Stihl 362 vs 391: Which one is the best choice in 2024?

One thing you can never be without in your tool kit is a chainsaw. Thanks to its versatility when performing tasks such as felling trees and cutting firewood, this outstanding tool has become a necessity for any DIY project enthusiast.

However, the market offers you a wide variety of models that will undoubtedly make it difficult for you to choose from. The Stihl brand offers some of the best chainsaws on the market, and perhaps the number of available models can generate a little confusion. 

But one of the most prominent is the Stihl 391 and 362 chainsaws, which differ mainly by displacement, engine power, and weight. Also, compared to its rival, the MS 391, the 362 unit is more of a professional chainsaw.

Stihl 362 Gas Chainsaw
Stihl 362 Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro: Lightweight
  • Pro: Good fuel economy
  • Pro: Comfortable wrap handles
Stihl 391 Gas Chainsaw
Stihl 391 Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro: Big gasoline tank
  • Pro: Easy to maneuver 
  • Pro: Beginners friendly

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Stihl 362 vs Stihl 391: Quick Overview 

Stihl has stood out since its launch for its outdoor power equipment and garden tools, and the reason is simple: they have been designed to meet the needs and demands of users who want an outdoor tool, from homeowners with modest lawns to expert landscapers with extensive yards covered with lush vegetation.

As for the equipment we will analyze and compare in this article, we can say that the Stihl 362 chainsaw is an excellent piece of equipment. Its versatility for professional applications is undoubtedly one of its best qualities.

It is considered everything users might want in a chainsaw because it can be used to cut down trees or trim an overgrown tree.

Thanks to these qualities, it is one of the mid-range chainsaws positioned among the most popular for professional lumberjacks. Its power and ability to tolerate continuous cuts make long working hours enjoyable.

But the Stihl 362 is not the only chainsaw we will discuss today. The Stihl 391 is another alternative that will undoubtedly live up to your expectations and needs.

The Stihl 391 is a fantastic gasoline chainsaw that all homeowners and carpenters want to have.

This model directly answers the biggest question of all for those who use it for a living, and that is in terms of security. The Stihl 391 is characterized by its numerous safety measures that offer protection for all who use this power tool.

This chainsaw was designed with the purpose of fulfilling more demanding jobs. Due to its practical features, this makes the Stihl 391 a favorite with both weekend warriors and experienced lumberjacks.

Stihl has the 391 chainsaws as one of its most efficient models within those offered to the market. It’s built with high-quality components and provides the power to tackle challenging tasks without stalling slowly like other chainsaw manufacturers.

This chainsaw is an excellent choice for both professional and recreational users for a variety of factors, including its simplicity of use and consistent performance with every cut.

Stihl 362 Overview

When designing the 362 chainsaws, the Stihl brand undoubtedly had professional users in mind. It has enough power to cut down giant trees and clear fallen wood thanks to its 20-inch bar and 50cc engine.

Homeowners who want a strong saw for cutting firewood or trimming their trees can also use this type. It has an engine that lasts a long time and consumes little gasoline.

One of the advantages of this chainsaw is that it can be used for long periods of time, and you will not feel exhausted because its design is lightweight. It also weighs a little over eleven pounds which makes it more manageable.

Plus, professionals love that it can be used in a variety of settings and for heavy-duty jobs. The best of the Stihl 362 chainsaw has been tested in different climates proving its reliability. It also has an excellent performance in snow storms or rains.

The chainsaw’s wide handlebar simplifies the operation and handling of the equipment. You can select the level of power you need for your task with the two speeds provided on the Stihl 362 MS chainsaw.

The best thing is that you will not experience any performance problems while using the maximum speed. Additionally, it is formed with an adjustable chain tensioner, so you can change the chain tension to suit your needs.

Stihl 391 Overview

The Stihl 391 has two gears: a low speed for smaller logs and branches and a high speed for larger pieces. This chainsaw has the excellent feature of not bogging down when cutting at an angle or in a thick wood.

Both the 22cc and the 24cc gasoline engines are included with the two cutting attachments on the Stihl plus 391.

Using the same fuel/oil mixture in both engines without changing or adding filters is made possible by the GASSTAND technology included in them. Freeing them from the burden of remembering which components go with which engines or keeping track of various parts.

