6 Most Common Kubota RTV x1100c Problems

Kubota is a brand leader in the tractor market, and Kubota utility vehicles are great machines that provide both power and durability.

However, even the best ones can have some flaws. It seems that many users reported a variety of problems with the Kubota RTV-x1100c. This model specifically has been under fire for several reasons.

We’ve tested this model for a while and compiled a list that includes some issues we personally encountered and others that seem to be the most common problems with this diesel utility vehicle, as far as users say.

The most common problems with Kubota RTV x1100c

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Kubota makes trustworthy machines for gardens and fields, from field warriors like the L4701 to sub-compact diesel tractors like the BX2380, which are designed with first-time users in mind.

All in all, we can say that Kubota has several great lines of agricultural machines, but when you have so many models and buyers around the world, it’s also a given that some problems will arise sooner or later.

The RTV-x1100c is a diesel utility vehicle that works as a 4-wheel and a 2-wheel machine. It is very durable and with good horsepower but isn’t meant to go very fast. These machines have a long lifespan, but they do lack some power.

Simply speaking, this isn’t a compact utility tractor meant for the wild. And indeed, some users have encountered several issues that confirm this. Let’s take a look at the most common problems with the Kubota RTV-x1100c.

1. Engine issue

As we mentioned, this model from Kubota has the good horsepower, but it isn’t powerful by any means. You may notice how underpowered it is when going uphill or riding through sandy areas. It just won’t give its full power even if you give full throttle.

This is something to keep in mind before buying it, as this tractor works really well on flat ground, so it comes down to the specific area you need to work on. 

If you wish, you can upgrade its horsepower by installing a supercharger kit or an air intake.

2. Loader issue

You probably already guessed it, but if this diesel utility tractor doesn’t run well in “tough” conditions, it doesn’t lift in the same conditions either.

Indeed, this is a model that works heavy loads really well on flat and straight ground, but if you try to lift something while going up a hill, you’re going to be disappointed.

Luckily, this issue can be fixed by upgrading its horsepower, exactly like the engine problem above.

3. Starting issue

Some users reported problems with starting this tractor. Not only can it be difficult to start, but when you finally manage, it only stays on for 5-10 minutes before turning off again.

This problem is usually related to dirt and debris accumulation inside the fuel system, so you should check the pump, injectors, and filters and clean them if necessary.

Kubota RTV-x1100c not starting might also mean that you’re using the wrong type of fuel, or there is simply not enough fresh fuel in the system. Make sure your tank is filled to the proper level with fresh fuel of the right kind.

4. Transmission issue

The great fault of this model is that the Kubota RTV-x1100c is a 4-wheel tractor and yet doesn’t behave as such because its transmission is very weak

That’s why when you find yourself in mud, sand, or up a hill, it doesn’t deliver the expected performance.

This is a very common problem, and we would dare to go as far as saying that almost every user of the RTV-x1100c has found this issue.

The transmission cannot be forced beyond its limits, so the only way to try and fix this issue is by contacting Kubota to see what can be done about this very common issue. 

There may also be the possibility of upgrading your transmission, but you should see into it with the help of a professional or Kubota customer center.

5. Drive shaft issue

The drive shift issue is common enough for Kubota to have issued a formal fix report to dealers about it.

It seems that the drive shaft on this model comes loose easily, and as a result, you can hear a rattle when you’re operating the tractor under normal conditions.

The core of the issue is the U-joint connecting the transmission. When it’s faulty, the transmission of the tractor, which is already quite weak as we have seen, doesn’t work properly.

If you find this issue on your tractor as well, you should contact your Kubota dealer and see what can be done about it. In some cases, they might replace it free of charge or at a discounted price, depending on the age of your machine.

6. Floor mats issue

This is probably the most famous issue with the Kubota RTV-x1100c, and the reason why Kubota recalled over 49,000 models.

The floor mats on these models are defective, and as such, they can warp and interfere with the throttle pedal. This has unfortunately caused many accidents for users of this model, and Kubota was forced to call back the defective units.

Not all Kubota RTV-x1100c have defective floor mats, but if you notice something wrong with the floor mat of your tractor, do not hesitate to contact Kubota.

Kubota RTV x1100c problems: are they a deal-breaker?

If this is not what you metaphorically signed up for, they might be. This compact tractor is well-designed and has good power, but it’s not a heavy-duty tractor, and despite its 4-wheel mode, it doesn’t behave as a 4-wheel.

It’s a good machine for your garden or fields as long as you work on flat ground, but if you work uphill, in the mud, sand, or other harsh conditions, this is probably not the model for you.

There are many other models from Kubota that might work for you, so take your time researching before landing on a decision. You might also find the right compact tractor for you among John Deere, Cud Cadet, Mahindra, or Ford models.

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