John Deere S120 vs E120: 9 Differences You Need to Know Now

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If you’re searching for a tough and dependable lawn tractor to help keep your yard looking great, well, you are not alone!

Every year thousands of homeowners need to replace or upgrade their current yard tools. Whether it’s a small suburban lot or acres of property that require tending – having the right equipment is essential.

The John Deere lawn tractor brand will likely come up in conversation for anyone looking for a reliable lawn tractor. When choosing between two models, such as the popular S120 and E120 tractors, how do you know which is right for you?

Today we will compare two popular options – the John Deere S120 and E120 Lawn Tractors.

Both tractors have impressive cutting power and come with unmatched warranties plus plenty of accessories – meaning getting your job done efficiently has never been easier.

So what sets these two apart? Keep reading to find out!

John Deere S120 vs. E120
The main differences between John Deere E120 and S120 are the tractor size, power output, transmission type, cutting width, turning radius, weight capacity, and cost/ratio value. The John Deere S120 is a lawn tractor designed for homeowners with small to medium-sized yards, while the John Deere E120 lawn tractor is designed for larger yards and can handle more challenging terrain.

What is John Deere S120?

The John Deere S120 lawn tractor is a dependablepowerful choice for handling various landscaping projects. With its 20-horsepower engine and 42-inch cutting deck, the S120 will make short work of even large jobs.

Its cast-iron front axle adds strength for heavy mowing conditions, and its hydrostatic transmission eliminates the shifting associated with traditional manual transmissions for smoother performance. 

The convenient automated deck lift allows the operator to quickly select the desired cutting height from one side of the tractor. 

It comes standard with a 42-inch lawn mower deck, which can be upgraded to 48 or 54 inches, depending on your needs.

The S120 has an adjustable seat height and a high-back seat for additional comfort and cruise control for long mowing jobs.

It also includes an electric starter and a battery that is easy to access and replace if necessary.

What is John Deere E120? 

The John Deere E120 is slightly heavier than the S120, with a 20 hp V-Twin engine that provides more power and torque when mowing a large lawn or working with attachments such as snow blowers or plows.

This John Deere model also has adjustable seat height along with cruise control and an electric starter, but its battery is not as easily accessible as the S120’s battery.

Its onboard cruise control feature allows you to adjust operation speed while running.

In addition, it offers three different lawn mower deck sizes—42, 48, or 54 inches—which allows you to customize your mowing experience according to your specific needs. 

With its impressive performanceergonomic design, and hassle-free operation, the John Deere E120 lawn tractor is a reliable choice for maintaining any lawn.

Main Differences between John Deere S120 and John Deere E120

If you’re searching for a new lawn tractor, I suggest you consider these two John Deere models: the S120 and E120.

Both tractors have pros and cons, so it is important to research before deciding on the right one for you.

Let’s take a closer look and compare the two lawn tractors.

1. Tractor size

The tractor size is one of the biggest differences between the John Deere S120 and E120.

The John Deere S120 is a larger tractor than the E120, measuring 69,7 inches in length and 48,9 inches in widthThe smaller E120 measures 68,8 inches long and 44,5 inches wide, making it more compact and easier to maneuver around tight spaces.

2. Power Output

The S120 has an output of 18hp, while the E120 produces 20hp. 

This increased horsepower gives the E120 more power than the S120, making it better suited for larger yards that require more strenuous work, such as mowing thick grass or hauling heavy loads. 

3. Transmission Type

Both models have hydrostatic transmissions, but they differ in speed control features

The S120 has a single pedal control, while the E120 has two pedals – one for forward motion and one for reverse – providing greater control over speed and direction of travel.  

4. Cutting Width

The cutting width of both models is 42 inches. Still, the S120 has a deeper cutting deck (7 inches vs. 5 inches), allowing it to cut thicker grass on larger properties with greater accuracy and efficiency.  

5. Seat Comfort

The E120’s high-back seat offers greater comfort and support than the traditional low-back seat on the S120 model, making it ideal for extended work sessions where operator fatigue can be a concern. 

6. Turning Radius

The E120 has a tighter turning radius than the S120, making it more maneuverable and better suited for smaller properties and obstacles in tight spaces while still providing an efficient cut pattern compared to other tractors with wider turning radii (such as 36 inches). 

7. Weight Capacity 

Both models have an impressive weight capacity; the S120 can handle up to 900 pounds, and the E120 can handle up to 1000 pounds.

The additional weight capacity offered by the E120 allows users to attach heavier attachments such as snow blades or spreaders without sacrificing stability or performance due to excess weight on board.

So if you need to haul heavy loads or transport equipment on your lawn, either of these models will be up to the task.

8. Cost/Value Ratio

In terms of price point, there is little difference between these two models. However, with its increased power outputtransmission type flexibilitydeeper cutting deck, and other features mentioned above, many agree that the added value of owning an E120 outweighs any slight increase in cost. 

9. Durability

Both tractors are built to last, but the John Deere S120 is made from more substantial materials and is more durable than the E120.

John Deere S120 and E120: Are they the same?

When comparing these two models, several distinct differences make them suitable for different users.

The John Deere S120 and E120 are great lawn tractors that provide powerful engines, adjustable seat heights, cruise control options, and electric starters.

However, several key differences should be weighed before purchasing – from power output and transmission type to cutting width and seat comfort. Each feature provides unique advantages that may suit users’ needs better than others depending on their yard size or job requirements. 

Generally talking:

  • The John Deere S120 is a smaller tractor that’s perfect for homeowners and small businesses
  • The John Deere E120 is a larger tractor that can handle more intensive tasks
  • Both tractors are designed with durability and ease of use in mind
  • The S120 has a simpler design, making it easier to operate and maintain
  • The E120 has more features, including an enclosed cab with air conditioning

The E120 is the better choice if you have a large lawn or tricky terrain requiring more power and control. But if you’re looking for a more affordable John Deere model that still gets the job done, the S120 is a great option. 

Whether mowing, hauling heavy loads, or tackling routine yard work, these tractors are sure to get the job done in style and comfort.

Ultimately, understanding each model’s strengths will help you make an informed decision about which tractor best fits your individual needs.

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