Craftsman DYS 4500: Review, Price, Specs & Attachments

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The Craftsman DYS 4500 is the perfect device for households that require a rugged and dependable utility tractor to meet their gardening needs.

It’s worth considering if you’re looking for something that will stand up to tough conditions without breaking down or costing too much money upfront – keep in mind that prices have increased over time due to upgraded features being added to the model!

With all these features combined with outstanding performance specifications and ergonomic design elements built into this model – there’s no doubt why it’s such a popular choice among website owners looking for superior lawn care results!

However, like any machine, it can suffer from common problems.

In this blog post, we’ll review the Craftsman DYS 4500 in-depth, analyze its price and specs, discuss attachments it can accommodate, list any common issues and provide tips for preventive maintenance.

Craftsman DYS 4500 Review

If you’re looking for a reliable and robust riding mower, the Craftsman DYS 4500 is an excellent choice.

It offers different features that make it both easy to use and highly efficient.

Let’s look at seven essential features that make this riding mower stand out from the competition. 

1. 46-inch Cutting Deck

The Craftsman DYS 4500 has an impressive 46-inch cutting deck, making it perfect for larger yards and gardens.

The wide cutting deck allows you to cover more ground in less time, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the deck has two anti-scalp wheels, which help reduce scalping when navigating uneven terrain. 

Furthermore, it has an adjustable mower deck that allows you to change the cutting height from 1-1/2″ to 5″.

This means you can easily switch between cutting your grass short or leaving it tall depending on your preference. 

2. Turn Tight Technology

This model also features Craftsman’s patented Turn Tight technology, which allows easy maneuvering around obstacles such as trees or flower beds without slowing down or adjusting your speed significantly.

It has a tight 16-inch turning radius, making it ideal for mowing tight corners or maneuvering around obstacles.

This helps you get through tight spaces quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high level of control over your mower. 

3. Automatic Transmission

Another great feature of the Craftsman DYS 4500 is its automatic transmission which allows you to shift between speeds quickly while keeping your hands free for other tasks, such as steering or pushing buttons on the dashboard.

This makes it easier to maintain control over your mower, even when switching between different speeds and terrains. 

4. Cruise Control

The mower also comes with cruise control settings which enable you to set a consistent speed throughout your yard work without needing to adjust the throttle manually each time you change direction or go up an incline or down a hillside.

This helps streamline your workflow and ensures you’ll keep moving at a steady pace no matter the terrain ahead without constantly adjusting your speed. 

5. 26 HP Briggs & Stratton Motor

Equipped with a powerful 26 HP Kohler motor, this model can handle tougher terrain easily while providing ample power for cutting through thick grass and weeds without bogging down or overheating quickly.

6. Electric Start System

This model also comes equipped with an electric start system which makes starting it up quick and easy every time.

Turn the key and pull the starter cord once, then let go – no more struggling with recoil starters!

7. Ergonomic Design

Finally, besides having good performance specs and overall capabilities, this model also offers comfortable operation thanks to its ergonomically designed seat and low-vibration handles, making it easy to operate even after hours of use.

Additionally, this tractor has headlights, so you can continue working even after dark if necessary! 

So if you’re looking for a reliable riding mower that provides plenty of power while being relatively easy to maneuver around obstacles in your yard, then the Craftsman DYS 4500 should be on your list of considerations!

Craftsman DYS 4500 Problems

The Craftsman DYS 4500 is a powerful lawn tractor that can make mowing your lawn a breeze.

Unfortunately, it’s not without its issues. In this paragraph, we’ll look at the most common problems with the Craftsman DYS 4500 and how to fix them. 

1. The Engine Won’t Start

The engine may not ignite if the spark plugs are dirty or need to be replaced. Check your spark plugs and replace them if necessary.

Additionally, inspect your spark plugs and change them out if needed.

If that doesn’t work, you must take your tractor to the shop for further diagnostics. 

2. Sputtering/Stalling

dirty air filter or old spark plugs can cause this.

Inspect and clean your air filter and replace the spark plugs if needed.

If that doesn’t work, you will need a professional to check the fuel system for possible blockages or leaks. 

3. Clogged Fuel Line

Over time, dirt and other debris can build up in the fuel line, which can cause clogging and lead to poor engine performance.

To fix this, use compressed air to blow out any debris from the line before replacing it if necessary. 

4 . Transmission slips

Slipping transmissions can be caused by an issue with either a pulley or drive belt slipping out of place or low transmission oil levels, causing friction in gears inside the transmission housing unit itself.

To determine which part needs repair/replacement, inspect all pulleys and belts for wear and tear, then top up transmission oil levels as required. 

5. Mower Deck Not Level

An uneven mower deck can cause irregular cutting patterns in the grass, leading to patchy lawns over time.

If your mower deck is not level, it could be due to an uneven surface or worn-out blades/spindles/bearings on the deck itself.

To fix this problem, ensure all bolts securing the mower deck support arms are tightened securely, then adjust the mower deck height accordingly using a lever located at the rear of the tractor frame.

6. Gears Not Engaging Properly

This could be caused by worn-out gears needing replacement or inadequate lubrication of those same gears leading to friction between them when engaged, which would cause them not to turn properly.

To fix this, inspect all gears for signs of wear and replace them if needed. Additionally, lubricate parts with appropriate grease or oil as necessary.

