New Holland vs Kubota: Which one is the best for 2024?

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Your current tractor needs replacing, and you’re prepared to buy. You take in their insights about farming. Both tractor manufacturers are leaders in the industry, so choosing one is not that easy.

For a variety of sectors throughout the world, Kubota provides tractors, lawnmowers, utility vehicles, construction vehicles, replacement parts, and skilled maintenance through a team of professionals.

New Holland offers tractors, combine harvesters, seeding equipment, utility vehicles, and more for their agricultural company operations, as well as experienced professional service through a team of professionals.

Knowing this, the decision to buy new equipment may not be so simple, but we will show you more details about each brand so you can choose the best one for you.

New Holland vs Kubota: Quick Overview

The New Holland Agriculture brand is one of the world’s best-known agricultural equipment manufacturers. It is part of CNH Industrial and specializes in the production of various agricultural machinery.

The company itself is engaged in various areas, such as the production of construction, agricultural and automotive equipment.

For its part, Kubota is the most sought-after foreign tractor brand. And there are good reasons for this: with exacting standards.

Kubota Corporation manufactures reliable tractors with more than 120 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, making them a fantastic choice for a tractor.

This brand, with the best Japanese engineering, has given us a number of mechanical solutions to perform our work in the field with great efficiency.

Another special feature offered by the Japanese machinery of Kubota is the ability to adapt to any terrain effortlessly; it also has a lot of accessories that can be adapted to do everyday tasks with great ease.

As for New Holland, the company’s goal is to make a person’s work easier and to increase the efficiency of equipment used in agriculture by using all possible modern technologies.

Many models produced by the company are designed to facilitate human work on livestock farms, in the field, and in greenhouse farms. The easy-to-operate, economical and reliable units are also versatile machines, as they can use a wide range of attachments.

Like most tractors, Kubota tractors come equipped with gas or diesel engines, but most use gas because it produces less pollution.

Today, all Kubota tractors feature liquid-cooled engines, turbocharged, quiet, low-vibration, and compact in construction.

The New Holland engine has excellent torque reserve, power, and reliability, in addition to excellent performance and economy, everything the farmer is looking for in the field.

New Holland Tractors Overview

With the opening of its first workshop in New Holland, Pennsylvania, this well-known manufacturer of agricultural equipment had its start in 1895.

As it gradually gained popularity and satisfied consumers, it was able to leave its hometown and even its nation and rise to the top of the agricultural vehicle manufacturing industry.

A broad range of tractor models is available on the company’s website, focusing on energy with zero carbon emissions and comparable performance in their vehicles. The diesel version is also available, with up to a 30% lower running cost.

The fact that it provides the consumer with financing for up to 8 years is a remarkable feature and a very intriguing prospect.

The company has actively taken on the promotion and implementation of the “Clean Energy” slogan. Active developments are carried out to reduce exhaust toxicity and produce environmentally friendly agricultural machinery.

A large number of models produced by the company are designed to facilitate human work on livestock farms, in the field, and on greenhouse farms.

The easy-to-operate, economical and reliable units are also versatile machines, as they can use a wide range of attachments.

It is safe to say that the entire range of New Holland tractors is among the most powerful units. An excellent combination of technical features, appearance, and intelligent design allows the use of equipment for various jobs. 

Depending on the purpose of the application of the technique, various devices can be connected to increase efficiency.

New Holland Agriculture has now grown to around 2,000 dealers and 5,000 points of contact worldwide. Its goal is to remain attentive to providing the right products and services for every need. 

It helps its customers operate efficiently and profitably with solutions focused on innovation, sustainability, and excellent profitability that address the megatrends driving agriculture: digitization and connectivity, automation, servitization, and alternative propulsion.

It is also one of the most digitally connected brands in the industry with its PLM solutions. At the same time, it is working towards a future where farmers can run their operations more proactively, turning the farm into a connected and intelligent ecosystem.

In the coming years, it is poised to continue driving the transition of agriculture to renewable fuels, taking forward its methane project, which is at the heart of its commitment to sustainability.

