10 Most Common John Deere x350 Problems & Troubleshooting

John Deere’s x300 series consists of seven tractors but offers eleven unique configurations thanks to various mowing deck sizes.

The x series can only be purchased through an authorized John Deere dealer, unlike the entry-level E and D series tractors which can be bought from any big-box retailer.

When your John Deere x350 refuses to start, it’s seldom at a convenient time. If your lawnmower breaks down, you can take it to a dealership to get it serviced, but be aware that during peak seasons, you may have to wait a couple of weeks to get it back.

The Most Common Problems with John Deere x350 

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Problems with the fuel system, the air filter, the carburetor, the battery, the safety switch, the spark plugs, and the ignition switch can prevent a John Deere lawn mower from starting. Another possible source of difficulty getting started is a malfunctioning charging system or ignition coil.

I’ve compiled a set of potential culprits for your John Deere gas-powered lawnmower’s inability to start. You may quickly restore the lawn’s pristine appearance by checking and fixing several of these issues:

1. Engine Problems

When researching typical issues with the X350 tractor, you can come across several associated with the engine. The most noticeable of these include a jerky running quality, problems with the load, excessive overheating, and backfiring.

Some consumers have complained that their x350 misfires sometimes or runs a little rougher than usual.

The carburetor is where you’ll most likely find the root of the issue most of the time. In addition, replacing the ignition module is a popular solution to problems with the carburetor.

Additionally, ensuring that the correct electrical connection is made, testing the operation of the cooling fan, and replacing the choke cable could solve the problem.

In this regard, however, the most prudent course of action would be to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable professional.

2. Faulty John Deere Fuel Cap 

Vents are included in the design of your gas cap. The lack of airflow via the vent will result in a vacuum forming in the gas tank if the lid is broken or blocked in. Your John Deere lawnmower won’t start because the suction seals off the gasoline line.

If your mower doesn’t start, you can rule out the gasoline cap as the culprit by removing it and trying to start it. If your John Deere starts and operates without a hitch, you can put the fuel cap back on.

You’re checking the mower to see if it starts to run slowly and then turns off. If it does, you can try taking off the cap once more and turning it on.

That’s how you know the gas cap isn’t working correctly. If you need to access the fuel, ensure the lid is not left off, and dirt can’t get in.

You can fix the problem by installing a new gasoline cap instead of the old one. You can go to a John Deere dealership or buy one on Amazon.

3. Plugged John Deere Fuel Filter 

The fuel filter might become clogged when dirty or old fuel is used. The filter works to remove debris and other pollutants from the fuel supply before they may clog up the engine. The engine won’t start with insufficient fuel if the filter is clogged.

If your fuel filter becomes clogged, you should get a new one. It’s essential to install the fuel filter according to the arrow on its side. The filter’s arrow should point in the direction of gasoline flow when being installed.

4. Black Fuel Smoke

One could believe that a cloud of black smoke from an x350 engine indicates the vehicle is getting on in years. However, the issue may manifest itself even in freshly purchased units.

Burning that is not efficient, a dirty oil and air filter, faulty engagement of the throttle, or a damaged carburetor needle valve are all potential causes of this issue.

Numerous users have said that you should not be concerned about it. In the event that the color of the smoke does not return to normal within a couple of days, the problem needs to be fixed.

5. Clogged and Dirty Carburetor 

The carburetor regulates how much fuel is fed to the air being burnt in your engine to keep it running properly.

As debris builds up in the carburetor of your John Deere lawn mower, it can block up the moving parts and render them useless. Cutting off the gas supply will render the mower inoperable.

To thoroughly clean the carburetor, including the float bowl and needle, disassemble it and soak it in carburetor cleaner. This page includes instructions for maintaining the carburetor on your John Deere tractor.

If your carburetor is in poor shape and cleaning it doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to replace or rebuild it.

6. Bad Battery or Loose Terminals

When the battery dies, your John Deere lawn mower won’t start. You should check the connectors on your battery cables to ensure they haven’t worn out and that the wires are secure.

If corrosion has formed on the terminals, clean them. Use a wire brush and a solution of baking soda and water (2 cups of water and 3 heaping tbsp of baking soda).

Make that your battery is working correctly by using a voltmeter. It should read around 12.7 volts. If the battery voltage is lower than 12.7 volts, you should put it on a charger.

Find out all you’ll need to know about charging your battery here. You should get a new battery if the old one doesn’t retain a charge.

7. Bad Safety Switch

Depending on the model, your lawnmower’s operator presence control system may employ various switches to ensure its user’s safety. The buttons on the mower are installed for your protection.

There are multiple safety switches, including one that will cut power to the engine if the driver gets out of their seat while the mower deck is in motion.

Please consult the manual for information on how to operate the mower’s safety features. Your John Deere lawnmower may refuse to turn on because of a faulty switch.

If you suspect a faulty safety switch, you can temporarily disable it. Finding a defective switch might also be aided by using a multimeter. Never use a lawnmower if the safety switch is broken or removed. Every year, many individuals are hurt when they roll a mower or fall off it.

Maintaining operational safety switches is a must for any piece of machinery. You can never predict when you’ll require their help the most.

8. Bad Ignition Switch 

You try turning the key in the ignition, but nothing occurs. You can’t get your John Deere mower going. The problem could be the ignition switch. 

Using a multimeter, you may test the functionality of the switch. If the ignition switch fails, you should get a new one.

9. Bad Ignition Coil 

The engine cannot start without the ignition coil sending voltage to the spark plug. The engine won’t turn over if the spark plug doesn’t ignite.

After making sure the spark plug is fine, use an ohm meter to examine the ignition coil. If you notice a break in continuity, you should replace the ignition coil.

10. Charging System is Not Charging 

Although a poor battery can be a contributing cause, you shouldn’t hold the charging system responsible for your John Deere lawnmower failing to start.

The mower won’t start when you want to use it if the battery isn’t fully charged.

Several different electrical components, most notably the stator or alternator, might go wrong and cause the issue. Read this article to learn how to test your charging system with an ohm meter.

Ask a small engine mechanic to uncover the root of the problem if you suspect it lies in the charging system. You don’t want to start speculating because it might be several things. It’s not cheap to keep replacing parts on your John Deere mower.

John Deere x350 Problems: are they a deal breaker?

John Deere X350 is a gorgeous and powerful mower and these drawbacks don’t mean you should pass up in favor of an alternative, since there is no such thing as a flawless machine, this is the case.

The lawn tractor has a large number of happy customers because of the high quality of service it provides. Not every X350 is going to present these problems. It is also important, that you learn as much as you can about the John Deere x350 and see if it will satisfy your mowing requirements.

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