Kubota L4150: Review, Problems, Price, Specs & Attachments

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Are you looking for an efficient, versatile, and durable tractor? The Kubota L4150 could be the perfect machine for you.

This compact utility tractor has been designed to handle medium-duty construction applications with great care and precision.

With impressive power output and a large selection of available attachments, the L4150 is one of the most popular models in Kubota’s line-up.

We know that when it comes to investments such as this one, doing your own research can be quite overwhelming, which is precisely why our comprehensive guide encompasses all the important info.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at its features, price tag, operating specs, as well as all available attachments – so you can make an informed buying decision!

Kubota L4150 Review

The Kubota L4150 is an all-purpose tractor that offers impressive performance, versatility, and value. With a four-cylinder diesel engine rated at 50 horsepower and a hydrostatic transmission, the Kubota L4150 delivers plenty of power for nearly any task.

The 3-point hitch system provides excellent lift capacity for pulling heavier loads and attachments, and the tight turning radius allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

The cab is comfortable for long days in the field, with a two-post design offering excellent visibility.

With its durable construction and reliable engine, the Kubota L4150 is an ideal choice for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural professionals who need a dependable, all-purpose tractor.

With exceptional performance, comfort, and value, the Kubota L4150 is an excellent choice for any job.

8-Speed Transmission

The Kubota L4150 is equipped with an 8-speed transmission, giving you the power and control to take on numerous tasks. The transmission features three ranges – low, medium, and high – allowing you to choose the right speed for your job.

With its smooth-shifting capabilities, you can tackle tough jobs without worrying about jarring shifts.

In addition, the transmission has a “creep” mode, which allows you to move forward easily at very low speeds – ideal for delicate operations such as tree trimming or light bush-hogging.

This feature is especially helpful when operating in tight spaces, such as barns and greenhouses.

The Kubota L4150 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful tractor to tackle a variety of tasks on their property. With its 8-speed transmission and creep mode, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Whether mowing large fields or tending to intricate landscaping details, this model has the power and control you need to get the job done.

Mechanical Wet Disc Brakes

The Kubota L4150 tractor is equipped with highly durable and reliable mechanical wet disc brakes.

This system provides superior stopping power, allowing the driver to quickly stop the machine in emergency situations without fail.

The mechanical wet disc brakes are also designed for maximum long-term performance and durability,  so you can count on them for years to come.

The wet disc brakes are also self-adjusting, so they don’t require manual adjustments. This helps keep maintenance and downtime at a minimum.

No matter your application, the Kubota L4150 tractor is sure to provide superior performance with its reliable mechanical wet disc brakes.

Open-Center Hydraulics

The Kubota L4150 comes equipped with open-center hydraulics that delivers a smooth, powerful oil flow.

This feature makes it easier to control the tractor and its attachments. The open center design helps reduce pressure drops and improve the efficiency of hydraulic operations, which in turn helps boost productivity.

Not only is it more efficient but also more cost-effective, as it reduces the amount of fuel used. Furthermore, open-center hydraulics ensure that more oil flows through the system and improves the cooling ability of hydraulic components. This helps extend these components’ life span and the tractor’s overall durability.

Power Steering

The Kubota L4150 is equipped with power steering, making it easier to maneuver around tight spaces and rugged terrain.

The power steering system uses hydraulic pressure to help you turn the wheels with less effort.

It also helps reduce fatigue while driving on long journeys; you’ll be able to keep your hands in place while still having precise control over the tractor’s direction.

This is especially useful when doing tasks such as tilling, plowing, and baling. Power steering can also help you save fuel and reduce emissions since it takes less effort to steer the tractor, lowering your overall operating costs.

With its convenient power steering system, the Kubota L4150 makes every job easier and more efficient.


The Kubota L4150 is powered by an impressive liquid-cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine. This engine has a displacement of 11.4 liters and produces 50 horsepower at 2600 RPMs.

It operates on a direct injection fuel system, providing optimal power delivery and improved efficiency. The engine also features a full authority electronic governor system, ensuring smooth and consistent engine operation.

This engine provides excellent fuel economy and is both clean-running and reliable. It also meets or exceeds Tier 4 emissions regulations, meaning it produces fewer pollutants than other engines of similar power output.

All in all, the Kubota L4150’s engine offers an unbeatable combination of power and reliability.

Kubota L4150 Problems

It is always recommended to look into the possible issues regarding the tractor model you’re interested in so you know exactly what to expect and how to access a problematic situation.

The Engine Won’t Start

One of the most common issues encountered with the Kubota L4150 is that the engine won’t start.

This can be caused by several problems, including fuel or spark-related issues, the air in the fuel line, a clogged fuel filter, bad battery connections or weak batteries, or even a faulty starter motor.