Kubota Tractors Overview

In Japan, Osaka city, Kubota Corporation was established in 1890. Since then, it has developed into a top global brand in this industry, focusing on designing ecologically friendly equipment.

Presently, they are offered in more than 130 different nations. It is a business that, in addition to selling agricultural tractors that are more and more demanding, is distinguished by its customer service.

Because of its dedication to the environment, it provides exceptionally well-made and attractive cars.

The brand had a vertiginous growth, which led it to grow in business and new offers of goods and services. It was in 1922 when Kubota took a transcendental step in its product range and started the production of kerosene-driven engines, which were very well received in the agro-industrial field.

Kubota produces highly efficient compact diesel and gasoline engines for different industrial, agricultural, construction, and power generation applications. The company does not stop, there is no pause, and it was thus that it achieved revolutionary advances in technology at the service of rural areas.

Kubota managed to establish the autonomous tractor, the well-known bi-speed system that helped optimize and simplify farmers’ work worldwide, contributing additionally and in a committed manner to the protection of ecosystems.

New Holland vs. Kubota: The comparison

Kubota and New Holland are two top-rated businesses as a result of the exceptional characteristics we have already discussed. We will now compare each of them in great detail to offer you a more thorough insight.

New Holland vs Kubota: Engine Description

An up-to-date Kubota diesel engine is quite dependable. However, a diesel engine utilized for agricultural operations might not survive as long as one used for routine field upkeep or simpler landscaping tasks.

Disadvantages of diesel engines, in general, include soot and vibrations. To prevent soot, keep your machine’s air filter clean and change the oil frequently. 

Although vibrations are inevitable, if they are very loud or noticeable, they may indicate a balancing issue or that the engine mounts need to be tightened up more.

New Holland is known for equipping its agricultural tractors with the best technology. This can be seen from its modern design to the advanced features of each tractor. 

However, all the rest is useless if the engine is not at the same technological level. After all, the engine is what drives and keeps the vehicle running.

That’s why many of our agricultural tractors are equipped with FPT Industrial’s powerful NEF (New Engine Fiat) engines.

These bring together the best technology available to power the most robust vehicles, giving them efficiency and power even in the harshest environments. 

NEF engines are dependable, strong, and operate well in difficult terrain. As a result, tractors can run at a steady speed without overheating and have the increased durability needed to handle the challenging daily farming chores.

Kubota vs New Holland: Eco-friendly machines

New Holland tractor models are renowned for their innovations and commitment to the environment.

As a result, the company created Energy Independent Farm to assist farmers in maintaining their farms by using their energy for farm tractors and other agricultural machinery.

The concept is based on hydrogen produced from renewable resources, including trash, sun, wind, or even biomass, depending on the availability of those resources in a given location.

Through water electrolysis, electricity is converted into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Then, with water and energy as the two major inputs, hydrogen functions well as a free and clean fuel for various farm equipment for a variety of uses.

To certify green products, Kubota started operating its own Eco-Products Certification System. Products are certified as Eco-Products, which include energy saving,resource-saving and recycling, and reducing ecologically dangerous compounds.

The new machines’ environmental benefits and high-performance levels from Kubota are complementary. Some features, like the AUX oil flow with proportional flow control, auto idling, auto-shift, and float position, provide the machines the strength and adaptability to undertake difficult work easily and effectively.

New Holland vs. Kubota: Prices

The prices for the two manufacturers’ goods range, on average, from a few thousand dollars for equipment and smaller units to a variety of expensive heavy-duty tractors.

For brand-new tractors, it is important to focus on all the aspects, such as PTO power, engine power, hydraulic power, overall design, performance, and working hours.

Quality is usually expensive. Therefore, before making a selection, check your needs and budget to make the right decision.

New Holland Vs Kubota: Which one is the best?

Both brands have notable advantages that will make your work easier. However, your choice should be more targeted to your needs.

New Holland and Kubota are renowned brands thanks to their long history, although with all their strengths, Kubota has a bit of an advantage in general terms.

In conclusion, it is important that you consider all of the above but, more importantly, what you are looking for in a machine.

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