Stihl MS 251 vs Husqvarna 445: Which one is the best?

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When comparing chainsaw models, Stihl and Husqvarna’s comparison is always brought to the table. Both brands produce efficient and durable machines. For many users, these brands have equivalent devices that provide similar performance and energy and withstand wear and tear. Among their competitive but similar products are the Stihl 251 and Husky 455.

If you want to know the best, keep reading this Stihl MS 251 vs. Husqvarna 445 comparison. We will discuss everything related to their distinctions and specifications. So read on for proper insight.

Stihl MS 251 vs. Husqvarna 445: Quick overview

In terms of performance, both machines are considered reliable. However, they differ on many levels. They come from different brands. The power differs between both machines. Moreover, the Sithl model is known as the wood boss. On the other hand, the Husqvarna model is considered more suitable for smaller logging projects.

The Husky 445 is also an affordable chainsaw compared to most Husqvarna models. When you talk about this chainsaw, you will find different versions. There is one with an engine capacity of 50 ccs. Another version comes with only 45 ccs. This results in different ranges of horsepower. Also, there would be different prices due to the variety.

As for the wood boss, or Stihl MS 251, It is known for its efficient fuel consumption. Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of guide bars. However, it is not recommended to pair it with longer bars. A 16-inch bar will give you the ultimate performance from this machine.

It has a decent engine with a capacity of 45.6 that offers nearly 3 bhp. In terms of weight, this saw offers acceptable lightness and desirable ergonomics. You will have extreme maneuverability with an overall weight not exceeding 5 kilograms.

Stihl MS 251 Overview

Wood Boss, or Stihl MS 251, was released in the summer of 2013. So, it has been building a base of users for nearly a decade. Aside from its comfortable Anti-vibration system, this saw is compatible with various bars. The manufacturer recommends using an 18-inch bar.

However, it goes well with a 16-inch one. Moreover, you can use it with a 20-inch bar for trickier woodworking.

Despite its compact design, this provides powerful performance. It is also considered cost-efficient. Its lightweight design offers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, reaching 2.2 kg/kW. The machine is easy to understand and control. Such things make it appealing to beginners and domestic users.

This powerful chainsaw is equipped with a master control lever. This option gives you better control of the choke position. It has four positions to adjust the choke as you need. Another great feature of this saw is its caps. You do not need a handyman to loosen and tighten the saw’s caps.

The oil reservoir and fuel tank caps do not require any tools to be opened or closed. All it takes is adjusting the lever to access the tanks as desired.

Husqvarna 445 Overview

You can consider this husky model a chainsaw for homeowners. It suits the needs of those who only require a little woodworking. Also, users with a limited budget will appreciate this budget-friendly gas-powered saw. This Husqvarna 455 is inefficient at cutting firewood, but it will help you get a clear yard.

It can also remove small trees and similar obstacles. Clearing a field or yard after a storm is one of the easy tasks this saw handles efficiently.

Husqvarna 445 has been on the market for almost two decades. So, all its versions have been modified to accommodate users’ needs and market competition in the same category. This way, the current models offer fuel efficiency and decreased emissions—no need to mention the lucrative feature of the light weight.

You will experience easy handling of this saw with the anti-vibration technology. As for routine maintenance, this Husky 445 has made it more accessible. Thanks to its quick-release air filter, you can easily and quickly clean or change the filter.

Also, you will easily check the levels of gasoline in the tank without having to open the tank every time. There is a visible indicator to show you the exact level.

Husqvarna 445 vs Stihl MS 251: The Comparison

Choosing the Stihl MS 251 or the Husky 445 is challenging. Both offer great features and value for the price. But if you take a deep look at both machines, you will uncover differences in performance and power. Such differences can play a role in your decision. So, here is what you need to know about the Husqvarna 445 vs. Stihl MS 251 comparison.

1. Ease of setting up

When you start a chainsaw for the first time, you might experience some difficulties configuring and setting it up. If you have the same concerns about the Husky 445, you should forget them. This machine is easy to set up. You won’t experience the same difficulty setting up Stihl MS 251. The Husqvarna 445 is a bit simpler to start with.

2. Engine power

In terms of engine capacity and displacement, both machines vary a lot. The Husky 445 is more powerful. It comes with a strong engine providing 50.2 ccs. Stihl MS aka wood boss comes with a decent-performing engine providing 45.6 ccs.

3. Horsepower

Unlike the scenario with the engine displacement, the Stihl MS 251 has the upper hand. It has a lower capacity but higher horsepower. It provides 3 hp, whereas the Husqvarna 445 provides 2.8 hp.

4. Fuel capacity

The fuel tank’s capacity plays a vital role in increasing the user’s convenience. A tank with a larger fuel capacity makes you feel more comfortable. You won’t have to check and refill the tank after each use. At this point in the comparison, Husky 445 is the winner.

Its tank can hold up to 15.2 ounces of the recommended gasoline type. As for the Stihl 445, it has a smaller tank. With each refueling, it will only take 13.2 ounces of fuel.

5. Performance

Performance is what matters most to all types of users. With the Stihl 251, you will get plenty of power to cut different types of wood. The larger capacity and increased dry mass give the Stihl model the upper hand in performance.

6. Compatible bars

Husky 445 is compatible with longer bars. It goes perfectly with a 20-inch bar, while this size is not recommended for the Stihl MS 251. Such compatibility makes the Husqvarna 445 more able to provide maximum cutting.

7. Weight

This is one of the few similarities that both machines share. Both are lightweight machines, weighing 4.8 kilograms. However, the Husky 445 can get heavier when paired with a longer bar. Simultaneously, the wood boss will feel lighter and more portable due to the 18-inch bar.

8. Warranty

In terms of consumer warranty, there is a big difference between these two awesome chainsaws. Stihl MS 251 comes with only a one-year warranty. Husqvarna 455 is, on the other hand, backed by a 2-year warranty.

Stihl MS 251 vs. Husqvarna 445: Which one is the best?

While it is not easy to determine which is the best, you will be okay with purchasing either. Both offer excellent performance and acceptable cutting speed. If you want something in the entry-level chainsaw category, you should get the MS 251. It is easier to understand and cuts less fiercely.

Meanwhile, the Husqvarna 445 is simpler to start and set up. Still, it provides a little more horsepower and better warranty coverage. With a longer bar, the Husky 445 can show you what a professional chainsaw can do.

Lastly, it would be best if you did not decide between them depending on the cost. Both of them are in the same price category. There is nearly a $20 difference for the Stihl MS 251. So again, the similar prices indicate they are similar regarding cutting and speed. Still, the Stihl MS 251 provides slightly better performance.

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