Stihl 291 vs Stihl 271: Which one is the best in 2024?

To refer to Stihl is to mention one of the best-known brands in the chainsaw sector. For this reason, making a choice among all their models may become a somewhat complicated task. 

But to make the decision easier, let’s look at the differences between the Stihl MS 291 and MS 271, both of which are the best options if you need a Stihl chainsaw that provides your work area with power and quality.

Although if we give you a heads up, both of these chainsaws are two incredible models that, as you learn more about them, you’ll want to own both.

After checking both specifications of these Stihl chainsaw models, you will also see many differences between them. Still, we will try to help you solve the dilemma in this article.

Stihl 291 Gas Chainsaw
Stihl 291 Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro: Considerable cutting bar length
  • Pro: Good fuel tank capacity
  • Pro: Powerful engine
Stihl 271 Gas Chainsaw
Stihl 271 Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro: Excellent power and speed
  • Pro: Simple to start
  • Pro: Great warranty


Stihl 291 vs. 271: Quick Overview 

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To begin with, both the Stihl MS 291 and MS 271 models belong to the most famous models manufactured by the Stihl brand. However, we can notice their difference by comparing them in engine size and their power output.

If we focus on the MS 291, we will notice that it has a larger engine size and produces more power. Its design is specifically oriented to perform more demanding tasks, such as felling large trees and heavy cutting jobs.

Now if we focus on the MS 271, its engine is smaller, so it can be said that its maintenance is much more adequate, and its operation is more oriented towards lighter tasks such as cutting firewood.

Finally, both Stihl models have incorporated new and advanced technologies, such as its famous anti-vibration system, quick chain adjustment, and reduced emissions that benefit the environment. 

This makes the Stihl MS 291 and MS 271 more efficient and comfortable to use.

Stihl 291 Overview

The Stihl MS 291 is a gasoline chainsaw positioned among the best of the Stihl brand. The design of this chainsaw was intended for a specific purpose since its design is oriented to the performance of heavy tasks.

It is ideal for felling large trees or cutting thick wood because of its capacity, and therefore it is easy to perform this type of work.

Talking about its power, it has a 59.0 cc engine with a maximum power of 4.0 kW. 

Also, the MS 291 is equipped with Stihl’s signature anti-vibration technology to reduce operator fatigue, as well as the brand’s signature easy-to-use starting system.

Next, let’s look at another outstanding feature of the chainsaw, which is that it features a chain lubrication system to ensure that the chain is lubricated during use, this helps to extend the life of the chain, improving cutting performance. 

The MS 291’s quick-release air filter makes it easy to clean and maintain, an attribute that should certainly not be overlooked. In addition, the MS 291 has an easy-to-maintain tensioning system that makes it irresistible to buyers.

Not to be left behind is its fuel efficiency; the MS 291 has a great fuel-saving design, helping to reduce operating costs and minimize emissions.

All of the above makes the Stihl MS 291 such a popular chainsaw and recognized for its outstanding performance and durability.

If we must generalize about this chainsaw, it can be summarized that the Stihl MS 291 is a high-performance model with a perfect design for professional users or for those looking to do demanding tasks. 

Stihl 271 Overview

Stihl is well known in the market for its outdoor tools, and the Stihl MS 271 is no exception, as it is one of the most recognized gasoline chainsaws.

In contrast to the Stihl MS 291, the Stihl MS 271 is intended and designed for the execution of much lighter tasks, such as pruning or general garden maintenance, as well as for felling small and medium-sized trees.

As for its engine, the Stihl MS 271 chainsaw has a 2-stroke engine which allows the equipment to have a good balance between power and efficiency, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of tasks.

Like the MS 291, the MS 271 incorporates the brand’s signature anti-vibration system that helps reduce operator fatigue and increase comfort during use.

Additionally, there is the quick chain tensioning system, which, as mentioned above, makes maintenance much easier and saves fuel, making it more friendly to your wallet and the environment by minimizing emissions.

