The 5 Best Chainsaws For Milling of 2024

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Are you in the market for a chainsaw to help you achieve your sawmilling tasks? With the advance of modern technology and the advent of digital tools, even complex tasks like chainsaw mills can be accomplished with ease. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best professional-grade chainsaws on offer in 2023 so that you can find one that meets your needs perfectly.

For example, the STIHL Farm Boss is a powerful, commercial-grade saw with an impressive chainsaw engine size of 50cc, making it great for large projects. Meanwhile, the EGO Power+ CS1804 is designed with convenience in mind; it has an ergonomic handle that allows you to work comfortably and a brushless motor that helps reduce noise levels and increase efficiency.

All five models offer excellent value for money and can help you achieve your milling goals quickly and easily. A well-made piece of machinery is essential to a successful chainsaw mill, so be sure to read through our guide carefully!

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Best Overall
STIHL Farm Boss MS 271

STIHL Farm Boss MS 271

  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Minimal exhaust fumes
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Editor's Choice
EGO Power+ CS1804 Milling Chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1804 Milling Chainsaw

  • Well-suited to larger jobs
  • Quiet and safe to use
  • LED light to illuminate your work
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Best Value For Money
Craftsman S185 Milling Chainsaw

Craftsman S185 Milling Chainsaw

  • Comfortable design
  • Very easy to start and use
  • Low kickback
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Best Seller
STIHL MS 250 Milling Chainsaw

STIHL MS 250 Milling Chainsaw

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to start
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Budget Option
Troy-Bilt TB4218 Milling Chainsaw

Troy-Bilt TB4218 Milling Chainsaw

  • Budget-friendly chainsaw
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to start
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The 5 Best Chainsaws for Milling of 2023

Are you looking to buy a chainsaw? With the sheer number of brands and models available on the market, deciding which is right for you can be challenging.

Here, we will discuss the five best chainsaws for milling lumber in 2023. Specifically, we’ll look at the STIHL Farm Boss MS 271, EGO Power+ CS1804, Craftsman S185, STIHL MS 250, and Troy-Bilt TB4218.

Read on to learn more about the features each of these powerful chainsaws offers.

STIHL Farm Boss MS 271 Milling Chainsaw

The STIHL Farm Boss Chainsaw is perfect for milling projects and is equipped with a 50.2cc gas-powered engine, an 18 inches chain bar length, and 12 pounds of weight. This hardworking chainsaw packs a lot of moving power while still being lightweight and easy to operate.

This improved version of the beloved MS 270 is loaded with new features and innovative technology, so you can get out there and keep doing what you love—working hard with renowned, reliable power.

The MS 271 boasts a highly efficient engine, tapping into maximum potential with every cut while lasting longer than ever, with 20 percent extra fuel consumption capability.

Function meets environmental friendliness as the MS 271 reduces exhaust emissions by half compared to the legendary MS270.

Its ingenious pre-separation system brings on superior performance and satisfaction. Thanks to its ability to filter out even microscopic dust particles, your air filter lasts up to five times longer than that of competitors.

It also comes with a side access chain tensioner that makes adjusting the chain easy and a wide range of cutting features designed specifically for milling work. In addition, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use over long periods of time.

This chainsaw is designed for the best possible user experience. It incorporates an anti-vibration system allowing maximum control and minimized fatigue — leading to more extended work performance.

Additionally, its Air Filter Cover is easy to remove and allows an effortless filter cleaning or replacement, maximizing time efficiency and minimizing interruption while operating.

As part of our mission to deliver leisure in outdoor power equipment operations, this chainsaw ensures a low-vibration unit with sharp performance and more time with friends and family.

All this and more is cleverly integrated into one optimally comfortable, space-saving design. Get ready to experience high performance from every level with this cutting-edge system’s efficient energy control.

All in all, the STIHL Farm Boss MS 271 18-inch 50.2 cc Gas Chainsaw will make the job easier when it comes to milling home improvement projects.

EGO Power+ CS1804 Milling Chainsaw

The EGO Power+ CS1804 56V Battery Chainsaw Kit is one of the best chainsaws on the market for milling. Offering easy operation, powerful cutting performance, and a design suitable for a variety of applications, the 56 V Battery Chainsaw Kit is a formidable tool for home users and professionals alike.

With its 56 volts of power, high-efficiency brushless motor, and high-performance 56 V batteries, this chainsaw can easily handle even tough lumber.

EGO POWER+ 18-inch chainsaw delivers the power of a 45cc gas chainsaw in the most convenient way. Forget loud engines and toxic fumes; using this handy saw, you get all the power with none of the hassle.

From simple home tasks like trimming branches to big tree chops, this saw lessens your workload drastically. Professional-quality performance is just one bar away with EGO POWER+.

This cordless chainsaw provides a seamless experience giving you up to 300 cuts on a 4×4 when using the included 5.0Ah ARC Lithium battery. It features a 3/8-inch pitch, 0.050-inch gauge chain with 62 drive links to quickly ensure smooth, accurate cuts.