7. Engine runs rough

An issue often causes a rough-running engine with the fuel lines or air filter.

First, check that your fuel lines are in good condition and that there are no clogs in the air filter.

You may also need to adjust the carburetor settings if they have become misaligned over time. 

8. Loss of power

If your Craftsman loses power while running, it could be due to a faulty fuel pump or carburetor adjustment issue.

Check your carburetor settings first, as this is usually the cause of loss of power on this model.

You should also inspect the fuel pump hoses for corrosion or leaks and replace any worn parts. 

9. Poor traction

If you notice poor traction when using your Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor, it could be because of a worn drive belt or broken transmission shaft bearing.

Inspect both components for wear and tear and replace them as necessary with genuine OEM parts for the best performance results. 

10. The Brakes don’t work.

Worn brakes can lead to dangerous situations when operating your Craftsman dys4500 lawn tractor, so it’s vital to address brake issues immediately.

Inspect brake pads & rotors for signs of wear & tear & replace any worn components, then adjust brake pedal tension according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We hope this troubleshooting has provided helpful information about how to diagnose and resolve some common problems experienced with this model lawn tractor.

Craftsman DYS 4500 Maintenance

A lawn tractor is essential for maintaining a tidy lawn.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring your lawn tractor runs smoothly, and your landscape looks its best.

Here, we’ll discuss the best practices for taking care of your Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor. 

1. Change the Oil Regularly 

Change the oil in your Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor every 50 hours or two months, whichever comes first.

This will help ensure that all moving parts are well-lubricated and running efficiently. For optimal performance, use only oil that is rated 10W-30.  

2. Clean Out Debris from the Mower Deck 

The mower deck should be cleaned out after every use to ensure that clippings don’t build up and cause damage over time.

Use a stiff brush to remove clippings or debris before storing your Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor in between uses. 

3. Sharpen the Blades Regularly 

Blades should be sharpened once a year or after every 25 hours of use—whichever comes first—to ensure they are cutting evenly and effectively with each pass over the grass.

It’s also essential to check for wear on the blades; if they are damaged, they should be replaced instead of sharpened. 

4. Check Tire Pressure 

Checking tire pressure is critical to keeping your Craftsman DYS 4500 running smoothly over uneven terrain and avoiding premature wear on tire treads.

Keep tires inflated at 8 psi on hard surfaces and 15 psi off-road or over rough terrain for optimal performance and longevity of the tires themselves. 

5. Check Battery Life Frequently 

Checking battery life frequently ensures you won’t get stranded without power when you need it most!

If you notice any corrosion building up around battery terminals or cables, scrape it off as soon as possible with a brush or wire brush to prevent damage from occurring.

Also, check the battery’s charge level regularly and ensure it is connected to a charger when not used. If the battery is not holding a charge, it may be time to replace it.

6. Lubricate the moving parts

Regularly lubricate the moving parts of your Craftsman DYS 4500, including the steering, linkages, and control levers, to ensure smooth operation and prevent rust.

7. Store the mower properly

When not in use, store your Craftsman DYS 4500 in a dry, covered area to protect it from the elements.

If the mower will be stored for an extended period, remove the battery and disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starting.

With regular maintenance and troubleshooting, your Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor should last many years without significant issues arising from everyday use.

Craftsman DYS 4500 Price

The price of the Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor has remained relatively stable over the years. However, it is essential to note that prices may vary based on factors such as inflationsupply and demand, and location.

The Craftsman DYS 4500 was first released in 2006, sporting an MSRP of $2,800. Nowadays, the Craftsman DYS 4500 lawn tractor has a price range of around $1,500 to $2,000, depending on the dealer and location.

As a mid-range lawn tractor, the DYS 4500 has always been positioned as a value-for-money option, offering a good balance of features and performance at a reasonable price.

The model is known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice among homeowners looking for a lawn tractor to tackle outdoor tasks.

Check with your local dealers online or in-store to get an accurate idea of the Craftsman DYS 4500’s current price.

Craftsman DYS 4500 Specs

Let’s take a deep look at the specs of the Craftsman DYS 4500:

Craftsman DYS 4500 Production

Distributor Craftsman (a part of Sears)
Manufacturer AYP
Lawn tractor

Craftsman DYS 4500 Engine specs

Kohler SV735 gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled
Displacement 725 cc

44.24 ci

Power (gross) 26 hp

19.4 kW

Air cleaner dual paper elements
Starter electric
Starter volts 12

Craftsman DYS 4500 Mechanical specs

Two-wheel drive
Steering manual sector and pinion
Mechanical disc brakes

Craftsman DYS 4500 Transmission specs

Type belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears infinite forward and reverse

Craftsman DYS 4500 Electrical specs

Ground negative
Battery volts 12

Craftsman DYS 4500 Dimensions

Weight 561 lbs

254 kg

Craftsman DYS 4500 Tires specs

Lawn/turf front 15x6x6
Lawn/turf rear 20x10x8

Craftsman DYS 4500 Attachments

Let’s look into the Craftsman DYS 4500 attachments.

Craftsman DYS 450 Mower Deck specs

Type mid-mount Craftsman
  3-blade with manual lift
Cutting width 54 inches

137 cm

Cut height 1.5 to 4 inch

3 to 10 cm

Cut positions 6


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