7 Most Common TYM Tractor Problems & Troubleshooting

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TYM is a company based in South Korea which produces machines for heavy-duty work that are well-received on the global market.

The TYM lawn mower is generally considered a great utility vehicle, with a long lifespan that will make this purchase worth breaking the bank.

However, complex vehicles like lawn tractors hardly come without issues. Users of the TYM tractor have experienced problems with the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, lighting system, and fuel.

How serious are these TYM tractor problems, and is this still a worthy investment? Let’s go into each of these issues and see how we can fix them.

The Most Common Problems with TYM tractors

South Korea is usually a synonym for high quality. This country has known quite a brilliant development in the 2000s and 2010s, and we all probably know at least one person with a Samsung item.

Of course, given how polyhedric this country has become, they excel in the market of lawnmowers as well.

When we think of incredible lawn tractors, we probably think about John Deere tractors, Kubota tractors, or maybe even a Mahindra tractor comes to mind.

Indeed, TYM might not be the first choice that comes to mind, but we can assure you that this is excellent farm equipment that will last you many years.

Still, it’s unrealistic to expect a machine not to have problems now and then, and TYM tractors do have a few issues we’d like to address.

1. Engine issues

A relatively common issue with agricultural equipment like lawn tractors is the failure to start correctly.

The TYM tractor is no exception. Sometimes the engine won’t turn over, only releasing a clicking sound, and sometimes not even that.

There may be a few reasons this happens, but most often, it could be the battery, some loose connections, or a fuel issue.

You must change the battery if it has been exposed to the cold for an extended time. You can check the status of your battery with a multimeter, as it might only need a charge.

You should also check for loose connections between the battery and the terminals and all the other connections related to the engine. They might be worn out, rusted, or broken.

The fuel should be fresh and changed at least once every 30 days, even if you don’t use your tractor much. Stale fuel can lead to many issues besides the engine not starting.

2. Transmission issues

The hydraulic system of this model is undoubtedly efficient and valuable, but like all hydraulic-powered mowers, there can be some issues from time to time.

Specifically, some users have complained about the noise. The hydraulic pump makes a little noise while operating, but this seems to be a constant whining, which is the symptom of a bigger problem.

You might have some worn-out transmission components to explain that sound. In this case, all you need to do is replace the worn-out part.

But another problem with the transmission is provoked by air in the drive axle, which makes that loud noise. After changing the drive fluid, you should fix the problem.

3. Brake issues

Brakes are fundamental, and any minor inconvenience or fault should be addressed immediately not to compromise the user’s safety.

Now, the brake system on the TYM tractor fails from time to time. Mind that this is not a very common problem, but a few users have reported it, and we feel we have to address it, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The problem is that the brakes either don’t operate, or one side of it is unresponsive. You might also notice that the pedal doesn’t come back up.

Sometimes there is too much free play on the brake pedal or none. Both these situations are equally dangerous and shouldn’t be overlooked.

You might have burnt brake disks, or maybe there is an accumulation of rust under the slide. The spring might also be damaged if the pedal doesn’t come back up.

Broken brake liners must be replaced. You can use a rust remover to clean the pedal

4. Steering issues

The steering wheel of a lawn tractor suffers from a lack of maintenance on the reels and tires, and the steering system of the TYM mower is no different from the rest.

It may feel tough to maneuver the steering wheel, especially when you’re not working on flat hard ground but on uneven terrain, slopes, or similar.

There might be an improper alignment of wheels, or maybe there’s uneven pressure in the tires, and they both need to be fixed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, it might also be that the steering system is worn-out due to usage. In this case, the steering wheel will feel very loose.

To fix a loose steering wheel on a lawn mower, you must tighten all the connections and replace the beyond-repair parts.

5. Lighting system issues

If there’s one thing that TYM should pay more attention to, it’s their lighting system. Many users have complained about issues regarding the lights on a TYM tractor.

Now, it’s not common to use a lawn tractor at night, but when in transit or for any other nightly purpose, the lights are necessary.

Lights on the TYM tractor easily show defects and get burnt out. Proper maintenance is fundamental for the lighting system of this tractor.

Loose wires should be replaced, batteries changed, and you should check for blown fuses now and then.

6. Fuel issues

Let’s be blunt: fuel is expensive, and it’s always on the rise, so we all want a sound fuel economy system for utility vehicles.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for the TYM tractors, and it’s probably the biggest flaw we can find about this lawn mower.

The TYM tractor isn’t equipped with an excellent fuel economy system, so you will need to improve fuel consumption.

There are some ways to do this, but the best one is always to keep tire pressure at the right level, as poorly inflated tires are the main reason why tractors consume too much fuel.

7. Bad smell

Not a very common issue with this tractor, although it can become a reoccurrence if you don’t take care of the fuel system properly.

When you have a foul smell coming from the TYM lawn mower, you may use the wrong type of fluid in the system, or there may be clogs along the lines and filters.

The first thing to do is empty the tank and change the oil. Then, you should wipe the system clean of debris and dirt.

Always use high-quality oil and lubricant. You may be tempted to go cheap, but you’ll pay for this choice soon, as it will vastly decrease your tractor lifespan.

TYM tractor problems: are they a deal-breaker?

We’d say that most of the problems you may encounter with this lawn mower are pretty common issues with tractors in general and can be prevented with good maintenance and regular check-ups.

As much as we’d like to believe our utility vehicles are sturdy machines that need little to no help, we need to take care of them properly if we want them to last many years of hard work.

Despite these issues that may or may not happen to you, the TYM mower remains a trustworthy machine that will serve you well for years to come!

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