8 Most Common DeWalt 20V Trimmer Problems

Dewalt 20V string trimmer is a valuable piece of equipment for cutting grass in tight spaces that a lawnmower can’t reach. The grassy areas close to plants and fences fall into this category. You can also use the tool for more efficient edge cleanup.

What are the major Dewalt 20v trimmer problems? A Dewalt 20 V battery-powered trimmer’s initial big issue is the time it takes to charge. Due to their short battery life, these trimmers require multiple charges if you have a large yard.

We’ve all used different machines, like the Dewalt 20 V trimmer, throughout our time as mower enthusiasts. Up to this point, it’s performed admirably as a string trimmer. 

Despite this, it is still just a machine. Consequently, modern society has to deal with several challenges in this area.

The Most Common Dewalt 20v Trimmer Problems

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Despite DeWalt’s widespread reputation as a reliable source for power tools like string trimmers, some customers have complained about poor quality and reliability. These customers have reported all sorts of issues with the DeWalt string trimmer.

Like many others before them, anyone with string trimmer problems has found the appropriate resource for support. This post will provide a comprehensive set of solutions guaranteed to fix the issue. 

1. Engine Won’t Start

If you’re using a DeWalt string trimmer, this is one of the most frequent problems you’ll experience. Most affected users report that their string trimmer is no longer powering on. They cannot put the device to any use because it will not power up.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can double-check. The first thing you should do is make sure the string trimmer’s batteries are fully charged. Dead batteries may be to blame if your trimmer won’t turn on. You can double-check this using a different tool or attempting a different set of batteries.

The battery charger is another component that should be examined. It could be failing to charge the batteries, preventing the trimmer from receiving any power. If you check each one and find that it is functioning normally, you may want to consider getting some professional help.

2. Uneven Cut

As you may have noted, the Dewalt 20 V string trimmer is a portable tool. Moving it requires you to hold it in place on your lawn. Therefore, if you want an even finish on your property, you must keep your hand steady.

It’s also challenging to handle for long periods, as the machine weighs roughly 8.5 lbs. Like with other mowers, the outcome is not great because of the shaky grip. Also, the burden of the head makes it challenging to move around.

3. Engine Shutting down when in use

Having your device turn off unexpectedly while using it is pretty frustrating. If you are having the same trouble with the string trimmer, I recommend checking the batteries. To put it simply, they are the trimmer’s lifeblood.

Debris near the spool may be the culprit, so ensure you inspect the area. Additionally, ensure the string trimmer’s safety guard is still in place. If that’s the case, reattach the trimmer’s safety shield.

Ultimately, you can try to shorten the maximum length of the trimmer to 13 inches (or 330 mm).

4. Engine Runs Slowly

The inability to reach full speed is another prevalent problem with these string trimmers. Instead, they move at such a snail’s pace that they can’t get the job done of thoroughly cutting or trimming the grass. 

Our first piece of advice is to pull the variable speed trigger. The trigger’s level determines how quickly the unit will move.

You should make sure the spool can spin freely without stopping. You can give cleaning it a shot, but be careful not to break anything or hurt yourself.

If the cutting lines are more than 4-13/16″ (122 MM) off the spool, they are too long and need to be shortened. If this is the case, you’ll need to make your cuts such that the material brushes the edge of the trimmer.

5. Exhaust Problems

When in use, the Dewalt 20V trimmer spins at a rapid rate. Due to its high operating speed, the engine quickly becomes hot. Dewalt’s engineers have added extra safeguards to ensure the tool doesn’t get too hot to use.

Dewalt’s 20V gardening tool needs a reliable exhaust system so that it can vent hot air out and the device can cool down.

Long-term engine health can be protected from overheating with proper maintenance. If you use a Dewalt 20V trimmer and notice that the air intake is getting clogged with debris, you should clear the vents.

6. Not Enough Batteries

If you want the best tool for helping you keep your garden or horticultural space in tip-top shape, go no further than the Dewalt 20V string trimmer. It doesn’t have a cable; instead, it runs on batteries.

This device’s brushless motor consumes less electricity than conventional motors. A battery capacity of 5 Ah is ideal for operating this device.

If the batteries in your string trimmer wear out, the tool will no longer be able to function effectively. We recommend that our readers always have a fully charged spare pair of batteries on hand while using the Dewalt 20V trimmer.

7. Insufficient Intake of Air

The air filter filters the environment air before being sucked into the powerful Dewalt 20V trimmer.

When the operator uses the tool to cut the grass or weeds, the surrounding area will likely become oppressively humid. An air filter should be installed to filter the air and remove any debris that could cause damage to the equipment.

Dust, debris, and dirt from the surrounding environment might clog the air filter if it doesn’t regularly undergo maintenance. Consider what would happen if you never changed the air filter. It can cause the Dewalt 20V string trimmer to behave erratically and roughly.

The air filter isn’t expensive, but it needs to be changed often to keep your trimmer running smoothly.

8. Grease build-up on Gears

The tools and machinery you keep in your shed are designed to last. With its sturdy construction and efficient operation, the Dewalt 20V trimmer is a valuable tool. The operator should occasionally lubricate the gears and other moving parts with oil to ensure their smooth operation.

As we’ve mentioned before, keeping your Dewalt 20V trimmer clean is essential to its continued smooth operation.

If you don’t clean the gears, grease will attract dirt and dust, which will build up until the trimmer can’t move its loads efficiently.

If you want to keep the grass trimmer’s gears clean and free of build-up, it’s essential to take your time cleaning them and applying oil.

Dewalt 20v Trimmer Problems: are they a deal breaker?

The Dewalt 20V string trimmer is excellent for maintaining a tidy garden and neat surrounding regions. A great string trimmer requires little work yet produces excellent results in horticulture.

Customers rave about the Dewalt 20V trimmer’s performance, although some have reported issues with the tool. We’ve compiled a list of complaints about this product and provide solutions on this page.

Following these simple tricks and recommendations, using a Dewalt string trimmer won’t be as difficult. Have fun while gardening, and good luck!

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