Climbing that ladder won’t be a problem anymore because the handheld chainsaw has got you covered with its high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers 11,000 RPM for clean, efficient cuts.

Its 18-inch bar and chain size are cleverly designed for tackling outsize tasks — taking down large branches, stumps, and tall trees. The robust tool also has a Brushless powerful motor that ensures long, uninterrupted use, contributing to its enduring performance.

Also, the LED lights are focused on the front of your chainsaw for maximum illumination results when it matters most, so you can keep things moving without worrying about the minimum brightness needed for a successful dissecting operation.

This electric chainsaw offers a convenient tool-free tension setting system. With just a twist of a dial, your chain will be tightened to its ideal specification–no need for part-taking or adjusting by hand.

The intuitive design ensures efficiency and precision in each session for optimum results. Cut with confidence, knowing that all necessary tightness levels and tension adjustments can be made in no time!

Enjoy the worry-free operation and comfortable performance of this chainsaw machine; rugged terrains and surfaces become easy to work on, perfect for any environment, no matter how challenging.

Craftsman S185 Milling Chainsaw

The Craftsman S185 gas-powered chainsaw stands out from the rest thanks to its 42cc full-crank high-output engine, which offers sufficient uninterrupted power for all your projects.

Its 18-inch bar and low-kickback chain easily complete all your cutting tasks, no matter how tricky. This impressive set of key features makes the Craftsman S185 gas-powered chainsaw an unbeatable tool when tackling complex tasks involving both soft and harder wood with ease.

The Easy Start technology ensures that pull starts are elicited with ease. An approximate reaction of effort is relatively minimal not only in comparison to traditional motors but also it’s consistently reliable initial beginning.

Innovative and advanced design structures enable the craftsmanship of a Pro-Grade chassis, surpassing regular standards and expectations.

The Craftsman S185 18-inch 42 cc Gas Chainsaw is every miller’s dream! Maximum cutting inches in diameter of 16 inches and an impressive 0.05-inch gauge make it perfectly designed to help you get through any milling job with ease.

But that’s not all – it also features an anti-vibration handle that helps you maintain a firm grip while working, eliminating worries of the chainsaw slipping away from your hands.

Ultimately, that means using this chainsaw is smoother, less strenuous, and more comfortable than ever before. With the Craftsman S185 18-inch 42 cc gas chainsaw, maximum precision and control are right in your palms!

The design of this chainsaw has many distinct features that make it an attractive tool for woodcutting projects. First, its adjustable automatic oiler ensures that your machine receives the perfect amount of lubrication for optimal performance and protection.

Additionally, users have the support of an inertia-activated chain brake to reduce the chances of any accidents due to snagging.

Finally, hassle-free tool access to replace things like the air filter and spark plug is quick and effortless. All of these elements enhance the overall ergonomics and user-friendliness of this product.

Stihl MS 250 Milling Chainsaw

The STIHL MS 250 18-inch 45.4 cc Gas Chainsaw is exceptional, boasting an impressive power-to-weight ratio that packs a punch to easily get the job done. It is an incredibly powerful and reliable choice for milling.

Highly adjustable and featuring reliable engineering, this chain saw excels at clearing and cleanup tasks, as well as cutting through small limbs and trees with confidence.

Thanks to its well-balanced design, the MS250 is easy to use and provides superior handling control. A long-running time grants extended work sessions that can tackle plenty of jobs around your property or worksite.

It comes equipped with a 45.4 cc gas engine that offers smooth and easy operation, making it an ideal option for a range of tasks such as pruning, cutting firewood, and bucking logs into pieces for timber processing or for use in a homemade furniture project.

This tool also features an 18-inch chainsaw bar size and can accept a 35-inch maximum cutting diameter, giving it a wide range of milling capabilities, from small jobs around the yard to more significant projects requiring longer lengths and thicker woods.

With the long-lasting construction of the STIHL MS 250, you will receive quality results every single time.

This chainsaw features a convenient, easy-access air filter cover, making it easy to remove, clean, or replace the filter.

Additionally, its rear hand guard provides extra protection against injury for the user and offers a durable foot placement area for easier starting. With this dynamic feature, you can confidently ensure safety in your work environment.

This chainsaw grants unparalleled dependability no matter the season. Its winter/summer shutter helps optimize the carburetor’s temperature year-round and works to avoid carburetor icing when temperatures dip below 50°F (10°C).

Fuel and oil caps have been designed with toolless retainers for effortless replacement or tightening: simply lift the lever and twist the caps free. This precision engineering ensures confidence throughout every job.

This lightweight but powerful saw features an anti-vibration system that helps reduce user fatigue while in use as well as an adjustable oil pump so you can get just the right amount of lubrication every time you operate this saw.

It also has a quick-stop brake feature that shuts off the engine immediately if something goes wrong or if there is danger present during your job. This particular chainsaw offers a fast and seamless adjustment experience.

This is due to its advanced Quick Tension Adjustment Type, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the tension of your cutting tool in under a minute. You’ll be able to identify when you need to adjust tension levels from the audible clicks of the sprocket located on the side — no complicated or time-consuming guesswork necessary.

