Stihl 461 vs Stihl 462: Which one is the best in 2024?

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With the fame and recognition Stihl chainsaws have achieved in the market over the years, Stihl chainsaw chains and guide bars have effectively penetrated the world market. Today it is impossible not to talk about them as the obvious choice when purchasing such a necessary tool.

So it is no wonder that several of their products, such as the Stihl 461 and the Stihl 462, are pleasantly recognized among consumers. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about these Stihl models.

At first glance, it is important to point out that the Stihl 461 and Stihl 462 have very different dimensions, weights, and power ratings, among other things.

Stihl 462 Gas Chainsaw
Stihl 462 Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro: Excellent performance
  • Pro: Good weight distribution
  • Pro: Powerful engine
Stihl 461 Gas Chainsaw
Stihl 461 Gas Chainsaw
  • Pro: Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Pro: Low emission system
  • Pro: Good fuel economy


Stihl 461 vs 462: Quick Overview 

We start with the fact that the Stihl company was founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926 and is currently the most popular brand of portable outdoor gasoline-powered equipment in the United States.

Although since its launch, there are always competing claims about who makes the best chainsaw, like Stihl vs. Husqvarna or even an Echo vs. Stihl chainsaw, most experts agree that Stihl is a leader in the industry.

What started as a concept by Andreas Stihl in Waiblingen, Germany, has grown into a well-known brand that employs more than 12,000 people, plus 400 skilled engineers and designers.

There’s a reason Stihl is considered the leading brand of chainsaws and outdoor power equipment. The company creates high-quality products ideal for both professional and home use.

Let’s start by talking about the Stihl MS 461 chainsaw because if you’re looking for a high-quality tool that can handle any job, this is it. Both experts and ordinary people can use this chainsaw without problems.

Even the most difficult tasks can be handled by the MS 461 due to its strong motor and robust design. So consider the Stihl MS 461 if you are looking for a reliable chainsaw.

On the other hand, the STIHL MS 462 C-M chainsaw is the lightest in its class, weighing just 4.5 kg.

This allows for greater maneuverability, and it has an excellent power-to-weight ratio that has been tested by industry experts.

The new generation of the STIHL M-TronicTM engine management system electronically regulates fuel metering and ignition timing. In this way, the chainsaw automatically adjusts comfortably to changes in its working environment, such as variations in altitude and fuel quality, thus ensuring optimal performance.

Because the MS 462 C-M has longer guide bars, the anti-vibration system is still designed to reduce vibration for good handling and less user fatigue.

Stihl 461 Overview

Let’s focus on the Stihl 461, which according to the perception of expert arborists, foresters, and other employees in the agricultural industry, this chainsaw is the ideal replacement for the MS 460.

First of all, it has a 4.5 kW engine, improved air filtration, and low emission stratified charge engine. This chainsaw has a controlled delivery oil pump, among many other useful features, plus it weighs about 15 lbs.

This model is undoubtedly one of Stihl’s most powerful chainsaws, the MS 461, thanks to its ability to live up to its reputation for power.

You will be able to face any obstacles while working with this chainsaw as there’s not much it cannot handle. Even large cuts are easy to complete with their balanced design and easy handling.

Although its price is a bit high, its price-quality ratio is ideal, making it a logical purchase.

The Stihl MS 461 chainsaw is certainly something to consider if you are looking for a high-quality chainsaw that will serve you for many years.

One of the most popular products on the market is the Stihl MS 461 chainsaw, which makes sense. The most challenging jobs are no match for the power and durability of this chainsaw. One of the toughest chainsaws on the market, it can be fitted with up to a 32″ bar.

Stihl 462 Overview

Now it’s time to talk about the Stihl MS 462. This chainsaw is a robust tool with an innovative design that uses unique materials to improve its performance and features. A crucial point to consider is that the user does not get exhausted easily because it does not have a great weight, so it is perfect for forestry and heavy work. Experts in the field who have evaluated it say it has a great power-to-weight ratio for improved maneuverability.

