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The Craftsman YS4500 is one of the most popular riding lawnmowers on the market thanks to its reliable engine, adjustable speed options, and comfortable seating design, all at an attractive price point.

Whether you’re looking for something for your backyard or a commercial property, this model will help you get the job done efficiently and effectively!

With its various features and reasonable price point over time, there’s no doubt why the Craftsman YS4500 remains one of today’s top choices when searching for a quality riding lawn mower!

But as with any machine, it can experience issues over time.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the features of this powerful yet affordable machine, its price history, and also its most common problems, as well as how to fix them.

Craftsman YS4500 Review

The Craftsman YS4500 is ideal for a powerful yet affordable riding lawn mower that can handle large areas easily and comfortably.

It offers plenty of features designed to make mowing easier, such as headlightscruise controlelectric start, and adjustable cut heights, along with ergonomic handles and comfortable seating options so you can get the job done quickly without straining your body too much.

Let’s explore what makes this mower a great purchase and why it has become so popular. 

1. Engine Power and Performance 

The Craftsman YS4500 is a powerful riding lawn mower with plenty of features that make it stand out from other models on the market.

To start, it comes with an impressive 22-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine, allowing you to cut through thick grass without any issues easily. 

The motor is designed to provide consistent power output regardless of terrain or obstacles. It also comes with an automatic transmission which allows for smooth gear shifting and reliable performance on any terrain.  

2. Hydrostatic Transmission

The Craftsman YS4500 also features a hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to adjust the speed and power directed to the wheels.

This makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles and provides greater control while operating the mower at higher speeds.

3. Speed Adjustment

The Craftsman YS4500 also has an adjustable speed feature, allowing you to adjust the mower choices that come in 6-speed and 8-speed models, depending on the user’s preference.

Once the speed is adjusted, the mower can reach up to 5 miles per hour forward and 2.5 mph reverse. This provides plenty of power and flexibility when cutting grass on even terrain or navigating around obstacles.

4. Cutting Quality and Comfort Features 

This mower has a 42-inch cutting deck which lets you cover more ground in less time, making it perfect for larger yards or commercial properties.

And if that wasn’t enough, this mower also comes with an optional mulching kit  for easy cleanup after every job.  

The Craftsman YS4500 also features a comfortable seatan adjustable steering wheel, and a wide variety of speed options, allowing you to customize your ride experience according to your needs.

The mowing deck is adjustable from 1 inch to 4 inches, allowing you to customize your cutting heights depending on your needs. 

5. Additional Features

The Craftsman YS4500 has several other features that make it even more versatile and user-friendly.

These include a cup holder, electric start, and an integrated mulching system which helps to break down clippings into finer pieces that are easier to dispose of or use as compost material.

It also includes an anti-scalp wheel which prevents any damage to your lawn while mowing over uneven patches of grass or small bumps.

Furthermore, this model comes with front and rear headlights and cruise control—so you can get through those long days of mowing without sacrificing visibility or comfort.

Craftsman YS4500 Problems

The Craftsman YS4500 riding lawnmowers are incredibly reliable equipment—but even machines will run into issues from time to time!

In this part, we will discuss the most common issues owners face along with step-by-step instructions on troubleshooting each problem yourself at home, so you don’t have to take it into a shop whenever something goes wrong!

1. Loss of Power

Different factors, including a clogged air filter or worn spark plugs and wires, can cause this.

To resolve the issue, replace your air filterclean your engine’s cooling fins, and check the spark plug and wires for wear and tear.

If they are worn or damaged, replace them immediately. 

2. Difficulty Starting

This is usually caused by a weak battery or an incorrect fuel-to-air ratio in the engine.

Ensure your battery is adequately charged before attempting to start the mower again; if it is low on power, try charging it overnight before trying again in the morning. 

If that doesn’t work, inspect your fuel line for any cracks or blockages that could be causing the issue. 

3. Alarm Sounding from Seat Sensor

The seat sensor will alarm if you stand up while operating the mower; this is a safety feature to ensure that you remain seated.

To disable it, locate the switch underneath your seat and turn it off; remember to turn it back on when you mow! 

4. Brake Issues

If your brakes are not functioning properly (or at all), there may be an issue with either your brake lines or brake pads/shoes being worn out.

Inspect both components for signs of wear and tear; if they appear worn out or damaged, replace them immediately to keep yourself safe while operating your mower. 

