7 Most Common John Deere X590 Problems

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The John Deere X590 is a small tractor that is very much loved by gardeners worldwide. JD put a lot of thinking into its design to achieve incredible user comfort.

This multi-terrain vehicle will grant you access to many surfaces and lift quite a heavy load. What’s there not to like?

A share of users has encountered issues with the engine and blades. Overheating, power loss, running rough and black smoke are all common problems with the JD x590.

Let’s see if the situation is as difficult as it seems and how to fix the most shared John deere x590 problems.

The Most common problems with John Deere X590

Many people start with zero-turn mowers like the John Deere Z930M or the Scag Tiger Cat 2, then want to see if an upgrade has any kick.

The power steering and hydraulic deck lift of the X590 tractor seal the deal for many land owners.

Indeed, this lawn tractor is a hard worker and will give you tons of satisfaction in the long years it will serve you.

However, despite its quality and user-oriented design that will make the job way more comfortable for you, not even this lawn mower is without flaws.

If you wish to know how serious the John Deere X590 problems are and if there’s anything you can do about it without breaking the bank, keep reading below.

1. Overheating issues

Let’s start with one of the most common issues in lawn mowers: engine overheating.

The causes for this problem can vary, but you will usually find that some part of your engine is clogged or that maybe you’re misusing your mower.

Most of the time, overheating issues spur from:

  • Clogged cooling fins
  • Dirty carburetor
  • Low oil level
  • High oil level
  • Poor quality oil
  • Wrong viscosity of the oil
  • Overworked engine

As you can see, You can prevent all of these issues to some extent with regular maintenance.

There are different points about the oil because it is fundamental to use the correct type of oil and viscosity for your specific mower.

Also, there shouldn’t be too much or too little oil. It should be just at the right level signaled on the tank.

Heavy and wet grass can load your engine, so the mower will overheat if you mow for a long time in these conditions.

2. Starting issues

When your garden tractor has issues starting or starting and regularly stops while working, the first thing to check is the fuel tank.

It should be full but not overflowing, and the fuel should be of the right type and fresh, not old or stale.

If your John Deere lawn tractor has been sitting still for more than 30 days, do yourself a favor and empty your fuel tank. Refill it with fresh fuel, and you should see the mower being rebirth.

If the problem is not the fuel, there could be problems in the electrical system. Test the battery, see if it’s charged and holds the charge properly.

Also, check the starter; replace it if it’s not in good condition. Check all the cables and connections for signs of corrosion.

Lastly, check the spark plug and the safety switch. Some options could engage the safety switch and prevent the ignition. Do check the manual if needed.

3. Running rough

Running rough is another common issue with this John Deere mower, and despite being a different issue than overheating or igniting, the cause may be very similar.

If your John Deere tractor sometimes makes strange sounds or vibrations, it could signify a clogged carburetor.

When you clean the carburetor, ensure all related components get cleaned, especially the air filters.

Dirt and debris also accumulate in the cooling fins, so check on them. Also, the air filter might be damaged and need replacement.

Use the spark plug tester to test the spark plug. Problems in the ignition system could cause your John Deere lawn mower to run rough.

You should also check all electrical connections if something is damaged, rusted, or worn out.

4. Excessive vibrations

When riding your mower and you notice it vibrates too much while operating, or even if it vibrates while “still,” you should check your drive belt first.

A loose drive belt can easily be misplaced or get damaged. In the latter case, you should replace it.

For the same reasons, you should regularly check your blades for looseness. Loose blades can be another cause of excessive vibrations of the mower wheels.

Finally, but also one of the most common reasons why your mower vibrates, there might be pebbles under the deck or in the pulley. Removing them will fix the problem right away.

5. Power loss issues

If you went through the other issues described in this article, you know by now how much damage dirt and debris can do to your John Deere x590.

Due to the nature of the work this utility vehicle needs to perform, it’s easy for any of its parts to become blocked.

The engine losing power is another one of these problems. Usually, your mower starts very well but seems to struggle to keep up the same pace.

It happens when you have a clogged carburetor or air filter, or maybe your spark plug is damaged.

On one side, this is good news because regularly checking and cleaning these components; can keep your mower running smoothly for many years.

6. Mowing issues

Sometimes, the grass may be cut unevenly or even not cut at all.

Before you give up mowing or throw your mower out of the window, do know there are many reasons why this occurs, and they’re all fixable in no time.

First, you want to check if your blades are damaged or not sharp enough.

It would be best to sharpen the blades more frequently or less frequently, depending on how often you use the mower, but consistently. Replace them if they are damaged or worn.

The blade speed should also be adjusted depending on how fast or slow you drive. If you don’t keep this in mind, you’ll find yourself with spots of uneven grass all over.

Tire pressure plays a role as well. If one tire has less stress than the other, your mower runs unevenly and, thus, cuts unevenly.

Lastly, the height of the cutting deck is fundamental. When your mower blade is too low, you may have issues cutting grass.

7. Black smoke

Black smoke signifies an issue with the fuel line, and your engine uses too much fuel.

Usually, this is due to a clogged carburetor or a problem in the air filter.

The carburetor regulates the fuel-to-air mixture ratio, but more fuel will run when it’s clogged, and the carburetor isn’t getting enough air.

Replace your air filter and run your mower for a few minutes to see if the black smoke has disappeared.

If there’s still black smoke coming out, your carburetor needs some adjustments, so you can either follow the manual’s instructions and try it yourself or bring your mower to your local John Deere dealer.

John Deere X590 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

No, they’re not, and let us tell you why.

The John Deere X590 is a good utility vehicle for the average small landowner. It performs as expected, and regular maintenance can last many years.

It’s worth knowing what kind of problems you may encounter with this model, but also note that these are issues that are very common with most garden tractors and thus are no reason to cross out this mower from your list of possibilities.

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