8 Most Common Kubota RTV 500 Problems & Troubleshooting

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Kubota Corporation released the RTV 500, a utility quad with 15 horsepower, to the market in 2008. The manufacturer’s reputation as a leader in the manufacturing and heavy equipment industries made the vehicle’s debut keenly anticipated.

Indeed, it lived up to every expectation. The four-open wheeler’s cabin was roomier than that of competitors in the same class, and it had a modern design, user-friendly controls, and a quiet, efficient engine.

The Kubota RTV500 is incomparable for utility vehicles, especially for owners with extensive tractor experience. Sure, why not? 

The quad’s performance in several contexts, including hauling, touring, and working the farm, is outstanding. Its sibling, the RTV400, has a smaller displacement, making both vehicles compatible with a wide range of accessories.

The Most Common Kubota Rtv 500 Problems

There are a lot of people who adore their Kubota machines, mainly because of their sturdy construction and attractive appearance. However, a few of them also wish the UTV had a little more power. And there’s nothing at all unusual about that! 

The Kubota RTV500, much like its rivals, is not flawless and still has a great deal of room to grow in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal. In the next part, we’ll discuss some of the most typical issues that come up with the Kubota 500 RTV:

1. Plus and Minus

The hydrostatic transmission found in the Kubota RTV 500 is generally more durable than the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) found in the vehicles produced by the competitors; nonetheless, it is less efficient. 

The push-and-pull characteristic of automatic transmissions has a negative impact on the transmission’s reliability; however, this may not be the case for everyone. 

Although the lack of torque is still noticeable for some of the machine’s users, the equipment does not always become uncontrollable when traveling uphill.

Making sure that the throttle cable and linkage settings are adjusted correctly is essential if you want to prevent running into any problems with the VHT. 

You must pay attention to the bolt located under the throttle cable and act as a pedal stop. It restricts how far the transmission servo valve can be pushed and directly impacts the maximum speed of the four-wheeler. 

Be sure that the pedal stop is adjusted so that it does not travel down quite as far as it currently does. The next step is to readjust the throttle cable such that the speed governor of the quad stops working when the brake pedal is fully depressed.

2. Underpowered Motor

The low-end draw is not a problem for the vehicle because it has no trouble pulling a heavy-duty switchblade plow (which you can see on Amazon). 

However, one of the difficulties that owners of this quad have is that it cannot climb slopes very well. Driving uphill can be tiring, and the rider may need to pull over and drop down to a lower gear to complete the ascent. 

The situation could be understood if the slope were steeper than 15 degrees. However, owners have reported having problems even on inclines that are not particularly steep.

3. Whining Noise

The tremendous load carried by this four-by-four vehicle is the single most sensitive aspect of its design. People with less experience riding UTVs are more likely to forget that they, along with their passengers, are a part of the equation. 

Experienced riders won’t have this problem. When the riders of a Kubota carry a combined weight of more than 190 kilograms, the machine begins to make a whining sound, typically heard from either side of the bench seat. Kubota owners have discussed this phenomenon on online forums.

4. Rattle Issue at Idle

Tin-can noise is a harmonic vibration conveyed from the muffler to the frame’s mounting point due to the structure twisting slightly. 

Many owners believe the problem originates from the driveshaft, but this is not true. 

The cables below the muffler and in front of it may also contribute to the issue. They occasionally come into contact with one another, contributing to the vibration.

5. Loose Drive Shaft

Drive shaft issues have been reported on Kubota RTVs by various sources. When this happens under standard settings, you’ll hear a rattling.

A broken U-joint in the transmission’s mounting system is perceived to be the source of the issue. Kubota has formally reported the problem and sent a fixed report to dealers. 

If you notice this happening with your RTV 500, you should have a new U-joint replaced at the dealership. The dealership may be able to repair less money, depending on how old the RTV is.

6. Transmission Hesitation

According to Compactor Tractor Review, some Kubota RTV owners have noticed transmission hesitancy under usual driving conditions. This issue is especially noticeable when beginning and halting uphill or at a high altitude. 

Kubota claims that the transmission fluid used in the RTV is crucial. This issue can arise in a transmission maintained with a combination of fluids other than the specified Super UDT. The relief pressure in the port block may be at fault if the issue remains after using the specified transmission fluid.

7. Windshield Installation

Compactor Tractor Review reports that RTV 500 owners have complained about the complexity of putting the windshields on the Kubota with a plastic roof. 

There have been no notable reports of issues with windshield installation on metal roofs, but the instructions in your owner’s handbook will cover the proper procedure. 

Kubota specifies that you shouldn’t tighten the interior roof mounting nuts if you attach the windshield onto a plastic roof. While assembling, only the front top mounting brackets’ bolts should be left undone. You can reattach the plastic roof after the shield has been set up.

8. Brakes

According to several accounts published by Compact Tractor Review, customers have been having issues with the Kubota RTV’s braking mechanism. When the brakes are applied, the car still tends to move forward. 

However, the issue is more frequent during emergency stops than during standard braking. The speed lever assembly has been identified as the likely culprit; however, no definitive cause has been identified despite extensive troubleshooting.

Kubota Rtv 500 Problems: are they a deal breaker?

The Kubota RTV 500 is a rugged, reliable, and stylish utility vehicle that provides excellent value for the money. The equipment is valuable when working on tight farm-track slides, transporting logs, and navigating mud puddles. Potentially lower power output compared to Polaris and Can-Am models

Adding a diesel engine, enhancing the hydrostatic gearbox, and reinforcing the chassis would help it perform better. I think the Kubota RTV 500 is excellent for what it is now.

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