5. Clutch Issues

If you feel resistance when trying to shift gears on your mower’s clutch system, there may be an issue with either the clutch cable or its linkage system being worn out or damaged. 

To resolve the issue, inspect both components for signs of wear and tear; if they appear worn out or damaged, replace them immediately. 

6. Engine Overheating

A clogged air filter, low oil level, faulty spark plug, or a dirty cooling system usually cause this.

To resolve the issue, clean the air filter and check your oil level. Also, inspect your spark plugs and wires for wear and tear. If they are worn or damaged, replace them immediately.

Finally, make sure your cooling system is free of any debris that may be blocking airflow.

7. Wobbling Tires

Wobbling tires can be caused by anything from a bent axle to loose lug nuts holding on your wheels; inspect both components for signs of wear and tear and tighten/replace them accordingly if needed. 

Additionally, ensure all four tires are inflated correctly for optimal performance and safety while using your craftsman’s ys4500 riding mower.  

8. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can range from bad connections between wires to faulty switches being tripped due to age-related wear and tear on their parts.

Check all electrical connections between wire harnesses before inspecting each switch one by one until you find which one is causing trouble to repair it accordingly.  

9. Clogged Deck Chute & Discharge Tubing

This is usually caused by grass clippings stuck in narrow spaces inside these components due to their small openings.

Use compressed air or wire brushes along with special cleaners designed specifically for cleaning these parts to safely remove any debris without damaging these components. 

10. Battery Not Holding a Charge

A battery not holding a charge is usually caused by a faulty alternator or overcharging.

To resolve the issue, check and replace worn-out parts in your charging system. Additionally, make sure you are not overcharging your battery, as this can reduce its lifespan.

These are just some common issues Craftsman YS4500 owners face. With the proper knowledge, you can fix most issues yourself at home and keep your mower running like new!

Remember to refer to your owner’s manual for more detailed instructions and contact your local Craftsman service center if the issue persists.

Craftsman YS4500 Price

Are you in the market looking for a new riding mower? If so, consider the Craftsman YS4500.

This mower is an excellent choice for those who need to maintain large areas of grass, trees, and shrubs. It’s reliablepowerful, and has plenty of features that make it well worth its price tag.

The Craftsman YS4500 is an iconic lawn tractor model that consumers have consistently sought-after for decades.

Fans swear by its impressive power and reliability, making it popular for commercial lawn care professionals and home gardeners.

Its popularity has meant that the price of the craftsman ys4500 has seen significant fluctuations over the years.

When this model was first released in 2005, it was priced at $2199; however, over time, its price dropped significantly, and today you can find it for around $1500, depending on where you shop.

This price drop has made this model even more attractive to prospective buyers looking for an affordable yet reliable option when shopping for a riding mower.

So if you’re looking for a reliable machine that won’t break your budget but will still provide great performance year after year, look no further than the Craftsman YS4500 riding lawn mower!

Craftsman YS4500 Specs

Let’s take a deep look at the specs of the craftsman ys4500:

Craftsman YS4500 Production

Distributor: Craftsman (a part of Sears)
Manufacturer: AYP
Type: Lawn tractor

Craftsman YS4500 Engine specs

Briggs & Stratton 441777 gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled
Displacement: 724 cc

44.18 ci

Bore/Stroke: 3.3×2.6 inches

84 x 66 mm

Power (gross): 22 hp

16.4 kW

Air cleaner: paper cartridge
Starter: electric
Starter volts: 12
Sparkplug: Champion QC12YC
Sparkplug gap: 0.030 inches

0.762 mm

Oil capacity: 2 qts

1.9 L

Craftsman YS4500 Mechanical specs

Chassis: 4×2 2WD
Steering: manual
Cab: Open operator station.
Transmission: hydrostatic

Craftsman YS4500 Transmission specs

Transmission: Hydro Gear 351-0510
Type: hydrostatic
Gears: infinite forward and reverse

Craftsman YS4500 Electrical specs

Ground: negative
Charging amps: 3 (battery)
  5 (headlights)

Craftsman YS4500 Battery specs

Number: 1
Cold-cranking amps: 230
Volts: 12
Amp-hours: 35
Group: U1R

Craftsman YS4500 Attachments

Let’s look into the craftsman ys4500 attachments.

Craftsman YS4500 Mower deck

Type: mid-mount Craftsman
  2-blade with manual lift
Cutting width: 42 inches

106 cm

Belt: AYP 197253


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