Stihl MS 211 Review: Is it worth buying in 2024?

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If you are in the market for a small chainsaw, the Stihl MS 211 is one of the best options. This saw is famous for its compact design and cutting efficiency. It has been running for quite some time. Since 2009, this saw has been a favorite of many homeowners.

In this Stihl MS 211 review, we’ll break down everything related to the features and specs of this mid-range saw. Also, we’ll shed light on its performance and uses. There is also a section for user experiences. So read on!

Stihl MS 211 Review

This chainsaw supports mid-range users who need plenty of power and sufficient speed. As a premium brand, Stihl makes innovative gasoline-powered chainsaws. For many reasons, this saw has been selected to be among a professional’s collection. It is also a preferred choice for casual users.

Here is a closer look at the quality, features, and performance.

Construction Quality & Materials

The MS211 is no exception to the mid-level chainsaws in the manufacturer’s collection. This means that its exteriors are made of high-quality and durable plastic. The engine contains some metal and plastic components. The bar and chain are made of stainless steel.

This chainsaw is part of the Stihl collection that is manufactured in the U.S. The saw consists of national and foreign components. However, the final production and finish are made in America. This suggests that the saw has ideal manufacturing standards and a high-quality finish.


The technical specifications and features of the Stihl ms 211 are why users love this saw. These features ensure its efficient performance despite its compact size. There are many advanced features that you usually find in more expensive and heavier chainsaws.

1. Power source

The Stihl MS 211 is a petrol chainsaw. It comes with the well-known STIHL 2-stroke engines, which need a steady oil-fuel mix of 50:1.

2. Engine displacement

This chainsaw comes with a small engine. It has a capacity of 35.22 cc. But this small capacity does not mean it is not powerful. It provides sufficient power for the tasks it is supposed to do.

3. Powerhead weight

This chainsaw is one of the lightest gas models out there. It weighs 4.3 kilograms (9.5 pounds). This lightweight design allows you to carry the saw for longer hours and move it all around your property without feeling like a burden.

4. Engine power

This is an important thing to consider when judging any chainsaw. The higher this number gets, the more powerful a machine is. This engine has 2.3 bhp. This number is not small compared to the engine capacity and the compatible cutting accessories.

5. Guide bar sizes

This chainsaw is compatible with 3 different sizes of guide bars. The manufacturer recommends an 18-inch bar. However, for smaller cutting projects, you can choose smaller bars. So, this saw accommodates 14″ and 16″ bars.

6. Fuel Tank capacity

This small chainsaw comes with a small tank of gas. This is a drawback for most users. It can only hold up to 9.1 ounces of the recommended fuel. However, there are a few great features to compensate for the decreased capacity. This includes the transparent tank to determine the right amount of fluid inside.

Also, the tank comes with a large opening to avoid spillage. Moreover, you can open and close the cap of this tank easily without any tools.

7. Chain oil tank

The capacity of the bar and chain lubricant is not large. It has a very similar power to the fuel tank. It can hold up to only 9 ounces of the right type of lubricant. Just like the gas tank, the oil tank is translucent as well. This way, you can easily keep an eye on the oil level.

Aside from the ability to monitor bar oil consumption, the saw has an Ematic lubrication system. This will not only decrease the waste in the consumption of chain lubricant. It will also keep the process of lubrication automatic without the need for manual intervention.

8. Side-access Chain tensioner

This great feature allows for easy adjustment of the sharp chain. This spares you the trouble of using a scrench to remove the side panel and loosen the bar nuts. The side-mounted chain tensioning features let you tighten the chain within fractions of a second.

This helpful feature is only found in some well-known electric chainsaws, such as the Milwaukee M18 chainsaw.

9. STIHL Anti-vibration system

This standard feature in almost all modern Stihl gas chainsaw collections makes users more comfortable. The vibrations from a chainsaw are disturbing while holding this power tool. This is where this technology steps in. It minimizes the sensation of vibration.

This technology reduces the sensation of operator fatigue thanks to isolating the handle from the engine and chain. This not only increases your comfort but also increases your overall safety.