Generally speaking, the Stihl MS 271 is one of the most well-thought-out chainsaws of the brand. It shows power and versatility at the time of use.

Furthermore,  it is suitable for home users or anyone looking for a reliable and efficient tool for light work.

Stihl 291 vs Stihl 271: The comparison 

To talk about the differences between these two chainsaws is undoubtedly speaking about their power, maximum noise level, and power-to-weight ratio. But if you still have some doubts, we’ll clarify everything in detail below.

Engine Displacement

The Stihl MS 291 has an engine displacement of 291 ccs, whereas the Stihl MS 271 has an engine displacement of 271 ccs.

This indicates that the Stihl MS 291 has a little stronger engine. The difference in engine power is negligible, though.

The Stihl MS 291 has a six-speed gearbox, but the Stihl MS 271 has a five-speed transmission. This is the other significant distinction between the two engines.

This could be crucial for some people who desire more control over their equipment.

Overall, the significant distinctions between the Stihl MS 291 and MS 271 are negligible and should be independent of the majority of consumers’ choice to purchase either engine.

Power Output

Both models have a high power output and a variety of uses. You should be aware of the numerous variances between the two, nevertheless. To begin with, the Stihl MS 291 provides more coverage than the Stihl MS 271.

This implies that it can eliminate more weeds with a single spray. Additionally, compared to the Stihl MS 271, it also has a long time of effectiveness.

Because it will be active in the soil for a longer time, it will assist in controlling weeds for longer.

Their pricing points are another significant distinction between the two. Because the Stihl MS 291 is more expensive than the Stihl MS 271, it is better suited for usage on valuable land or property.


Any weight restriction must be kept in mind if you want to use the saw for labor-intensive jobs like logging or lumberjacking. The saw can ultimately break or wear out if you overburden it.

The design of the two saws separates them from one another in addition to their weight capacity. The MS 271 has an 8-position blade adjustment, compared to the MS 291’s 6-position setting.

When cutting various materials, this additional position gives you greater versatility. The Stihl MS 291 is a superior option over the Stihl MS 271 if you’re searching for a multipurpose saw that can do a number of jobs.

Power-to-Weight Ratio

The Stihl MS 291’s 9.5:1 power-to-weight ratio is the largest distinction between the two machines, whereas the Stihl MS 271 sits lower at a 4.6:1 power-to-weight ratio. This indicates that the Stihl MS 291 is significantly better capable of cutting wood than the Stihl MS 271.

Another significant distinction between the two machines is that the Stihl MS 291 has a wider cutting breadth of 22 inches as opposed to the Stihl MS 271’s 18-inch width. As a result, the Stihl MS 291 has a bigger cutting capacity than the Stihl MS 271.

Both saws are fantastic options for home improvement projects and homeowners looking for a powerful chainsaw that can make a number of challenging cuts.

Sound Power Level

Compared to the Stihl MS 271, the Stihl MS 291 has a sound power level of 191 dB. Thus, the Stihl MS 291 is significantly noisier and has a greater potential for noise production when in operation.

Additionally, the MS 271 is just a little slower than the Stihl MS 291. It is the perfect choice for individuals seeking an edge when it comes to speed because it can cut through the dense jungle at a significantly faster rate.

Stihl 291 vs Stihl 271: Which is the best?

Larger logs and stiffer branches may be cut with the Stihl 291 chainsaw, which has higher power. This allows the chain to work more quickly than the 271, as it cuts at a faster rate.

The 271’s longer chain is more appropriate for bigger trees and thicker branches. Due to the reverse gear and ease of use while cutting close to obstructions, it is also simpler to operate.

While the Stihl MS 271 only has a 1-year warranty, the MS 291 has a 2-year warranty. The Stihl MS 291 may cost more than the MS 271, but it still requires greater dependability and durability.

Both chainsaws are actually made to last, so you’ll be able to use them for many years without experiencing any issues. Finally, it’s crucial to choose the greatest chainsaw for your requirements based on its kind.

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