How to Start an Echo Chainsaw: Complete Step-by-step Guide

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Whenever winter approaches, you know it’s time for severe pruning and trimming. To efficiently fall dead trees and remove dry branches, you will need a powerful chainsaw like any Echo model. 

However, first-time owners of echo saws might need to learn the correct instructions for this machine’s safe and efficient start.

Starting an echo model is like starting any other chainsaw. However, different brands have different instructions for starting and operating their saws. If you have questions about starting an echo chainsaw, keep reading this blog post. We are covering everything related to your saw’s proper and safe starting.

Safety Precautions before Starting a Chainsaw

Any model of chainsaw is considered a dangerous tool when not handled properly. It can cause severe injuries in different body parts, including the eyes, skin, and head. Moreover, chainsaw accidents can lead to eye injuries and hearing loss.

The hazards associated with the improper use of chainsaws are numerous. You can minimize these risks, maximize your safety, and protect your property from unexpected damages. The secret lies in the following necessary safety precautions:

1. Use mandatory PPE 

PPE stands for personal protective equipment. This includes protective goggles for eye protection. Also, you will need thick earmuffs to limit the loud operating noise that may cause hearing loss.

If you are not used to holding the saw correctly, there is a risk of it falling. This is why you must wear thick leather gloves or any safety gloves in your possession, boots, and nylon cut-resistant chaps to keep your hands, feet, and legs safe from accidental injuries.

2. Never work alone 

It is recommended to keep the area within your operation clear from anyone. However, having some company to help in an emergency is better. Keeping your company at a distance to ensure their safety

3. Use it only for wood

A chainsaw is only made to chop wood. It is the right equipment for felling trees or cutting firewood. So, it is not made to cut plastic, snow, or any other material.

4. Inspect the Saw’s safety 

Before trying to start the saw, it is mandatory to inspect its safety features. This includes ensuring it has a working chain brake. Also, you need to check that the chain bar is properly tensioned.

Taking a Look at the Oil and Fuel

If you want your Echo chainsaw motor’s best performance, you must properly adjust the fuel and oil ratios. So, it is just about filling up the tanks. When it comes to mixing these fluids, you should refrain from improvising.

You will have to look at the user manual for ideal recommendations. This way, you will know the best gasoline type and advisable fluid ratios.

However, your Echo chainsaw engine is a two-stroke engine. This typically means the fuel tank should have a ratio of 50:1. If you are new to mixing fuel and oil. You must mix fifty parts of the recommended fuel with one part of the oil. This means a gallon of gas needs 2.6 oz of oil.

These adequate levels are necessary for lubricating the engine’s pistons and getting the best performance. You should get a special fuel can to store a monthly supply of this mix.

The right type of gasoline for an ECHO CS-400 or any other model is an octane rating of 89 or higher. Ensuring that the oil is appropriate for your echo model is always essential. This is something you can verify from the operating manual.

Starting your Echo Chainsaw 

Now it is time for some action. You will know how to start your echo chainsaw. There are two different types of a chainsaw starting processes. These are:

1. Cold Engine starting

You might experience a cold start as a first-time owner of an echo saw. This means starting the engine for the first time or after quite some time of being shut off. This type of start is what we will cover in this article.

2. Warm Chainsaw starting

A warm starting procedure means starting the chainsaw after running it for a while. This means the engine is warm at the moment of restarting.

Proper Steps for Cold Starting your Echo Chainsaw

The starting process when the engine is cold is relatively easy, but it requires attention to all the following steps. Skipping one or more of these processes may result in poor performance and will harm the engine.

  1. Make the chain-brake lever on the engaged setting for safety, as this will prevent the chains from rotating.
  2. Fill the fluids. This includes filling the gas tank and chain oil reservoir and ensuring the proper tightening of the caps.
  3. Put the saw on even ground for better control and increased safety.
  4. Move the toggle switch to the ON or Run setting.
  5. Find the carburetor’s rubber purge pump bulb. It is close to the rear handle. Press it gently about five times. This action will make you see fuel running through the bulb.
  6. Look beneath the bulb to find the choke control knob. It would be best if you pulled it out of the engine.
  7. Use your foot to control the rear handle. This is designed to fit foot positioning perfectly. Meanwhile, place your hand on the front handle.
  8. It is mandatory to readjust the choke position. Push the choke lever into the engine to prevent it from folding. It is time to pull the starter rope until the engine starts.

Running the Chainsaw

Once you get the engine running, this is not the end of this tutorial. You still have to know how to keep it properly and efficiently running.

  1. Let the saw run for a few minutes until the engine is warm enough.
  2. Once ready, you can lift the saw from the ground and adjust the throttle trigger and lock as required.
  3. Make sure the chainsaw is idle before getting into the cutting position.
  4. Increase the engine’s speed for a few seconds to ensure the chainsaw bar oil tank properly pumps the oil.
  5. To allow the chain to start rotating, make sure to disengage the chainsaw-brake lever.

Shutting off the Chainsaw

Once you are done using the chainsaw, you should not instantly shut off the ignition switch. Firstly, you must let the saw idle for a few minutes. This allows the engine to cool down gradually. Then disengage the inertia chain brakes to stop the chain from rotating. Lastly, you will have to turn off the ignition.


Correct starting, running, and shutting down of an echo chainsaw are mandatory for efficient use. This way, you will maximize the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. This also guarantees zero gas waste.

Aside from following the proper starting steps, it would help if you keep your protection in mind. This includes wearing safety gloves and safety glasses.

Using the saw below your shoulder level is vital to avoid accidental cuts. It would be best not to use the saw while standing on a ladder. Echo chainsaws are heavy and need a firm grip. So, there is no need for such stunts.

Echo chainsaws that operate on two-stroke engine oil are similar. However, they are all started in different ways. In case of first-time use, you should refrain from improvising. Always pull out the manufacturer’s manual to ensure you are doing everything by the specifications of the model you are using.

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