10- Stihl Elastostart

This chainsaw is easy to start due to the presence of elastostart technology. This technology is patented by Stihl. It aims to reduce the amount of force required to activate this saw. This way, you don’t have to pull the starter cord multiple times.

11. Single-lever Master control

With one control lever, you will have different functions in one place. This lever contains the throttle lock and on-off switch right under each other. So, no more looking for a throttle trigger to adjust the choke positioning for proper starting.

12. Intelicarb compensating carburetor

This function will give you some peace of mind regarding adjusting the carb. This advanced carburetor will keep the appropriate fuel-air mixture flowing into the engine. This option keeps the necessary combustion mixture constant without any intervention from your side.

13. STIHL Quickstop®

This advanced chain brake system improves your safety and protection. This option allows you to stop the rotating chain once you hit the button instantly. This additional chain braking feature is also helpful in controlling the chain in the event of kicking back.


The performance of the Stihl MS 211 is excellent and has much to offer. It provides decent cutting speed and efficient performance with its 2.5 k.g/kW power-to-weight ratio. You can rely on this machine for a wide range of projects. You can use it to fell medium size trees.

Also, it can remove dry and dead tree limbs. Moreover, it is efficient at clearing any property.

The Stihl MS 211 is a valuable addition to your outdoor power equipment collection with its powerful, low-emission, fuel-efficient engine. The ideal users of this chainsaw are DIY enthusiasts and professional operators who accomplish small-time projects.

Stihl MS 211 Reviews: What Do People Say?

Mid-range chainsaw operators appreciate what this saw offers. It is good at cutting small or medium trees. Even cutting firewood is possible with this saw due to its long bar. For over a decade, this chainsaw has gained a positive reputation.

Among the things that people liked about the Stihl ms211 are the ergonomic design and the smart carburetor. Also, they like the ultimate portability offered by this lightweight chainsaw.

Moreover, it is a quiet saw when in operation. Being quiet is another desirable feature that many users love about the saw. It only produces 113 dBA as the sound pressure level.

User Feedback

Generally, users are happy with the price and quality of this chainsaw. They love the ease of running, idling, and cleaning its parts. The easily removable air filter is mentioned multiple times as a great feature.

However, some users were expecting more from this chainsaw. They were disappointed by the incompetent performance in cutting large and hardwood trees. This is not the cutting you expect from Stihl MS 211.

Additionally, some users faced an issue with bar oil leaking despite being satisfied with the overall performance of the saw. Also, other users were unhappy with the frequent loosening of chain tensioning.

Product Satisfaction

On Stihl’s official website, you will find a reviews and ratings section for this chainsaw. It got a 3.9-star rating out of 5. Nearly 350 users have reviewed it. Nearly 195 users gave it the full mark, while 55 gave it 4 out of 5. 47 users have given this only one star.

Customer Service

Stihl’s is a major brand, but its customer service could improve. They need to be known for being fast and responsive to users’ complaints. Also, they need an active social media team that instantly responds to complaints or negative reviews. However, you can complete an online form and wait for a response.

As for the warranty coverage, your Stihl ms211 is covered for two years. This 2-year warranty only covers domestic users. On the other hand, professional uses are protected by only a one-year warranty.

You can also return your Stihl ms211 within 7 days of the purchase date. This is only valid when you return the saw in its original shape and with empty tanks.

The best thing you can do to preserve the value of your investment is to buy from an authorized dealer. You can use the Stihl website to find the best dealers in your area.

Should You buy the Stihl MS 211?

For nearly $320, you can get an 18-inch Stihl MS211. It is a considerably low price, especially for the value and performance you are getting. It is an excellent option for domestic use and can be among a professional’s collections. It comes with a small yet versatile engine.

You won’t be disappointed if you use this saw for small or mid-size cutting jobs. It can go beyond expectations in this matter. Still, it won’t fall large hardwood trees in forests.

The Stihl MS 211 is a great small and mid-range cutting power tool. It has a compact size and functional ergonomics. This saw has a reliable engine and durable components. It is made of treated p high-quality plastic and produced in the U.S. Stihl MS211 is an affordable option that can help in many domestic woodwork-related tasks.

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