This time-saving feature will allow for more efficient cutting, making it ideal for professionals looking for quick results.

Troy-Bilt TB4218 Milling Chainsaw

This mid-range saw packs plenty of power thanks to its 42cc engine yet remains lightweight enough for extended use without fatigue becoming too much of an issue due to the anti-vibration technology incorporated into this model’s design.

The TB4218 gas chainsaw is designed with a 3-point anti-vibration handle and lightweight build to ensure ease of use and comfort. This high-power chainsaw makes it easy to quickly tackle larger jobs requiring a robust yet maneuverable chainsaw blade that can nimbly cut through trees and limbs up to 16″ in diameter.

Equipped with a powerful 42cc, full crank 2-cycle engine, the chainsaw offers convenience and reliability with its SpringAssist technology. This feature significantly reduces the time spent on pull starts compared to models without pull start technology.

Not to mention, the 18-inch low-kickback bar and chain efficiently cut through limbs quickly, allowing users to finish their tasks quicker. Furthermore, it has an automatic adjustable bar and chain oiler that maintains proper lubrication levels by distributing oil during use.

No matter the chainsaw size, this powerful tool can make chain adjustment simple and efficient.

This one-of-a-kind design has a side access chain tensioner for easy and tactile access to control the chain drive mechanism. It empowers DIYers and professionals alike to make quick and accurate adjustments to help keep their projects at peak efficiency.

Not only that but with its advanced protective system, cutting larger-diameter wood content has never been easier. This chainsaw features the latest in safety technology.

An automatic engine chain brake is fitted with an inertia-activated system that engages instantly in response to kickback. This action helps protect the user from any harm and ensures safe operation at all times.

By offering exceptionally reliable effectiveness, this chain brake lives up to its promise of a secure cutting experience for everyone on the job site. All in all, this device is designed to provide reliable cutting when you need it most.

No matter which saw you choose, each model provides excellent performance at reasonable prices, making any of these options the perfect choice when buying a chainsaw for milling projects in 2023.

All five milling chainsaws offer great value for money, so take your pick based on budget requirements or other preferences such as weight or size considerations before making your final decision mow!

How to Choose the Best Milling Chainsaw

When it comes to milling, you want to ensure you have the right chainsaw. With an abundance of chainsaws available, it can be tricky to discern which model is ideal for your specific requirements.

When planning to mill in 2023, consider six essential elements before selecting the ideal chainsaw. Below we will discuss these factors and how they can help you make a more informed decision.

1. Size and Weight

The size and weight of a chainsaw are important because they will determine how easy or difficult it is to handle. If you’re planning on using the saw for long periods of time, then a lightweight model may be preferable.

On the other hand, heavier models may be better suited for you if you need more power and require a larger saw.

2. Power Source

There are two main types of power sources used in chainsaws: gas-powered and battery-powered. Electric models tend to be smaller and lighter than gas-powered models but lack the power that gas-powered models offer.

Battery-powered chainsaws offer greater portability but limited performance and run time compared to gas-powered models.

3. Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of a chainsaw is determined by its bar length, engine power, and chain speed capabilities. The longer the bar length, the more powerful and capable the saw will be when cutting through thicker logs or branches.

Generally speaking, saws with bars ranging from 10 inches (25 cm) up to 18 inches (45 cm) are best suited for milling purposes.

4. Durability & Reliability

When purchasing a chainsaw for milling purposes, you want to make sure that it’s made from high-quality materials and designed with durability in mind.

Ensure that all components, such as blades, chain links, guards, and handles, are made from sturdy materials that can withstand heavy use over long periods without breaking down or suffering damage due to wear and tear.

Additionally, look for features such as anti-vibration technology that can reduce fatigue from prolonged use of your saw.

5. Safety Features

Safety should always be your top priority when using any type of power tool, such as a chainsaw.

Ensure that your chosen saw has been equipped with safety features such as an automatic chain brake system that can stop the chain automatically if kickback occurs during operation; an inertia-activated clutch that helps protect against kickback; an adjustable oiler system; low vibration handles; blade guards; etc.

All of which are designed to help keep you safe while working with your saw.

6. Cost & Maintenance Costs

Cost is usually one of the most important factors when making any purchase decision – this also holds true when purchasing a chainsaw for the smoothest milling experience.

While cost shouldn’t necessarily be your only consideration here – after all, more expensive doesn’t always mean better – you still want something that offers good value for money without overspending on features or capabilities you don’t need or won’t use often enough.

Additionally, consider maintenance costs associated with your chosen model since these must also factor into your overall budget before making any purchase decisions.

When looking for the best chainsaw for milling in 2023, there are many factors to consider beyond just price range- size & weight, power source(s), cutting capacity & reliability/durability being some key ones – but no less important are safety features & associated maintenance costs too!

By researching each aspect thoroughly before making any purchase decisions, you can ensure that you have found a great quality product and one that fits within your budget too!

Ultimately, investing in quality upfront will pay dividends down the line, allowing you to get the job done quickly & safely every time!

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