plugs:

The engine can develop a fault if the glow plug suffers from an open or short circuit. Altering the switch or replacing the glow plug relay are both possibilities

If the glow plug is the problem’s source, it must be examined by a qualified expert to ascertain the exact reason.

In addition to these two items, you should ensure the wiring and connection pins are in excellent condition, have no corrosion or damage, and that the throttle cable on the engine is correctly fitted to the throttle body.

2. Hydraulic Problems

Lots of troubles with your svl97-2 compact track loader can originate in the machine’s hydraulic system.

Be sure to check the hydraulic fluid level first. The fluid level must be maintained between the high and low limits; otherwise, the performance will suffer

Some individuals decide to fill it to the brim to increase its effectiveness. It would be best if you never acted in that manner. At all times, the tank needs to be topped to the appropriate level.

Once again, the loader will be underpowered if the hydraulic fuel filter is clogged with debris. The loader will lose power because fuel cannot flow past the clogged filter.

The hydraulic pump follows. It’s a vital component of your loader and sits in front of the engine. Test it to see if it meets the requirements. Check to see if the belts on your model’s belt-driven pumps are not stretched or frayed. Loss of engine power might result from slack belts.

Inspecting the hydraulic lines for leaks or improper connections is also important. Ensure the engine is on and the pump is pressurized before proceeding with this inspection. Pinhole leaks can only be noticed when the fluid in the system is under pressure. 

Protect yourself by using protective equipment like gloves and glasses. Finally, you should inspect the control valve’s seals and connections. Valves should fully extend and retract.

3. Black Or White Smoke

These are two indicators that your svl97-2 may be failing. Black smoke gets extracted when the engine doesn’t obtain enough air.

If the air filter is unclean or entirely clogged, this will occur. In that situation, the filter only has to be cleaned or replaced.

White smoke, on the other hand, may indicate that the head gasket has failed. Changing out the head gasket is the solution to this problem

This can occur when an excessive fuel is introduced into the combustion center. A shortage of food or coolant can also cause this.

4. Control System Issues

Issues with the joystick controls are somewhat prevalent. The steer may show no reaction at all on rare occasions. For the steering to work, make sure all the connections are tight.

If that doesn’t work, you might want to try swapping out the joystick control circuitry. Verify that the hydraulic pump and actuators can communicate with the joystick.

The safety switches may be at fault if they take too long to respond. Multiple panels and the driver’s seat feature emergency stop buttons for added peace of mind. 

If they break, the steer will be slow to react. Therefore, ensure that it undergoes routine upkeep. This issue can also be brought on by a battery that is being drained too quickly. The battery needs to be changed immediately.

5. Overheating Issue

If the cooling system fails, the engine will overheat. This occurs when the radiator itself or the coolant used has a problem.

Let’s begin with the radiator, then. Remove the radiator cap and check the coolant level. If the coolant isn’t in good shape, replace it. You are being cautioned. When the engine is hot, you must open the radiator cap. Never use mineral-rich tap water to replenish the coolant.

Now let’s talk about the radiator fin, which can get blocked with dirt and debris. Your engine won’t be able to cool down as a result. To clean the fin of dirt and debris, use compressed air.

If the radiator fan and the coolant are working correctly, the problem with the overheating should be rectified. It can, however, also result from a few other factors. You must take it to a certified technician if that is the case.

Kubota svl97-2 Problems: are they deal breakers?

Customers agree that the svl97-2 is an excellent compact track loader for jobs like loading and unloading. Among the 500 series, its lifting capacity is the greatest.

A well-thought-out distribution of its mass allows it to generate increased thrust and breakout forces. In the end, it boosts efficiency at your site. This is why the track loader’s customers are satisfied. Therefore, this is the best option if you have a small bathroom yet require a tall lift.

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