The Craftsman GT5000 is an excellent choice for a high-performance lawn mower with plenty of features designed to make yard work easier.

Its robust 25HP engineadjustable mowing deck heightcomfortable adjustable seat with armrests and ergonomic steering wheel, tight turning radius, and additional accessories like headlights and cup holders – not to mention its price history – this machine truly stands out among its peers!

But like any machine, it can have issues, such as wear and tear on the blades over time. Fortunately, the Craftsman has created a variety of attachments to make maintenance more effortless than ever.

This blog post will cover the Craftsman GT5000’s featuresspecs, most common problemsprice history, and related attachments.

Craftsman GT5000 Review

The Craftsman GT5000 is one of the top-of-the-line lawnmowers available today.

It has a powerful engine and an impressive array of features that make it ideal for homeowners looking to take their lawn care game to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those features and what makes them so unique. 

1. The Engine 

The Craftsman GT5000 comes with a 25 horsepower Kohler 721cc 2-cyl gasoline engine, making it one of the most powerful lawnmowers on the market.

This engine can tackle even the most challenging jobs and provides reliable performance.

The engine also features a convenient electric start button and an advanced air filtration system that reduces maintenance costs and keeps your lawn mower running smoothly for years to come. 

The hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth, easy operation while reducing strain on your arms and legs.

2. Mulching Capability 

The Craftsman GT5000 also boasts an impressive mulching capability.

Not only can it turn grass clippings into finely ground mulch, but it can also mulch leaves and other debris, making it ideal for larger yards that require more intensive maintenance.

Additionally, its unique dual-blade cutting system allows you to easily switch between side discharge and mulching modes with a switch flip.  

3. Time-Saving Features 

This lawn mower also comes with several time-saving features that make it easier to keep your lawn looking its best.

The adjustable mowing deck can be raised or lowered to accommodate different cutting heights, from 1.5 to 4 inches.

It allows you to customize your mowing experience for different grasses and terrain. At the same time, its automatic choke system relieves you from manually adjusting the choke each time you start up your mower.

Additionally, its zero-turn radius makes tight turns easy, allowing you to get around obstacles quickly without sacrificing precision or control. 

4. Additional Accessories

Moreover, the Craftsman GT5000 comes with additional accessories such as an adjustable seat with armrests for added comfort and support, headlights for working at night or in low light conditions, and a cup holder for refreshments while working outdoors in hot weather.

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic steering wheel that can be adjusted to comfortably fit any size of hand.

Finally, it also has cruise control capabilities to help you stay on course during long days of mowing the lawn. 

Craftsman GT5000 Problems

Over the years, the Craftsman GT5000 has become one of its class’s most popular lawn tractors.

It’s powerfulreliable, and easy to use. But like any machine, it can run into problems from time to time.

This blog post will discuss the most common problems with the Craftsman GT5000 and how to fix them.

1. The Engine Won’t Start

One of the most common issues with Craftsman GT5000 is an engine that won’t start.

Several issues, such as a dead battery or a clogged fuel filter, can cause this.

To resolve this issue, check the battery and ensure it is charged up. If not, charge it up or replace it if necessary.

If that doesn’t work, check the fuel filter for any blockages or debris preventing fuel from getting to the engine. 

2. Bad Spark Plug

Another common problem is a bad spark plug that can prevent your engine from starting.

To diagnose this issue, you must remove the spark plug and inspect it for signs of wear or damage.

If you find any problems, you must replace the spark plug before trying again. 

3. Faulty Ignition Coil

A faulty ignition coil is another potential cause for an engine that won’t start on your Craftsman GT5000 tractor.

To diagnose this issue, you will need to check for voltage at both ignition coil terminals using a multimeter set to ohms mode.

If there is no voltage present, you will need to replace your ignition coil before trying again. 

4. Clogged Carburetor

A clogged carburetor can also cause issues with starting your engine on your Craftsman GT5000 tractor, as well as causing performance issues when running at high speeds.

To clean out your carburetor, remove it from the engine and clean out any debris that may have built up inside using compressed air or carburetor cleaner spray if necessary.

Once done, reinstall it and try starting again! 

5. Mower Deck Not Engaging

Another common issue with Craftsman GT5000 tractors is when the mower deck does not engage when attempting to cut grass.

This is usually caused by worn-out belts or dirty pulleys on the mower deck itself, preventing proper engagement when attempting to cut grass with your tractor-mower deck attachment.

To fix this issue, inspect all belts and pulleys for signs of wear or damage, then replace any parts found to be worn out or damaged before attempting again! 

6. Worn Out Blades

Another common issue with Craftsman GT5000 tractors is when the blades become worn out and need replacing.

To check if the blades are worn out, use a ruler to measure the length of the blade and compare it to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If the blade is too short, it’s time to replace it with a new one before cutting grass again! 

7. Leaking Oil

Leaking oil is a common issue with Craftsman GT5000 tractors and can cause significant damage if not addressed.

The first step is to identify the leak’s source and stop it as soon as possible. Common causes are worn-out sealsloose bolts or pipes, or broken gaskets.

Once the source of the leak has been identified, it will need to be replaced before using your Craftsman GT5000 tractor again. 

8. Overheating

Overheating can be a severe issue with Craftsman GT5000 tractors, as it can cause major damage to the engine if not addressed quickly.

To diagnose this issue, check the spark plug and oil filter for any signs of build-up or debris preventing proper cooling. If either is clogged or dirty, it will need to be replaced before attempting again.

