Finish Mower vs Bush Hog: 7 Differences You Need to Know

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Mowers come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. With so many of them on the market, you might need clarification about choosing the right one. A Finish mower and a Bush hog are excellent choices for mowing lawns. But each of them is made to suit the needs of specific properties.

If you need clarification on the differences between the two machines, this Finish mower vs. Bush hog comparison will help you understand their functions and features. Also, we will dive deeper into their differences. So, read on to understand more about these mowers.

Finish Mower vs. A Bush Hog
The main differences between a Finish Mower and a Bush Hog are their blade designs, cutting abilities, attachment options, accessories, power needs, cutting results, and cost. Both machines can cut grass, but they can cut different types of grass. A Finish mower cuts short grass, while a Bush Hog cuts thick and long weeds.

What is a Finish Mower?

A finish mower is commonly known as a grooming mower. As its common name suggests, it is made for  grooming residential and commercial lawns. It is also widely used for trimming sports fields, parks, and schoolyards. 

This mower has suitable blades for cutting the grass sharply and evenly. The design of a finished mower has a flat and big cutting deck. This feature enables the machine to cover larger spaces.

The large space coverage comes from the deck’s width and rotating horizontal shafts. Also, the sharp blades spin and swing freely. A top hook can be found on any finish mower on the market.

This hook’s function is to facilitate attaching the mower to a tractor, a compact utility tractor, or an all-terrain vehicle. The models of finish mowers usually vary based on their specifications, the number of wheels, and deck width.

What is a Bush Hog?

A bush hog has several common names. A brush hog, brush cutter, or rotary cutter are other names for it. A Bush hog is not a name for the machine but a brand name. This brand has been known best for its brush hogs or rotary cutters. So, the machines borrowed the brand name and became famous with it.

Bush hogs are made to cut thick grass. This bush hog does not ultimately depend on sharp blades. They require dull blades to whack denser, more stubborn grass and young trees.

Bush hogs will not be an ideal option for manicured lawns. They are the best treatment for dense and tall weeds. This is why the blades used on these hogs are thick. Generally, a bush hog has blades that swing simultaneously on a plate.

It would help if you did not rely on a bush hog to get an equal cut. It is not designed for manicures or landscaping. It can efficiently take on the types of wood and grass that a finish mower can’t.

A bush hog is an ideal trimming machine for grassy areas that have been neglected for a long time. Any lawn with grass taller than 15 cm is what you should use.

What are the Differences between a Finish Mower and a Bush Hog?

A Finish mower and a Bush hog might appear similar at first glance. However, they are distinct implements in how they function and are maintained.

They have different designs, accessories, and purposes. You can’t use both machines to substitute for each other. Simply put, a bush hog can make room for a Finish mower to complete the job.

1. Blades design

In terms of blade count, a finish mower has more blades. Finish mowers have three cutting blades, whereas a bush hog has only two. The blades of a finish mower are usually sharper and thinner to handle short grass efficiently.

Bush hog blades typically operate at a slower speed to whack thick weed. Typically, they can only go slowly, as they need some time to get through the dense grass.

2. Cutting abilities

A finish mower can only be used to cut grass. It can’t cut wood or young trees. On the other hand, a bush hog is designed to cut wood and grass simultaneously. It is meant to handle tall g
rass that is 
longer than 5 inches.

3. Attachment options

Both machines can be attached to the back of a tractor. However, a bush hog can be found in walk-behind models. This is not an option with finish mowers. They are only available as attachable implements.

4. Accessories

Both machines come with vital accessories. But the type of these accessories is a major element in this finish mower vs. bush hog comparison. One of the most apparent differences in accessories is the presence of a discharge bag.

The purpose of this bag is to contain the cut grass instead of leaving it behind. All finish mowers have this bag. On the other hand, the majority of bush hogs do not have this discharge option. The cut materials are left behind on the ground.

5. Power needs

A Bush hog is more powerful than a finish mower. A bush hog requires more horsepower than a Finish mower. The high power needs result from the type of material it is cutting.

Typically, a machine will need more power to cut tree stumps, whereas cutting grass won’t require lower power levels.

6. Cutting results

A finish mower is absolutely reliable for landscaping and aesthetic trimming. The blades of a finish mower are designed to cut evenly in a way that encourages grass regrowth.

On the other hand, a bush hog cuts to remove tall weeds and saplings. The aesthetic and regrowth opportunities are not within the bush hog’s specialties.

7. Cost

When it comes to the prices of both machines, there is a vast difference. Finish mowers are no longer a top-selling item due to the widespread use of zero-turn mowers. These innovative mowers are now mainstream in the landscaping business.

As a result, there are reasonably priced used finish mowers for sale. This means that a used finish mower will cost much less than a new bush hog.

Finish Mower vs Bush Hog: Are they the same?

No, a Finish mower and a Bush hog are not the same. They are both used for cutting grass, but the nature of the grass itself is not the same. A finish mower can be used to cut and groom a well-kept landscape. You can’t use a bush hog for the same purpose. This is due to the difference in their blades.

A bush hog has two slightly dull blades, whereas a finish mower has three sharp blades. The former comes with thick ones that operate slower than the thin and rapid ones of a finish mower.

A finish mower is the right candidate for adding a touch of beauty to a lawn, as it cuts the grass equally. It has mulching accessories that motivate new growth.

On the other hand, a bush hog is not used to manicure a lawn. It is used to cut tall weeds along with small trunks. It can also operate perfectly on a field with scattered rocks or gravel. A rocky field is not a safe area for a finishing mower.

Operating a bush hog requires more energy, particularly an engine with high horsepower. Finally, a finish mower is considerably less expensive than a heavy-duty bush hog.

Depending on the nature of your lawn, you can choose between a Finish mower and a Bush hog. Also, you might require both implements. For instance, you can use a bush hog to make a lawn ready for a more professional trim using a finish mower.

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