11 Most Common DeWalt 20V Blower Problems & Solutions

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The Dewalt 20V blower is powerful and versatile, but like all tools, it needs periodic maintenance to keep it running properly.

Dewalt 20v blower problems have been a hot topic lately. Many people have issues with their DeWalt 20v leaf blower and don’t know what to do about it.

This blog post will explore some of the most common issues people have with the DeWalt 20V blower and discuss ways to troubleshoot them.

Hopefully, you’ll better understand DeWalt 20v leaf blowers by the end of this article and how to fix any issues you may be experiencing with yours.

The Most Common Problems with DeWalt 20V Blower

Let’s discuss the DeWalt blower problems that people are experiencing as well as possible solutions to these problems.

If you’re having trouble with your DeWalt 20V leaf blower, these steps should help you get back up and running in no time. 

1. Noisy Blower Motor

The most common problem people experience with their DeWalt blower is noise from the motor. This is often caused by a worn motor bearing or misalignment of the motor.

To diagnose this issue, you should check for loose bolts on the blower housing and inspect the area around the motor for obstructions.

It may be necessary to replace the motor bearing to correct this issue.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a noisy blower motor:

  • Check for loose bolts on the blower housing
  • Inspect the area around the motor for obstructions
  • Replace the motor bearing if necessary
  • Contact DeWalt customer service if further assistance is needed.

2. Poor Air Flow

Clogged air filters or an obstructed air intake hose can cause poor airflow. To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking the air filter.

Suppose it is clogged; clean or replace it as necessary. Then check the air intake hose for any obstructions.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot poor airflow capacity:

  • Check the air filter and clean or replace it if necessary
  • Check the air intake hose for any obstructions
  • Contact DeWalt customer service if further assistance is needed.

3. Blower Won’t Start

If your DeWalt 20V blower doesn’t start, several possible causes exist.

First, ensure your battery is fully charged and check that all the switches are turned on before you try anything else.

You may also need to check the spark plug for corrosion or damage. If the spark plug is damaged, you should replace it with an OEM replacement part.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot DeWalt 20V leaf blowers that won’t start:

  • Ensure that the battery is fully charged
  • Check that all the switches are turned on
  • Inspect the spark plug for corrosion or damage
  • Replace the spark plug with an OEM replacement part if necessary

4. Blower Won’t Stay On

If your DeWalt 20V blower doesn’t stay on, it may be an issue with your motor or switch

You should first check the switch for any breaks or wear to diagnose this issue. If the switch is broken, it will need to be replaced. 

You should also inspect the motor for any corrosion or damage and replace it if necessary. 

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a DeWalt 20V blower that won’t stay on:

  • Check the switch for any breaks or wear
  • Replace the switch if necessary
  • Inspect the motor for any corrosion or damage
  • Replace the motor if necessary

5. Vacuum Hose Blockage

Your vacuum hose can become blocked due to built-up dust and debris over time which can limit air volume from the blower head itself.

To fix this issue, inspect your vacuum hose regularly for any blockages that may be present, and use a brush attachment on your hose if needed to clear out any debris that may be blocking airflow. 

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a DeWalt 20V blower with a blocked vacuum hose:

  • Remove the vacuum hose and inspect it for blockages
  • Use a brush attachment to clear out any debris in the hose

By following these steps, you can diagnose and fix common DeWalt 20V blower problems easily.

6. Weak Blower Output

Another common DeWalt 20v blower problem is weak output. Obstructed airways, a clogged filter, or worn-out impeller blades could cause this.

To troubleshoot this issue, inspect the filter for dirt and debris and clean it as necessary.

Additionally, check the airflow of the blower and look for obstructions. Finally, replace the impeller blades if they are worn down.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a weak blower output:

  • Inspect the filter for dirt and debris and clean as necessary
  • Check the airflow capacity of the blower and look for obstructions
  • Replace the impeller blades if they are worn down

7. Unresponsive On/Off Switch

Over time, wear and tear on the on/off switch may cause it to become unresponsive and not turn on when pressed down or stay on when rereleased.

To fix this issue, try replacing the switch with a new one before returning any other parts in the device.

In addition, ensure that all connections leading into it are securely fastened with no loose ends sticking out, whether nearby or far away from where it’s supposed to be located at all times!

8. Low Suction Power

When suction power becomes low due to age or damage, either of two things could be causing this issue:

Either there’s something blocking airflow into where it’s meant to go (i.e., clogged filters), faulty wiring within its internal components causing electrical current, and not working properly anymore.

To troubleshoot low suction power:

  • Check all filters and clean them as necessary.
  • Inspect all wiring to ensure it’s properly connected and secure.
  • If all else fails, contact Dewalt customer service for further assistance.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the DeWalt 20v blower with low suction power:

  • Check all filters and clean them as necessary
  • Inspect all wiring to ensure it’s properly connected and secure
  • Contact Dewalt customer service for further assistance if needed

9. Non-Responsive Trigger

Sometimes triggers can become unresponsive due to wear and tear, which means something needs replacing inside (like its spring mechanism) OR cleaning up any dirt/debris buildup around its contact points. 

So check both those possibilities first; if neither solves the problem, then it’s likely something else causing non-responsiveness. 

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the DeWalt 20v blower with a non-responsive trigger:

  • Check for any dirt/debris buildup around the trigger contact points and clean as necessary
  • Replace the spring mechanism if needed
  • Contact DeWalt customer service for further assistance if needed

10. Motor Overheating

Motors tend to overheat when used for long periods without sufficient rest, so try giving yours some breaks every now & then (about 10 minutes per hour should suffice).

Also, make sure everything else related directly to its operation is working correctly, like checking oil levels regularly + changing them out accordingly whenever necessary, because if left unchecked, then even worse damage could occur.

This means more costly repairs later, so please don’t let that happen!

11. Unusual Noises

A loose connection to worn-out bearings or blades could cause unusual noises. This is typically an easy fix if you can pinpoint the noise source.

To solve this issue, check all connections and tighten them as necessary. Additionally, inspect the impeller blades for signs of wear and tear and replace them if necessary.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the DeWalt 20v blower with unusual noises:

  • Check all connections and tighten them as necessary
  • Inspect the impeller blades for signs of wear and tear and replace them if needed.

DeWalt 20V Blower Problems: Are they a deal breaker?

The DeWalt 20V blower is the best leaf blower. It is a powerful tool that can help make any job more manageable. With proper maintenance and troubleshooting, you can get the most out of your DeWalt 20v. 

Maintenance is key to keeping any tool running smoothly for years on end—especially for tools like the DeWalt 20V blower! 

This post outlined the most common issues people experience with their DeWalt 20V blowers, along with steps you can take yourself to diagnose what’s causing each problem and find solutions accordingly too!

Hopefully, these tips have helped get your tool back up and running again soon enough!

If your DeWalt 20V blower is still not working after attempting these troubleshooting steps, contact DeWalt customer service for further assistance.

They will be able to help you diagnose and resolve any remaining issues with your DeWalt 20V blower.

Happy troubleshooting, everyone!

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