Accordingly, the Stihl 391 has excellent safety features, as mentioned above. It starts quickly and easily without the need for a lot of force or muscle power thanks to the electric start, but it also has an automatic return function that restarts it if you release the button too soon.

The Stihl MS391 is, without a doubt, an all-time favorite among contractors, farmers, hunters, and homeowners alike. It features a 50cc engine that can easily handle most tasks and still remains quite light.

It includes excellent Stihl anti-vibration technology that simplifies operation for long periods of time and reduces user fatigue. In addition, the lubrication system is magnificent.

The Stihl 391 chainsaw is a versatile device, thanks to the fact that in sawmills, it can be used to cut brushes, branches, firewood, and tiny logs. This steel is up to 3/16″ thick and can be cut to a length of at least 1″.

Stihl 362 vs Stihl 391: The Full Comparison

In this section, we’ll go over the key differences in depth and attempt to determine which of these two Stihl chainsaws is the best.


One of the aspects that you should consider before buying a chainsaw is its weight because it is a quality that can make it easier or more difficult for you when you work.

Comfort is important, which is why there is always a tendency to choose lighter chainsaws that help the user to handle the tool better.

Generally, if you hold a heavy chainsaw for an extended period, you will lose your grip easily. This can generate imperfections in the cuts, preventing them from being straight, and can cause an accident.

The Stihl 391 chainsaw weighs 13.67 pounds. On the other hand, the Stihl 362 weighs 12.3 pounds, making it over 1.5 pounds lighter than the Stihl 391. You might be under the impression that the difference is negligible. However, this can make a big difference when working with it for long periods.

Engine Power

As for the engine, the braking power is a measure of the useful power of the machine and is based on the amount of braking force applied. The amount of work that an engine can perform under ideal conditions is measured in brake horsepower.

The influence of any auxiliary components that may slow down the engine is not actually taken into account when calculating this effort.

Braking horsepower, or BHP, measured inside the engine’s output shaft, was developed to calculate and compare the output of steam engines. In contrast, the Stihl 391 and 362 chainsaws have different engine capacities.

Compared to the Stihl 362 chainsaw, the Stihl 391 has a 4.4 horsepower motor. That means the Stihl 362 has a significantly stronger engine and bigger capacity.

However, the situation is different if you mention the issue of displacement. The volume that the piston displaces during its upward stroke, or travel, is another factor that affects the power of the chainsaw.

You can measure displacement in centimeters or cubic inches. The piston is driven, and the displacement is increased by the compressed air/fuel explosion.

Stihl 391 and 362 have a displacement of 64.1 and 59.00 ccs each.

For this reason, the Stihl 391 prevails if we simply take displacement into account. The Stihl 362 is no less powerful for this slight change, although the displacement is recorded in millimeters.


The two most common types of chainsaws available are gasoline and electric models. Compared to electric chainsaws, gasoline chainsaws require more maintenance.

The Stihl 362 chainsaw requires a bit more maintenance work than the Stihl 391 chainsaw, even though they are both gas-powered chainsaws.

To keep the chain in the proper position, the Stihl 362 requires routine adjustments. Many customers comment that with respect to the Stihl 362, maintenance must be frequent, or it will fail.


When making any purchase, we should take a look at our budget. Generally, gasoline-powered chainsaws tend to have higher costs than any other, which may lead you to consider cheaper options.

If your budget is tight, the ideal choice for you would be the Stihl 391, considering that the project you will be working on is not a big one. It has all the necessary functions and an incredible value for money.

For a price range of $630 to $670 or more, you can get a Stihl 391. But if you want a Stihl 362 with the same bar length, you’ll have to pay about $200 more. You can get a Stihl 362 for about $870, which is certainly a good option if it’s within your budget.

Stilh 362 vs. 391: Which one is the best?

Before making your purchase, you should consider many aspects, as you must make the decision that best suits you. As for chainsaws, they are very useful tools that should be handled with care using safety equipment.

Although the Stihl 391 and the Stihl 362 are incredible model choices for any buyer, the Stihl 391 will be more suitable if you want a more economical chainsaw.

On the other hand, the Stihl 362 is a great alternative with many cutting-edge features and specifications.

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