Craftsman YT4000: Review, Price, Specs & Attachments

The Craftsman YT4000 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable riding mower that offers plenty of power and comfort while still being easy to maintain over time.

Its impressive 24-horsepower engine provides enough power to handle thick grass and rugged terrain easily, while its comfortable design ensures you can stay comfortable throughout even long mowing sessions.

Furthermore, its easy maintenance features, like electric start, help reduce wear and tear on the engine while ensuring optimal performance at all times – making this one of the smartest choices when choosing a riding mower!

But like any machine, it is not without its flaws. This blog post will show the various parts and featuresprice, and the most common problems associated with owning and using a craftsman yt4000.

Craftsman YT4000 Review

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If you’re looking for a lawn tractor with plenty of features, you should look at the Craftsman YT4000. 

This lawn tractor has been around since 2009 and is still in production today. It comprises various features, including a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, an automatic transmission, and an electric PTO clutch.

Let’s discuss the various parts and features that make the Craftsman YT4000 stand out from the competition. 

Engine Power and Efficiency 

The Craftsman YT4000 is powered by a 24-hp Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that delivers plenty of power for most residential mowing applications.

This power enables you to tackle tough terrain and thick grass easily. The engine also has an oil filter to ensure your oil stays clean, which extends engine life and helps keep maintenance costs down.

Plus, the fuel tank holds up to 5 gallons, so you can mow longer without having to refill the tank more often. Plus, it has a top speed of 5.5 mph, so you can get the job done faster.

 1. Automatic Transmission and Electric Clutch 

The Craftsman YT4000 has an automatic transmission that allows you to move forward or reverse with the press of a pedal.

This eliminates the need for shifting gears while mowing, making it easier and faster to quickly get through your yard work.

Additionally, the electric PTO clutch makes it easy to engage or disengage blades without getting off the tractor or using any tools.

This feature is beneficial if you need to stop mowing and start other tasks like hauling or tilling soil quickly.

2. Durability 

The Craftsman YT4000 is built tough with heavy-duty components like steel rims, reinforced frame rails, and reinforced seat bracket mounts that help ensure years of reliable service.

The deck also includes two anti-scalp wheels that help reduce scalping when mowing on uneven terrain and two washout ports that make cleaning out grass clippings easy.

These features give you peace of mind knowing that your tractor will last for years and be able to handle whatever task you throw at it without breaking down prematurely.   

3. Comfortable Design 

The Craftsman YT4000 has a comfortable seat and adjustable steering column, so you can find a position that works best for your needs.

It also features ergonomic soft grip handles and a cup holder for added comfort while cutting grass.

Additionally, you can adjust the cutting height up to five inches to achieve your desired results regardless of terrain or grass type. 

4. Easy Maintenance 

This lawn mower makes maintenance easy thanks to its air filter system that ensures optimal performance at all times.

Plus, it has an automatic shutoff feature which helps reduce wear and tear on the engine by turning it off after two hours of continuous use.

In addition, its electric start feature means you don’t waste time manually starting up the engine every time you want to cut grass – simply press a button and go!

Finally, its durable construction means it will last for years of reliable service without requiring too much maintenance. 

Craftsman YT4000 Problems

The Craftsman YT400 is a great lawn tractor that has been around for over a decade.

But like all machines, some common issues will arise over time, which need addressing sooner rather than later; otherwise, these issues can cause further damage down the line, costing more money down the line.

In this part of the article, we will examine the most common problems owners of the Craftsman YT4000 have encountered over the years and provide advice on how to fix each one. 

1. Mower Deck Not Leveling Properly 

The mower deck on the Craftsman YT4000 is adjustable, so you can set it at any level you want.

However, some users have reported difficulty getting the mower deck to remain level once they’ve adjusted.

If this happens to you, check the bolts and nuts that secure the mower deck to ensure they are properly tightened.

If they are not, tighten them until they are snug before attempting further adjustments. 

2. Clutch Cable Fraying or Breaking 

The clutch cable on the Craftsman YT4000 is designed to take a lot of wear and tear over time. 

Unfortunately, many users have reported that their clutch cable has frayed or broken due to excessive use or age. 

If this happens to you, replace your clutch cable as soon as possible before further damage occurs. 

It’s also important to ensure that your clutch cable is adequately lubricated to last longer and function better.  

3. Seat Wobbling 

The seat on the Craftsman YT4000 has been known to wobble or move around while in use which can be dangerous if not addressed immediately.

To fix this issue, first, inspect all of the mounting bolts and make sure they are securely fastened in place before tightening them if necessary.

