9 Most Common Stihl BG 86 Problems & Solutions

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The Stihl BG 86 gas-powered handheld blower is a professional quality tool designed to provide superior performance each time it’s used, making it a perfect choice for anyone who needs maximum power and convenience when clearing leaves and debris. 

If you’re fed up with inefficient electric or cordless leaf blowers that don’t quite cut it in terms of power output, then the Stihl BG 86 is what you need!

While it is designed to provide years of service, certain problems can arise with its use. So what should you do if you’re experiencing Stihl BG 86 problems?

This blog post will discuss the most common Stihl BG 86 problems and their potential solutions. Let’s get started! 

The Most Common Problems with Stihl BG 86

The Stihl BG 86 is a powerful and reliable gas leaf blower. However, like any other machine, it can sometimes experience problems that affect performance and reduce your satisfaction with the tool.

Some of the most common problems that have been reported include the following:

1. The engine won’t start.

If you are experiencing issues with your Stihl BG 86 and the engine won’t start, there could be several possible causes. From insufficient fuel in the tank to a problem with the spark plug or carburetor.

The first thing to do is to check that the fuel tank is properly filled and that there is sufficient fresh gas in the carburetor.

You may also need to perform essential maintenance on the spark plug and the air filter to ensure the engine is getting enough oxygen and fuel to start.

Additionally, you should check all the cables and wires to ensure they are properly connected and in good working condition.

Finally, if none of these steps help, taking your Stihl BG 86 to a professional for servicing, or replacement may be necessary.

2. The engine runs erratically or stalls frequently. 

If you are experiencing issues with your Stihl BG 86 and the engine is running erratically or stalling frequently, there could be several potential causes.

One common issue is that the carburetor may need to be cleaned or replaced, affecting how effectively the fuel mixes with oxygen to create the combustion needed to start and run the engine.

You may also need to adjust the air filter, affecting how much air is getting into the engine and altering its performance.

Finally, if none of these steps help, there may be an issue with the ignition system or fuel delivery system of your Stihl BG 86, and you may need to consult a professional for further repairs or maintenance.

3. Loss of power and excessive noise.

If you are experiencing issues with your Stihl BG 86 and the engine is losing power or producing excessive noise, there could be several potential causes.

One common issue to look out for is a buildup of dirt, debris, or sawdust in the air filter or carburetor that can affect how much oxygen the engine is getting.

You may also need to clean or replace the spark plug, as this can affect how efficiently and effectively the fuel is ignited to start your Stihl BG 86.

Finally, if none of these steps help, it is necessary to have a professional take a closer look at the engine to find the root cause of the issue.

4. Excessive smoke and vibration

This could be due to many factors; first, check that your muffler is installed correctly and tighten any loose screws on it if necessary.

Secondly, check if any debris is blocking the exhaust ports; remove any debris blocking them and clean out as much as possible with compressed air if needed.

Lastly, ensure that you are using high-quality fuel for your gas leaf blower – low-grade old fuel can cause excessive noise and smoke when running your blower engine.

If none of these solutions solves your problem, contact an authorized Stihl service provider for further assistance. 

5. Carburetor problems

If you are experiencing issues with your Stihl BG 86 and the carburetor is not performing as it should, there could be several potential causes.

Some common problems include a buildup of debris or sawdust in the carburetor, which can affect how well fuel mixes with oxygen to create combustion.

You may also need to perform basic maintenance on the air filter, fuel system, and other components of your Stihl BG 86 to ensure that it runs properly and efficiently.

6. Ignition problems

If you are experiencing issues with your Stihl BG 86 and the engine won’t start or is not firing properly, there could be several possible causes. This could include an issue with the spark plug or ignition system.

To troubleshoot this issue, you may need to perform basic maintenance on the spark plug and ignition system to ensure it is properly functioning.

This could include replacing the battery, checking all electrical connections, or cleaning out gum or dirt buildup.

In addition, you should clean the air filter and fuel tank to prevent any debris or blockages from interfering with the gas flow to the engine.

Suppose these initial troubleshooting guides do not resolve your ignition problems; you should consult a professional mechanic who can help identify and repair any underlying issues with your Stihl BG 86.

7. Clogged air filter

Another common issue that can affect the performance and operation of your Stihl BG 86 is a clogged air filter. This can prevent the machine from running efficiently, causing it to run slowly or struggle to cut through dense materials.

You may need to clean or replace the air filter, depending on its condition to address this problem.

This can be done by removing the air filter cover and gently wiping away any dirt or debris with a soft, clean cloth.

If the air filter is visibly dirty or damaged, you may need to replace it to restore optimal performance to your Stihl BG 86.

8. Dirty fuel line

Another common problem that can affect the performance of your Stihl BG 86 is a dirty fuel line. This could be caused by debris or buildup in the tank, which can restrict gas flow to the engine.

To address this issue, you may need to clean out your fuel lines and replace any worn or damaged parts as needed.

You may also want to check your fuel filter and replace it if necessary, as this can help prevent debris or other particles from affecting the performance of your Stihl BG 86.

9. Issues with the throttle trigger

Finally, if your Stihl BG 86 is not running properly or seems to struggle when cutting through thick materials, it may be due to an issue with the throttle trigger.

This could include issues with the trigger itself that may need to be adjusted or replaced or a faulty sensor preventing the engine from responding appropriately to different levels of the throttle.

To troubleshoot this issue, you may need to consult a professional mechanic who can carefully inspect and repair any problems with the trigger or other components affecting its operation.

With proper care and maintenance, your Stihl BG 86 should be able to deliver consistent performance for many years to come.

Stihl BG 86 problems: Are they a deal breaker?

The Stihl BG 86 gas-powered handheld blower is perfect for professionals who demand the best tools. However, like any other tool, it may experience common issues or problems over time.

Whether using your Stihl BG 86 for personal use or working with it on professional projects, it is important to look out for potential problem areas and address them as needed.

One of the most common issues is that the blower may not start. This could be due to different factors, such as a faulty spark plugclogged fuel filter, or dirty fuel lines, so you may need to take the Stihl leaf blower in for servicing if this issue persists. 

Other common Stihl BG 86 problems include issues with the throttle trigger and difficulty starting the tool in cold weather.

If you encounter any of these issues or others, addressing them as soon as possible is essential to ensure that your Stihl leaf blower is running properly and performing at its best.

But remember that if none of these solutions works, then it’s best to contact an authorized Stihl service provider to help resolve any additional issues with your blower engine.

With proper care and maintenance, this powerful tool can help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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