John Deere E120 vs E130: Which one is the best in 2024?

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For many homeowners, a lawn tractor is essential for keeping their lawns in top condition.

John Deere has been producing high-quality tractors for almost 200 years, and their latest models—the E120 and E130—are some of the best available on the market today.

If you’re in the market for a new riding mower, you may wonder what sets these two models apart.

Both models offer impressive performance, making them excellent choices for homeowners who want to make quick work of their yard care tasks.

But how do they differ? To ensure you make the best choice, let’s look at the main elements that separate these two tractors below. 

John Deere E120 vs. E130: Quick Overview

Here’s an overview of the features of each model:

John Deere E120 Overview

The John Deere E120 lawn tractor is a piece of heavy equipment for residential use, providing homeowners with a reliablecomprehensive option for grounds maintenance.

Its powerful engine and comfortable controls make it easy to maneuver around even the most expansive lawns and yards.

With a 42-inch cutting deck and pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, this machine offers superior performance and increased operator efficiency with no gear changes necessary.

The operator station has an ergonomically designed seat and sloped hood that offers excellent visibility for trimming tight spaces around trees or other obstacles in the yard.

This thoughtful design also comes with forward-mounted hydraulic foot pedals that provide ease of use when mowing.

John Deere E130 Overview

The John Deere e130 is a powerful lawn tractor that packs the punch of a heavy-duty machine at an affordable price point.

Featuring advanced, intuitive controls and a 22-horsepower engine, it provides stability and power for all kinds of yard work, from light mowing to tilling.

It also has a 48-inch cutting deck, which allows you to cover more ground in less time.

streamlined frame ensures easy maneuverability, while hardened steel cutting blades provide consistent results every season.

The e130 guarantees any homeowner can have the beautiful, dust-free lawn they desire without breaking the bank.

John Deere E120 vs John Deere E130: The comparison

If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful lawn tractor, you can’t go wrong with John Deere’s E120 and E130 series. But what are their pros and cons? And what sets these two machines apart? 

Let’s dive deeper into what each model provides.


  • The John Deere E120 and E130 offer homeowners a powerful solution for their landscaping needs. These reliable equipment feature robust engines and durable components, and both are built with easy-to-use controls. 
  • Also, the John Deere E120 and E130 are equipped with large fuel tanks to ensure you can get the job done without having to refuel constantly.
  • Additionally, both models have adjustable cutting height settings so you can customize your mowing experience to suit your individual needs and a reverse speed setting, which makes maneuvering around obstacles easy and efficient. 
  • Both models offer ample storage space for extra tools and supplies you might need during your mowing sessions, such as fertilizer or weed killer. Both models have several additional features designed to make mowing easier and more efficient.
  • In particular, the John Deere e130 boasts advantages such as a wider cutting path and electric power take-off engagement for its mower blades, making it easier to get meaningful results faster. 
  • Also, the E130 has a stamped cutting deck that provides superior lawn striping and an even cut each time.
  • The e120, on the other hand, offers side discharge options and mulching capabilities. Ultimately, these two pieces of machinery offer users effortless lawn maintenance that helps them create beautiful landscapes all season long.
  • Both models come with a 2-year/120-hour warranty from John Deere – giving you peace of mind in knowing that your tractor will be covered should something go wrong down the road!
  • Finally, they both feature an electric blade engagement system which allows you to start and stop your blades without having to get off the tractor each time; this saves time and effort while also increasing safety. 


The John Deere e120 and the John Deere e130 are popular choices for those looking to purchase a lawn tractor; however, there are several cons to consider before deciding. 

  • One significant disadvantage of both models is their lack of features. For instance, neither includes a suspension systemdust blocker bagging options, or powerful engines that can cut through dense grass. 
  • Additionally, neither offer cruise-control capabilities unless customized accessories are purchased. 
  • Another concern may be the weight of these models; they are quite heavy and often require two people to move them safely. 
  • Furthermore, depending on your owner’s manual date and daily maintenance issues, sometimes attachment brackets must be replaced regularly.

Considering the cost of providing routine service and the additional cost for accessories that customers may need, make either model an expense many people will have to consider carefully.

Differences between John Deere E120 and John Deere E130

Before making a selection between the John Deere E120 and E130 lawn tractors, numerous essential factors must be taken into account.

1. Engine Power 

The most noticeable difference between the John Deere E120 and the E130 is engine power.

The E120 has a 20 HP engine, while the E130 has an upgraded engine that produces 22 HP; this additional power makes it easier to tackle bigger jobs in less time.

Additionally, the E130’s engine is designed to run more quietly than its predecessor, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who want to minimize noise disturbance. 

2. Deck Construction

The deck on both models is made from heavy-duty steel and features durable construction for long-term use.

However, the deck on the E130 is slightly larger than its predecessor’s (1 inch wider). This allows you to maneuver around tight corners and obstacles in your yard more efficiently without sacrificing coverage area or accuracy.

3. Cutting Deck Size 

Another key factor that sets these two lawn tractors apart is cutting deck size.

The John Deere E120 comes with a 42-inch cutting deck, whereas the larger E130 comes with a 48-inch cutting deck; this means that You’ll save time and cover more ground with the larger model.

4. Cutting Width 

Both models have a cutting width of 42 inches, making them perfect for medium-sized yards.

5. Speed Settings 

The E120 offers 5-speed settings (2-4 mph), while the E130 has 6-speed settings (2-5 mph). This means that with the higher-powered engine, you can cover more ground in less time when using this model. 

6. Storage Space

The storage compartment on the E130 is slightly bigger than that found on the E120 model – providing even more room for extras!  

The E120 offers a total of 6.5 bushels of storage, while the E130 has a larger capacity of 8 bushels. This makes it easier to transport all your supplies without having to reload them constantly during your mowing sessions. 

7. Fuel Capacity 

The fuel capacity of the E120 is 2.4 gallons, while the larger E130 has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. This extra fuel capacity makes the E130 more efficient for larger jobs. 

8. Comfort

However, due to its larger size, many users report riding on the E130 much more comfortably than riding on its smaller counterpart – especially over extended periods!

9. Price

The price difference between these two models is insignificant – but it can still impact when deciding which one to purchase!

The John Deere E120 retails for around $2199, whereas its bigger brother –the John Deer e130 – goes for about $2399 (prices may vary depending on where you shop).   

John Deere E120 vs John Deere E130: Which one is the best?

The John Deere E120 and E130 are excellent options for those looking for a powerful lawn tractor that can easily handle any job. 

The E120 is ideal for those who need a durable tractor with impressive engine power and adjustable cutting height, while the E130 boasts more horsepower and additional features such as cruise control. 

So, when deciding between the John Deere E120 and E130 lawn tractors, there are several important factors to consider before making a decision.

From engine power and cutting width to storage space and warranty coverage – each element plays a vital role in determining which tractor best suits your needs! 

While the E120 offers plenty of power in a smaller package, the E130 is ideal for larger yards or more challenging terrain due to its increased horsepower and wider cutting deck. 

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

That being said, no matter which model you choose – rest assured that you’ll be getting a high-quality machine backed by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers – giving you plenty of bang for your buck!

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