6 Most Common Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Problems

Cub Cadet is a synonym of durability and innovation, and each model from this brand is proof of that.

The Cub Cadet XT3 GSX is a garden tractor that does its job almost flawlessly.

We say almost because some users have reported various issues, from the faulty engine to the wrong discharge chute, and even black smoke, despite its excellent performance.

Let’s see the most common Cub Cadet XT3 GSX problems and how to troubleshoot them.

The most common problems with Cub Cadet XT3 GSX

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Cub Cadet is a brand leader in the lawn tractor market, along with famous names like John Deere and Kubota.

The XT3 GSX is a garden mower powered by a 25hp Kohler Command Series twin cylinder engine. This model is mainly used for mowing, but its utility doesn’t stop there.

People love this lawn mower’s increased traction thanks to its rear differential locking, making it easier to work on uneven terrain.

Truthfully, there are many things to love about this Cub Cadet XT3, but today we want to show you the other side of the coin.

The main problems many users had with this Cub Cadet garden tractor are related to its engine. But that’s not all.

Let’s dive into the most common problems with this Cub Cadet mower and see what can be done about it.

1. Starting issues

Any riding mower needs the appropriate amount of maintenance regularly, and this Cub Cadet tractor makes no exception.

If your GSX tractor doesn’t start, the first thing you want to check it’s the fuel tank.

This is a relatively small vehicle, so you probably need to refill the fuel tank often enough.

However, using fresh fuel isn’t enough to guarantee the functionality of your lawn mower. The fuel and oil used should be of the right type and good quality.

Stale oil and low-quality oil could cause clogs in the system and even compromise other fuel line components.

Keep in mind that the fuel tank doesn’t need to be overfilled. Pour just the right amount, not more and not less. 

2. Power issues

Some users complain that the engine isn’t as powerful as when the lawn mower was brand new.

There are different causes behind the loss of power, and it’s essential to find the right one and fix it because it could compromise the engine’s lifespan.

Among the causes that could provoke a loss of power in your Cub Cadet engine, we have:

  • Overheating: there are many causes behind an overheated engine, and we will see them in detail below. Usually, one of the causes could be debris in the ventilation system, which needs cleaning.
  • Too much oil: the pump is overflowing when it should be filled only to the correct amount. Remove excess oil from the system.
  • Faulty fuel pump: the fuel pump could also be damaged. In this case, it should be replaced.

3. Overheating issues

Engine overheating can have many causes and can be the cause of many more problems for your lawn tractor.

If you’re using snow blowers or any other attachment, the first thing to do is to remove all the excessive load from the engine.

Next, the ventilation system should be adequately cleaned from debris and dirt. Given that this vehicle is bound to get a lot of ground, maintenance is essential to guarantee its lifespan.

Lastly, you should always use high-quality oil and change it at least once or twice a month. Do not overfill the engine with oil; pour just the correct amount.

4. Fuel issues

Have you noticed that your tractor supply of fuel runs out quickly?

This is a relatively common issue, but there are multiple explanations, even though it’s usually a problem related to the choke cable or the carburetor.

Inspect the choke cable as it may need some adjustments. The throttle should be completely open to function correctly.

Next, check the carburetor. Is it in suitable conditions? Does it look faulty or damaged to any extent? If the carburetor doesn’t work, it’s better to replace it with a new one.

5. Discharge chute issues

The XT3 GSX is mainly used as a lawn mower, but even if that’s the most straightforward function of your tractor, you should still take some precautions when using it.

The discharge chute can quickly become clogged, causing many issues to your Cub Cadet XT3 mower deck.

To prevent or fix this issue, here’s what you can do:

  • reduce the speed of your garden tractor
  • reduce the cutting height when the grass is too tall
  • operate on dry grass, never wet grass
  • open the choke wide if the engine speed is low
  • adjust the cutting size of the deck
  • check the belt and reinstall it properly if needed.

6. Black smoke issues

Seeing black smoke from your Cub Cadet mower is never a good sign.

Black smoke indicates a problem with the fuel line or the air cleaner, among other issues that are usually less common.

The fuel line might leak when the system is overflooded with fuel and the carburetor is soaked in fluid.

That’s why only pouring the correct amount of fuel into the system is recommended. However, cleaning the carburetor regularly will help prevent this problem.

Black smoke can also be caused by a clogged air cleaner filter that needs urgent cleaning. This won’t necessarily solve the problem completely, but it will significantly reduce the number of black smoke emissions.

You might also want to adjust the choke cable, as some problems might spur from partly active chokes. 

Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Problems: are they a deal-breaker?

No, they’re not, and it’s easy to see why. These aren’t manufacturing defects but are common issues you would encounter after using the mower for some time.

Most of these issues can be prevented with regular maintenance. Even if they occur, it’s often relatively easy to discover the main problem and fix it without necessarily calling a professional.

However, if you’re still in your warranty period, it would be wise to contact your Cub Cadet dealer before making any modifications to your lawn tractor, as this may compromise the warranty.

Remember: if you take proper care of your mower, it will take care of your garden or fields for a long time!

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