To help identify and resolve the issue, first, check the fuel level and ensure there is enough fuel to run the engine.

Then inspect the spark plugs and ignition wiring for any signs of wear or damage. If no problems are found, it’s best to remove the air filter and look inside for particles that can block airflow and starve the engine of oxygen.

Lastly, check the battery connections for loose or corroded terminals, and replace any weak or dead batteries.

If all of these steps don’t solve the problem, a professional may need to inspect the fuel system and starter motor.

Brake Disc Issues

The Kubota L4150 is a reliable tractor, but some users report an ongoing issue with its brake discs.

A worn-out disc can lead to dangerous situations and be costly to repair. It is recommended to regularly inspect the brake discs for any signs of wear and tear. If wear is found, it should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.

To ensure that your Kubota L4150 tractor remains safe and reliable, it is necessary to take regular care of its brake discs.

This can include reviewing the disc’s condition on a regular basis, replacing worn-out discs, and replacing missing or damaged components.

Doing so will help you avoid costly repairs in the future, as well as potentially dangerous situations. Taking good care of your Kubota L4150 and all its components is essential if you want to enjoy a reliable performance for years to come.

The Shifter Lever Gets Stuck

The Kubota L4150 has a recurring issue where the shifter lever becomes stuck or difficult to move. This can happen due to faulty design and material choices, but usually, the main reason is general wear and tear.

As you shift gears, the lever can get worn down in one spot and become stuck when switching back.

It’s often possible to force the lever out of stuck positions, but this can damage the shifter mechanism long-term.

To properly address this issue, it’s best to replace the entire shifter assembly or contact a qualified mechanic for repairs and maintenance.

Additionally, regularly check for worn-down spots on the lever and ensure all components are in good condition.

Kubota L4150 Price

The production of the Kubota L4150 utility tractor started in 1984 as a part of the Kubota L series, and it lasted until 1990.

A used Kubota L4150 in good condition can be found for around $450, depending on the production year and its overall state.

Kubota L4150 Specs

In the following tables, we will highlight the most critical specifications of the Kubota L4150 utility tractor, including its engine, transmission, and attachments.

Kubota L4150 Engine Specs

Kubota F2302-D1-2
Displacement: 142 ci

2.3 L

Bore/Stroke: 3.3×3.2 inches

84 x 81 mm

Power: 50 hp

37.3 kW

Air cleaner: dual dry elements
Rated RPM: 2600
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 12 qts

11.4 L

Coolant capacity: 8 qts

7.6 L

Kubota L4150 Transmission Specs

Type: partially synchronized
Gears: 8 forward and reverse
Clutch: Single dry plate
Oil capacity: 42.4 qts

40.1 L

Kubota L4150 Dimensions

Kubota L4150 Tires
Ag front: 6.50-16 (2WD)
9.5-20 (4WD)
Ag rear: 14.9-28
Ag front: 8.3-20 (4WD)
Ag rear: 16.9-24
18.4-16.1 (2WD)
13.6-28 (4WD)
Lawn/turf rear: 18.4-16.1 (2WD)
Industrial front: 9.00-10 (2WD)


Wheelbase: 76.4 inches

194 cm

Length: 129.5 inches

328 cm

Width: 68 inches

172 cm

Height (steering wheel): 62.2 inches

157 cm

2WD Weight: 3750 lbs

1701 kg

4WD Weight: 4080 lbs

1850 kg

2WD Ground clearance: 13.6 inches

34 cm

4WD Ground clearance: 14.4 inches

36 cm

2WD Front tread: 48 to 72 inches

121 to 182 cm

4WD Front tread: 56 inches

142 cm

Rear tread: 52 to 76 inches

132 to 193 cm

Kubota L4150 attachment overview

The Kubota L4150 features two extremely useful attachments: the front-end loader and the backhoe.

Kubota BF900 Loader

Height (to pin): 111.4 inches

282 cm

Clearance, dumped bucket: 86.8 inches

220 cm

Dump reach: 29.9 inches

75 cm

Dump angle: 40°
Reach at ground: 69.7 inches

177 cm

Rollback angle: 27°
Breakout force (lift): 3068 lbs

1391 kg

Lift to full height (at pin): 1985 lbs

900 kg

Bucket width: 70 inches

177 cm

Kubota L4540 Backhoe

Backhoe type: Kubota L4540 Backhoe
Bucket width: 13 inches

33 cm

18 inches

45 cm

24 inches

60 cm

30 inches

76 cm

Digging depth: 123 inches

312 cm

Reach from pivot: 167 inches

424 cm

Bucket force: 3,980 lbs

1805 kg

Dipperstick force: 1,675 lbs

759 kg


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