7 Most Common John Deere RSX 850i Problems & Solutions

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John Deere gained a larger market share with their innovative Gator family. Because of its versatility, efficiency, and speed, the John Deere RSX 850i has piqued the interest of pickup truck enthusiasts. The RSX 850i, as an all-terrain vehicle, has raised the bar for this class of vehicle to new heights.

Despite all its unique features, some users are complaining about issues with this vehicle. These issues usually involve battery problems, engine starting failures, steering difficulty, and hydraulic system malfunctions.

If you want more insight into the most common John Deere RSX 850i problems, we will dive deeper into their cause and treatment. So, read on to become more knowledgeable.

The Most Common Problems with John Deere RSX 850i

The way the John Deere RSX 850i is designed makes it more suitable for both work and recreational purposes.

Despite being better equipped to conquer tough desert sites without jeopardizing your comfort or safety, the presence of some manageable issues won’t ruin your experience.

1. Inability to start the engine

This issue is found in this model and other John Deere UTVs, such as the Gator 835M. It would help if you started by inspecting the air filter.

This important yet often ignored part is responsible for letting clean and debris-free air into the engine, which is necessary for fuel combustion. This filter needs to be replaced when plugged in with fuel deposits. Otherwise, the engine won’t work correctly.

Then, it would help if you inspected your Gator’s spark plug; it could be damaged or filled with buildup. Additionally, there could be a possibility of its wires not being connected properly.

To spare yourself the trouble of cleaning and reattaching the wires, you should get a brand-new plug.

2. The battery won’t work

The battery is a major part of the body of the John Deere RSX 850i. It contributes to the proper starting and functioning of your gator.

When the battery malfunctions, it could be only a matter of charging. So, start by giving it a proper charge, especially if your UTV has been stored for a while.

Also, inspecting the battery’s terminals and wires won’t hurt. These could be rusted or in need of some greasiness. Cleaning and lubricating these connections may get your battery going.

The last resort will be getting a new battery if all the mentioned fixes do not work.

3. Engine stalls

One of the most annoying John Deere RSX 850i problems is when the engine starts quickly and begins to stall. This issue is usually associated with unusual noises from the engine. This is an indication of decreased engine power. 

The first place to look is at the fuel tank. It could be running out of gasoline or containing a highly viscous fuel. Lower fuel levels should be refilled to the right height.

Another important yet forgotten component that causes engine stalling is the fuel injector. A plugged injector won’t let any fuel reach its insides. You won’t need to replace the injector just yet.

Cleaning is a valid option in this case. You can even find commercial cleaners that make unclogging this component pretty easy.

4. Overheating problems

At first, you might feel it is a dangerous problem. When you notice overheating smoke coming from the side of your engine, you may believe it is time to replace it.

This could be a straightforward problem to deal with when it first happens. However, if neglected, you will need a new engine. Usually, overheating in a John Deere RSX 850i could be related to the oil or the radiator.

Keep an eye on the oil levels, as a sudden drop can lead to overheating. If you have been on the road for quite some time, it is mandatory to check these levels. Refilling the oil to the proper levels helps avoid sudden overheating.

As for the radiator, you should always ensure the tightening of its cap every time you use it. Keep the coolant levels intact as well.

Additionally, please make sure the radiator itself is clean. When the dirt or fuel deposit builds up all over the radiator, this can lead to overheating. Radiator servicing is simple and quick. Also, it is necessary to avoid serious problems.

5. Grinding sounds coming from the brakes

Despite having versatile brake sensors, they are susceptible to casual wear and tear. So, hearing your brakes squeak or grind can be a result of worn sensors or damaged pads. 

In the case of damaged brake pads, they will start grinding against the rotor. Ideally, flawless pads are supposed to glide smoothly on the rotor. As a result, if any of these components are worn or torn, they should be replaced.

6. Driveline belt problems

You might not know the importance of the driveline. It is, however, an essential part of operating your gator. Its role is to transmit the engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels.

Like any other mechanical belt, this belt could lose tension or get torn. Any malfunction in this belt affects the rest of the machine. For instance, a loose belt can get trapped in other components.

You will hear squealing noises whenever there is an issue with the driveline belt. The best action is to bring the vehicle to an authorized technician who can diagnose and fix the problem. Usually, the gator would need to be disassembled.

7. Headlights are no longer working

Despite being an easy issue, poor headlights are considered one of the most disturbing John Deere RSX 850i problems. They are important to use when driving in the dark.

If you notice some weakness or absence in your headlights, you should start by inspecting the bulbs. They could be broken and need a complete replacement.

If they are in good shape, they must have burned fuses or faulty connectors. A burnt connector or fuse may look damaged and have a black color. So, you will need new replacements and reconnect them inside the bulbs.

John Deere RSX 850i problems: Are they a deal breaker?

No, none of the thoroughly discussed issues are deal breakers. They are common in many other UTVs. However, this John Deere model’s specs and advantages top those of any similar vehicle.

The John Deere RSX 850i has a rear multi-link suspension and an air-cooled system. Also, the vehicle features a ground clearance of nearly 25 cm. All these features and more put it way ahead of its competitors.

If you take good care of this vehicle, it will run thousands of kilometers without problems. Just keep an eye on the levels of all the fluids inside it. Also, ensure the vehicle has proper air levels without air leakage.

Lastly, you should pay attention to any squealing, squeaking, or grinding sounds. Each of those sounds can indicate a problem in a different part.

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