7 Most Common Altoz TRX Problems & Troubleshooting

Altoz TRX mowers have taken grass groomers to a new level and lost all issues related to standard zero-turn mowers such as the Ferris IS 700Z. So far, these are the only machines in the lawn mowing industry with tracks in the rear instead of standard wheels. The all-American machines offer versatile performance and excellent durability.

Despite all the great features and durable materials, some users complain about a few Altoz TRX problems. These problems are usually related to the big and heavy deck, poor lighting, and transmission concerns, but they are still manageable issues.

If you want to know more about these issues and their fixes, keep reading for more insight.

The Most Common Problems with Altoz TRX mowers

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Despite the apparent innovation in the track system that makes these mowers go uphill easily, some users face minor issues with the Altoz TRX models. You can handle these problems with sufficient knowledge of operating professional mowers. Otherwise, you can run into real difficulties using these heavy-duty zero-turn mowers.  

1. A Large and Heavy deck

Although it is an essential feature for performing lawn mowing quickly and efficiently, some users dislike it. The large deck of Altoz TRX mowers is also heavy and does not have a hydraulic lift. This means it usually requires a lot of pressure and force from your foot when you operate the machine or try to lift the deck.

You can’t change the design of this mower. Generally, the vast majority of zero-turn mowers have large and heavy decks. But, with frequent use, your foot will become more flexible in applying the correct pressure levels to the deck to get it appropriately mowed.

2. No LED lights 

Altoz TRX mowers do not feature any LED lights. LED lights are essential for grooming a lawn after dark. They give better visibility and also do not need to be changed often.

You can overcome this issue by buying LED lights for the Altoz TRX models from a nearby store or paying a visit to one of the manufacturer’s stores. Although it is being sold as an accessory, other mowers are equipped with built-in LED lights, such as Cub Cadet XT3 GSX.  

3. Concerns about the Transaxles’ Longevity 

A mower transaxle is a case or an assembly that combines transmission and driving axles in one place. Meaning this part is responsible for mowing the mower forward and in reverse. 

In the Altoz TRX range, transaxles are coupled with a hydrostatic transmission.

Making it the first time this transmission technology has been used with tracks. This combination is considered one of the Altoz TRX problems. It made some users question the transaxle assembly’s lifetime and how it would affect the rails’ resilience. Typically, the hydro transmission might put extra pressure on the tracks when moving.

However, a big name such as Altoz could not risk their TRX line and top-notch tracks without performing thorough tests on this combo. They can’t release three different mowers without carefully studying their transaxles system.

4. It is not easy to use at first

Another common issue with the Altoz TRX Series is that they can be difficult for beginners to use. The machines are indeed easy to ride, and their controllers are not difficult to master, but they remain heavy and massive.

It would be best if you were experienced in riding zero-turn mowers with similar designs and features to avoid making speed mistakes that could compromise your turf. This way, you can spare time for the training you will take to use any of the TRX models.

Also, you will be less confused while maintaining proper motion and lifting the deck.

5. Variable Grooming Quality

A manicured garden’s result demonstrates one of the most apparent Altoz TRX issues. While they are excellent at cutting grass in rugged terrain, they are only adequate at mowing standard home gardens.

This is not a problem related to the design or abilities of these advanced-level machines. They are built to handle steep or hole-filled areas, which almost all other competitors can’t run efficiently. So, it is better to go for this machine if you have a proper landscape that can unleash its full powers.

6. Aggressiveness on the Turf

Using tracks instead of the usual combination of wheels and tires adds to the mower’s versatility. However, there is always a chance of accidental turf tearing, as the track can be somehow tough on the grass.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is not very complicated. All it takes is a good experience in riding zero-turn mowers. Then, bit by bit, you will become more experienced in controlling the tracks without damaging your turf.

7. No Floor Mat.

Many users find the Altoz TRX line’s lack of a feature disappointing. The mat under your feet helps to decrease the impact of transmission vibrations. Also, they are a great option to resist slippery grass if things are muddy outside.

Since Altoz cares about the ultimate user experience, they took this issue seriously. In 2020, the company made some changes to address this matter. Modern models are currently equipped with a floor mat, but there are still no mats to cover the foot area.

You can solve this problem by purchasing a generic rubber anti-slip mat that you can cut to fit the feet. But it will not be as functional as an original mat. Other zero-turn mower manufacturers, such as Spartan Mowers, offer this feature in their models.

8. A Massive Bagging System at the back 

The extensive bagging system is a highly appreciated feature of the Altoz TRX series. It allows users to mow and clean their home garden all at once. However, some users might not be pleased with the large bag, which could obstruct their rear view.

To overcome this issue, you can count on the small slits in the back to anticipate what could be behind you. After all, you will be riding the mower over a small space you are already familiar with. But in all cases, you must regulate the bagging system’s operation. It is not very healthy for the lawn to turn on the bagger every time you mow.

Also, if you are not much of a fan of bagging, you can buy the Altoz TRX without the bagger. This can save you a couple of thousand dollars, and there are other cheaper alternatives to keep your lawn clean.

Altoz TRX Problems: are they a deal breaker?

Despite these common problems in the Altoz TRX line, they are still top-performing mowers. Each one of the TRX family will give you a fast and excellent grooming experience. The abovementioned problems will not affect the machine’s performance, speed, or cutting efficiency.

These mowers are expensive, giving you what you would expect from a pricy mowing machine. Remember that they won’t be a good fit if it is your first time riding a mower. They come with heavy decks and an innovative track system. So, it is better to have previous experience with another, less complex zero-turn mower before upgrading.  

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