You should also check the fan belt and ensure it is not too loose or tight, as this can cause overheating.

If all of these steps are taken, and the problem persists, it may be time to take your Craftsman GT5000 tractor in for a professional inspection and repair. 

The above are just some of the most common issues with Craftsman GT5000 tractors that owners may face from time to time while operating their machines, but they aren’t all-inclusive!

There could be many other potential causes for problems, so if these tips don’t help, you may want to consider taking your tractor to a certified repair shop to get professional help diagnosing and repairing whatever underlying issue(s) might be causing problems with your machine!

Craftsman GT5000 Maintenance

The Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor is a reliable machine that can make short work of yard work.

It’s essential to take the time to properly maintain your GT5000 so you can get the most out of it for many years.

Here are six tips for taking care of your Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor. 

1. Regular Preventative Maintenance 

It’s important to regularly check and change the oil in your engine, clean or replace air filters, and check other fluid levels.

Regular maintenance will ensure that all parts are running smoothly and efficiently. Check the owner’s manual for recommended intervals for these activities. 

2. Check the Battery Voltage 

fully charged battery should read 12 volts or higher if disconnected from the mower.

Suppose it reads lower than 12 volts, charge or replace it as needed. Improper voltage may cause problems with starting your mower, so it’s important to keep an eye on this part of your maintenance routine.  

3. Check Tire Pressure & Wear 

Keep an eye on tire pressure to operate your mower at its peak performance level safely.

In addition, be sure to inspect tires for any signs of wear and tear that could pose a hazard while operating the mower, such as bald spots or cracking in the rubber surface.

Replace tires as necessary, so they don’t become a safety issue while cutting grass or performing other tasks with the mower. 

4. Clean Blades & Deck 

One of the most overlooked tasks when performing maintenance on a garden tractor is cleaning blades and deck after each use.

This can help prevent rustingcorrosion, and other damage caused by debris build-up.

Cleaning blades also ensure that they are sharp enough for optimal performance when cutting grass, thus helping you get maximum efficiency out of your machine every time you use it!                 

5. Check Hydraulic Fluid Levels 

Checking hydraulic fluid levels should be done regularly to maintain proper operation of all moving parts on your Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor.

Low hydraulic fluid levels can lead to poor performance and may even cause damage to internal components if left unchecked over time.

Be sure to top off fluids according to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid costly repairs down the line!  

6. Grease Moving Parts Once Per Year 

It’s essential to keep moving parts well-greased to prevent excess friction between them which can lead to premature wear-and-tear or component failure.

Greasing moving parts at least once yearly will ensure optimal performance from all components throughout their lifetime! 

Taking care of your Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor doesn’t have to be complicated – follow these steps now and then, and you’ll be able to enjoy smooth operation from your trusty machine for years down the line!

Whether cutting grass around the home or tackling bigger projects around town, regular maintenance will help ensure peak performance from start to finish every time you fire up that motor!

Craftsman GT5000 Price

The Craftsman GT5000 has been around for over a decade, but recent price drops make this iconic lawnmower even more attractive.

The Craftsman GT 5000 was introduced in 2003 at $2199 (MSRP).

Since then, its price has dropped as newer models have been released, and competition from other brands has increased.

Currently, you can find it for around $1500 – $1800, depending on where you shop online or offline. This makes it one of the most affordable riding mowers today! 

Its premium features, like the electric starter and durable frame, make it easy to maintain, so investing in a Craftsman GT5000 at its current price could be one of the most cost-effective lawn care decisions you can make.

Craftsman GT5000 Specs

Let’s take a deep look at the specs of the Craftsman GT5000:

Craftsman GT5000 Production

Distributor Craftsman (a part of Sears)
Manufacturer AYP
Type Garden tractor

Craftsman GT5000 Engine specs

Kohler CV730 gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled vertical-shaft
Displacement 721 cc

44 ci

Bore/Stroke 3.3×2.6 inches

84 x 66 mm

Power (gross) 25 hp

18.6 kW

Air cleaner paper
Rated RPM 3600
Starter electric
Starter volts 12
Sparkplug Champion RC12YC
Sparkplug gap 0.030 inches

0.762 mm

Oil capacity 2 qts

1.9 L

Craftsman GT5000 Mechanical specs

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering manual
Cab Open operator station

Craftsman GT5000 Transmission specs

Transmission Hydro Gear 331-3000
Type belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears infinite forward and reverse

Craftsman GT5000 Electrical specs

Ground negative
Charging amps 15
Battery CCA 280
Battery volts 12
Battery AH 35
Battery Group U1R

Craftsman GT5000 Power Take-Off (PTO) specs

Mid PTO independent
Clutch electric

Craftsman GT5000 Dimensions

Weight 580 lbs

263 kg

Craftsman GT5000 Tires specs

Lawn/turf front 16×6.5-8
Lawn/turf rear 23×10.5-12

Craftsman GT5000 Attachments

Let’s look into the Craftsman GT5000 attachments.

Craftsman GT5000 Mower deck specs

Type mid-mount Craftsman
  3-blade with manual lift
Cutting width 48 inches

121 cm

Cut height 1.5 to 4.5 inch

3 to 11 cm

Craftsman GT5000 Blade specs

Type: front-mount Craftsman
Width: 48 inches width

121 cm


Craftsman GTG5000 Snow blower specs

Type: front-mount Craftsman
Width: 46 inches width

116 cm



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