Stihl MS 291 Review: Is It worth Buying in 2024?

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Stihl ms291 is one of the most often recommended mid-range gasoline-powered saws. It is quite popular with first-time users and experienced domestic users. This chainsaw model offers great features and plenty of power. Therefore, you can count on it to cut different types of trees around your property.

As a premium brand product, this saw is multi-purpose and can run for a long time without causing much pollution. Stihl is adopting a low-emission policy and decreasing fuel consumption in all its modern gas-powered chainsaw series.

If you are curious about this petrol chainsaw, read our Stihl ms291 review. This blog will widely discuss its features, performance, and user feedback. So, read on for proper insight!

Stihl MS 291 Review

Stihl MS 291 is also known as the yard or farm boss. It is suitable for cleaning, bucking, and felling purposes in farms, yards, and ranches. Compared to many previous models, this one has plenty of advanced features that make it worthwhile. Here is an in-depth look at its noteworthy features, materials, and performance.

Construction Quality & Materials

The Stihl MS 291 is not on the high-end pro chainsaw list. So typically, it won’t have a metal casing. It comes with a high-quality plastic crankcase. There are several interior parts of the engine made of metal, though. This accommodates its lightweight and infrequent use.

However, this reinforced polymer can crack when it hits the ground hard. So be careful while moving the machine around.


The Stihl MS 291 has many features, boosting its reliability and suitability for homeowners. It is powerful with a compact design. Also, it is easy to understand and set up. Here is an in-depth overview of its primary features:

1. Power Type

The Stihl MS 291 has a gasoline engine. Like all other petrol saws from Stihl, it uses a fuel-to-oil ratio of 50:1.

2. Engine Displacement 

Typically, a gas saw will have a relatively small 2-stroke motor. This model has a capacity of 55.5 cc. This makes it larger than many other members of the same 200 series, including Stihl MS 261.

3. Engine Power

The relatively large engine of this outdoor power equipment generates 3.76 bhp.

4. Powerhead Weight 

This machine weighs around 5.57 kilograms (12.3 pounds). This weight is measured when the device is empty of fluids and unarmed. Approximately half of a pound can be added when it’s armed and has full tanks.

5. Compatible Bars

According to the manufacturer, the Stihl MS291 accommodates a 16-inch bar. This is the ideal bar length for the capabilities of the saw. However, it goes just as well with longer bars, including 18″ and 20″ bars.

6. Fuel Tank Capacity 

Generally, Stihl chainsaws are not known for having large tanks. However, this model is equipped with a moderately-sized tank. It has a capacity of nearly 17 ounces of the recommended gasoline. 

7. Chain oil Tank

The oiler of this chainsaw model comes with a capacity of 8.12 ounces of the right lubricant.

8. Anti-vibration System 

Any chainsaw makes annoying vibrations that make users uncomfortable. This innovative Stihl technology ensures that users experience the slightest vibrations possible. This happens due to isolating the engine and chain with several springs to keep the vibrations away from the user’s hands. 

Thereforeyou will experience little to no operator fatigue from extended running hours.

9. Pre-separation Air Filtration System

This feature is common in many modern Stihl models. This feature enhances the protection of the engine from large debris and sawdust.

This system relies on applying an outward force to the air inside the machine when air particles rotate. This way, the larger dust particles get kicked out of the machine system before reaching the filter.

This option reduces the chances of air filter blockage. Therefore, you will be less likely to clean or change the filter. Moreover, this machine is compatible with the HD2 air filter. This type of filter has finer pores and is easier to wash. Typically, this will mean less time spent on air filter cleanings.

10. Side-access Chain Tensioner 

The chain can get too loose or tight unexpectedly for various reasons. Older chainsaw models had one access point to the chain under the casing. This is not the case with this Stihl model. You can easily find its tensioning screw located near the sprocket cover.

11. Eco-Friendly Performance 

The Stihl MS 291 comes with a fuel-efficient engine. According to the manufacturer, this saw increased fuel efficiency by 20% compared to the former model. This way, you will get longer operating times with an extended time between refueling.

Another way of helping the environment is Stihl’s reduced emission policy. Many other Stihl gas-powered saws produce reduced emissions. Generally speaking, exhaust emissions are a part of any petrol saw. However, the Stihl MS 291 engine produces lower emissions. This saw has the “caring for nature” seal from Stihl.

12. An American Product

You should have known by now that Stihl is a German brand with factories in different parts of the world. Despite having headquarters in America, not all Stihl power tools are manufactured there. But this does not apply to this saw. This is manufactured in the U.S., which can say something about the saw’s quality.

However, the whole component is not necessarily produced there. A combination of local and global materials is used for making these handheld power tools.


When it comes to performance, this chainsaw will not let you down. It comes with a large engine, providing more power than corded or battery-powered saws of the same category. It provides a decent power-to-weight ratio of 2 kg/kW. It is not much, but it is enough for what this machine is meant for.

This can be a suitable match if you require a mid-range chainsaw for cleaning and maintaining your farm. However, it is not meant for cutting larger and thicker trees, even when paired with a longer guide bar.

Stihl MS 291 Reviews: What do people say?

As you already know, Stihl is a high-end power tool manufacturer. So it produces excellent and competent machines. So, it is a decent saw for mid-range woodwork. On different forums and websites, including the manufacturer’s, hundreds of positive reviews discuss the saw.

On the Stihl website, there are over 800 reviews. With the most positive reviews, this saw got a rating of 4.4. Still, there are a few negative reviews. In general, these negative reviews had to do with unrealistic expectations from the machine.

User Feedback

Long-time users love what this machine offers in terms of performance and cutting speed. The machine is easy to understand and start. There is not much effort required until the engine fires. Users also loved the toolless caps on the oil and fuel tanks.

Anti-vibration and committing to the stickiest exhaust emission standards are other desirable features that improve the user experience. Moreover, the vast majority of users loved the performance of the saw with an 18″ bar. For them, it enhances the performance more than a shorter 16-inch bar.

Product Satisfaction

As far as product satisfaction goes, this saw has achieved moderate levels. Users can start it without bogging down. Also, the advanced anti-vibration system minimizes fatigue or discomfort. Moreover, the quality of materials and components got a five-star rating on the Stihl website.

The only real issue that makes many users uncomfortable with the machine is its weight. It is less portable than the Stihl MS 271 or the MS 261.

Customer Service

Getting this Stihl 291 from a reputable local STIHL dealer is the best way to enjoy a hassle-free purchase. Such a dealer will know how to honor the warranty and provide the right accessories. As for the warranty, you will enjoy two years of coverage.

This applies if you buy a Stihl MS 291 for your home use. Meanwhile, commercial and professional benefits are only covered for one year.

If you want to return the saw, there is only a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. This means you can return the saw within a week, but it must be in its original condition. So, you should return it without any added fluids or accessories.

Should You buy Stihl MS 291? 

All in all, Stihl MS 291 is a good chainsaw for domestic or semi-professional purposes. Despite its large motor and weight, it is not a professional saw that can frequently fall multiple oaks. However, it will help you clean up your farm that got hit by a storm.

In terms of durability, the chainsaw will be completely satisfactory. It is made in the USA, so the machine is versatile and reliable despite the plastic component. This decent chainsaw will cost you about $550. So, you will get great value for the money.

The Stihl MS291 is a good saw for farm woodwork, particularly small or mid-range cutting tasks. It comes with a powerful motor and a selection of innovative features. The saw is not the best in portability, but it is not too heavy. Still, it can accommodate different bar sizes to provide different cutting levels.

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