The efficient STIHL M-Tronic engine management system achieves electronic synchronization of fuel metering and ignition. For optimal performance, the saw automatically adjusts to changes in your operating environment, such as altitude and fuel quality.

This chainsaw starts up easily with almost no jolt. Thanks to its state-of-the-art STIHL ElastoStart technology, it starts exceptionally smoothly. Compared to polyamide or cloth filters, your HD2 polyethylene filter has finer holes.

This function removes more dust than conventional methods. In addition, it repels grease, is very easy to clean and replace, and can be done without using any equipment.

Perfectly placed damping points reduce vibrations from the engine and cutting deck, relieving stress and load.

The STIHL 2-MIX swept-air engine on the Stihl MS 462 chainsaw produces a layer of clean air fuel between the mixture burned inside the combustion chamber and the unused charge in the pre-compression crankcase, which is a crucial component of the chainsaw.

Compared to traditional two-stroke engines, this leads to less fuel loss and up to 20% less fuel usage.

Stihl 461 vs Stihl 462: The comparison

The Stihl 461 and 462 may sometimes be confused with each other since they appear to be pretty much the same on paper. However, they differ significantly in a few key ways.

The performance, weight, fuel capacity, and rod length of the Stihl 461 and 462 are among their main distinctions. The MS 462 chainsaw also includes several contemporary innovations that the 461 does not.


Remember that the most crucial part of a chainsaw is determined by its motor. That is why you should consider that more powerful equipment makes it easier to cut larger and thicker trees.

First, we have the Stihl 461, which has a robust engine with a displacement of 76.5 ccs. Such power is suitable for cutting heavy materials.

Unfortunately, the 462’s 72.2cc displacement causes it to fall short. You can feel the more noticeable performance of the 461 chainsaws, even if the difference doesn’t seem all that noticeable.

Fuel Capacity

If we further consider all the aspects to take into account, the fuel capacity of a chainsaw is not something that we can leave aside because you’ll only need to recharge your machine infrequently if you can store enough gasoline.

If you decide to purchase a 461 chainsaw, you will receive a substantial tank that can hold 27.1 ounces of gasoline. This means that oil refills would not be necessary to keep the saw running for a considerable amount of time.

On the other hand, a 462 saw has a slightly smaller capacity at 24.3 ounces. As you can see, there is not a significant variation in the fuel capacity of these chainsaws. But you should still see which one is best for you.


While this may be a bit of a no-brainer, weight is a consideration that should never be ignored when shopping for a chainsaw. This is because the weight of this machinery significantly impacts handling when cutting.

When it comes to weight, the 461 chainsaw is too heavy to compete with the 462 chainsaws. It weighs 13.2 pounds, and Stihl markets it as one of their lightest gas-powered chainsaws.

The 461 saw doesn’t seem to be that heavy either at 14.8 pounds. However, a 462 chainsaw will be more comfortable for longer use and handling.

Current Features

One of the biggest differences between the 461 chainsaw and the 462 is that the latter has been improved to be more robust and efficient with cutting-edge features.

Several new features, including an Ematic lubrication system, winter/summer shutter, and STIHL Quickstop, are available on the 462. As a result, all these features substantially improve your cutting experience.

The 461 saw does not offer many contemporary features because it is an older model.

Stihl 461 vs Stihl 462: Which one is the best?

It’s time to consider which of these two chainsaws is the best. Keep in mind the Stihl 461 is an option to consider if you’re looking for a powerful chainsaw made for cutting heavy materials.

But given its adaptability, we’d still choose the Stihl 462. Despite being lightweight, it has adequate power to tackle cutting jobs big and small.

Also, the tool has a ton of cutting-edge capabilities that will enhance your cutting enjoyment.

Now it is important for you to know that regardless of the model you select, you will receive a high-quality chainsaw that will serve you for many years.

The Stihl 461 and 462 look identical at first glance, but they are actually quite different. Their weight, performance, and fuel capacity are the main areas in which they differ, and that, as we saw previously, makes each of them a unique piece.

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