Sany excavators come from a giant international heavy equipment manufacturer. This can say a thing or two about their quality and performance. You can use these durable excavators for different purposes. They fit small, medium, and large-scale digging and construction projects.

However, they are still flawed. You know by now that each piece of machinery can be flawed by misuse and a lack of maintenance. These excavators will remain in their best shape if you care for them. So, it is up to you to avoid these common sany excavator problems.

These machines have a top-notch hydraulic system that can go crazy if you use the incorrect hydraulic fluid. Furthermore, even though their engines are strong, they will weaken and potentially sustain irreparable damage if carbon deposits are not constantly removed.

The Most Common Problems with the Sany Excavator 

Versatile excavators like Sany mini excavators are involved in various construction projects, including digging and demolishing. These trustworthy tools deliver superior outcomes and won’t let you down on any building job.

Problems with Sany excavators do not make them unworthy of being used. Fortunately, most problems can be easily tackled without much effort or money.

1. Hydraulic Oil Leaks 

Despite top-notch hydrostatic systems in Sany products, this issue often happens with their excavators. Unfortunately, this problem occurs for various reasons. However, the main culprit in this event is worn hydraulic seals. The number and condition of worn seals determine the severity of these leaks. 

Neglecting the slightest oil leak won’t make it go away. The leak will become more severe and difficult to fix in the long run. There is no need to mention that all types of leaks will decrease the levels of this precious oil. Additionally, it is against your safety to operate a machine leaking hydraulic fluid, as it increases the chances of fires and burns.

The most common cause of wear and tear on seals is long-term use. These seals are easy to replace, but you can always take your machine to an authorized Sany dealer to help with removal and installation. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you should get a tool for seal removal from an authorized dealer.

Remember that when you remove older seals, you should clean the area to prevent contamination by the new seals.

2. The Engine Won’t Start

 This is a prevalent issue with different types of diesel engines. There is no doubt that the Cummins engines that are used on these excavators are high-end, but they are not without issues. This irritating trouble has different causes, but the most obvious is fuel or, more specifically, fuel contamination.

Dirty or contaminated fuel is either mixed with water or contains debris. Either way, this fuel type won’t let the engine start over time. Also, it will clog the fuel lines or even damage the engine.

To correctly handle this problem, you will need to empty the fuel system of old fuel. This means fully draining the fuel lines and tank. While cleaning the fuel filter is recommended as a maintenance precaution, this problem calls for replacing the filter entirely.

3. The Track System Comes Off

Movable tracks are an integral part of any Sany excavator. This component facilitates the movement of the machine across the construction site. This system has a tensioner that should tighten the tracks against the wheels properly. This tensioner resembles the simple chain tensioner that you find in all chainsaws.

It is necessary to correctly adjust the track tensioner by shifting the adjustment screw in the right direction. Avoiding the wrong adjustments requires rotating the screw in a clockwise direction. You can use a screwdriver to do this task. But before attempting this fix, you should add grease to the tension system.

4. Hydraulic Pump Problems

Hydraulic pumps are made to operate under extreme pressure and heat. Such a thing makes these pumps wear out in the long run. This can cause leaks all over the hydraulic lines, which we have thoroughly discussed above.

But leaks are not the only issue that might disturb these pumps. Lack of cleanliness can lead to the accumulation of debris on the pump’s walls. Then the debris can find its way to the hydraulic fluid, which leads to serious contamination problems.

To fix this issue, you must thoroughly clean the pump, empty the system of the old fluid, and refill it with clean oil.

5. The Engine Overheats 

This problem is common among various Sany excavator models, such as SY35U mini excavators. Various causes of this irritating issue include overworking the excavator or a faulty radiator. Generally, proper radiator vents allow the engine to cool down constantly.

So, always start by inspecting the radiator’s condition. If everything is fine there, you should revise how you use this almost perfect machine. You might be overloading its engine to get through your projects quickly. In this case, you should take things easier before the damage becomes irreversible.

A clogged radiator or a malfunctioning radiator cap will make the engine unable to vent and cool down. Sometimes, the cap would be in good shape but only need a simple retightening. So, check this matter before opting for a replacement.

6. Transmission Issues 

The transmission system has the upper hand in all functions performed by Sany excavators. This makes its components prone to wear and tear. Keep the gear and all its parts adequately lubricated. This reduces the chances of teeth rubbing and breaking. It also eliminates the complaints about grinding noise coming from this direction.

Moreover, watch out for dirty oil running all over the system. This can cost you a lot of damage in the short and long runs. Contaminated hydraulic oil will show through a color change, sticky lines, valves, and bogging performance. 

7. A Damaged Bucket

Regarding earthmoving needs, an excavator lift bucket is a necessary tool. It can speed up and improve digging and ripping the ground. Generally, the performance of this component is associated with the overall condition of the hydraulic system.

With constant or negligent use, this bucket can be broken. While a broken bucket can’t be fixed, it is easy to replace alone. Just ensure you know how to remove the bolts holding the broken bucket and reattach them to the new one. 

8. Electrical Problems 

If the electrical components are not intact, your Sany excavator won’t function properly or even start in the first place. You should check all the fuses when your excavator fails to start or maintain its power.

Functional fuses allow for the ideal transmission of electrical current. So, it is vital to check them out to detect blown or damaged fuses regularly.

Sany Excavator Problems: are they a deal breaker?

Despite all these common issues with Sany excavators, they remain excellent pieces of heavy machinery. The different models from Sany Heavy Industry come with powerful engines that suit the needs of different construction, digging, and demolition projects.

So, the presence of such issues and troubles does not necessarily make them a bad choice. Users are to blame for many of these issues. For instance, engine overheating is mainly caused by misuse and overloading.

Also, regular inspections and constant lubrication may avoid many engine and electrical issues. If you keep an eye on the filters and caps, you might avoid having them clogged and replaced.

So, if you want to keep your Sany excavator running long, inspect fuel system parts and hydraulic components. Applying the basics of maintenance to these parts spares you a lot of effort, future costs, and unnecessary headaches.

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