You may also need to adjust the tensioner for your seat to remain firmly planted no matter what terrain you are riding over. 

4. Ignition Problems 

Some users have reported having trouble starting their Craftsman YT4000 due to ignition problems such as faulty spark plugs or corroded wiring harnesses.

If this happens, check your spark plugs and wires for signs of wear or corrosion before replacing them if necessary.

You should also check your ignition switch for any signs of malfunctioning or damage before replacing it if needed.

This should solve most ignition-related issues with your Craftsman YT4000 lawn tractor. 

5. Blade Not Spinning Properly 

The blades on the Craftsman YT4000 are designed to spin at high speeds to get the job done quickly.

But some users have reported issues with their blades not spinning properly for various reasons, such as damaged or worn-out partsincorrect installation, or even improper maintenance.

If you encounter this issue, ensure all the blades are correctly installed and secured. If necessary, you should also check for any wear or damage before replacing the blades.  

In addition, make sure you always keep your blades lubricated for them to spin properly. 

6. Engine not starting

Some users have reported having difficulty starting their Craftsman YT4000 for various reasons, such as old or faulty spark plugscorroded wiring harnesses, or even clogged fuel filters.

If this happens to you, check all the parts mentioned above and replace them if necessary before attempting any further repairs.

You should also check your engine oil and ensure it’s at the correct level before starting the lawn mower.

This should help you get your Craftsman YT4000 up and running again in no time. 

7. Slipping Drive Belt 

A slipping drive belt can be a major problem with any lawnmower, including the Craftsman YT4000, because it affects how efficiently your engine runs and how much power it produces when operating under load conditions such as cutting grass or pulling heavy loads up hillsides, etc.

If you notice your drive belt slipping while using garden tractors, inspect it for signs of wear or damage before replacing it with a new one if necessary, so your engine performance does not suffer due to lack of power caused by a slipping drive belt issue.  

Following the above advice, you can solve most issues with your Craftsman YT4000 lawn tractor and get it running like new again.

If these don’t solve your problemconsult a professional lawnmower mechanic for further advice and assistance.  

With timely maintenance and proper care, your Craftsman YT4000 should serve you well for many years of reliable service.

Craftsman YT4000 Price

The Craftsman YT4000 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a lawn tractor with plenty of features and durability at an affordable price point. 

From its powerful Briggs & Stratton engine to its durable construction and ease-of-use features like the automatic transmission and electric PTO clutch, this model offers everything you need, from a quality garden tractor to an attractive price point. When it was first introduced in 2009, the price was around $1,865.

A decade later, its market value has come down to around $1,200, making it an even better deal for DIYers and homeowners looking for reliable yard tractors on a budget. 

So the price historically ranges between $1,500-$2,000 depending on where it was purchased from originally! 

It is easy to understand why it remains a popular choice for anyone looking for a reliable machine among the sea of yard tractors available online.

Craftsman YT4000 Specs

Let’s take a deep look at the specs of the craftsman yt4000:

Craftsman YT4000 Engine Specs

Briggs & Stratton gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled
Displacement: 724 cc

44.18 ci

Power (gross): 24 hp

17.9 kW

Air cleaner: paper element
Starter: electric
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 2 qts

1.9 L

Sparkplug: Champion QC12YC
Sparkplug gap: 0.040 inches

1.016 mm

Fuel capacity: 3 gal

11.4 L

Craftsman YT4000 Battery Specs

Number: 1
Cold-cranking amps: 230
Volts: 12
Amp-hours: 28
Group: U1R

Craftsman YT4000 Mechanical specs

Chassis: 4×2 2WD
Steering: manual sector and pinion
Brakes: disc
Cab: Open operator station with adjustable seat and cup holder.
Transmission: 6-speed gear

Craftsman YT4000 Electrical Specs

Ground: negative
Charging amps: 3 (battery)
  5 (headlights)

Craftsman YT4000 Transmission specs

Type: gear
Gears: 6 forward and 1 reverse

Craftsman YT4000 Dimensions

Weight: 506 lbs

229 kg

Craftsman YT4000 Tires specs

Weight: 506 lbs

229 kg

Front tire: 15x6x6
Rear tire: 18×9.5×8

Craftsman YT4000 Attachments

Let’s look into the craftsman yt4000 attachments.

Craftsman YT4000 Mower Deck specs

Type: mid-mount Craftsman
  2-blade with manual lift
Cutting width: 42 inches

106 cm

Cut height: 1.5 to 4 inch

3 to 10 cm

Cut positions: 6


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