Greenworks vs Ego: Which one is the best choice in 2024?

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It may seem simple to buy a new lawnmower. But as soon as you look around the market, you will see that it isn’t.

It might be a little intimidating to choose a brand when so many options are available. Thankfully, two companies, Greenworks and EGO, stand out among the numerous available choices.

We’re comparing Greenworks and EGO to see which company offers the highest-quality lawnmowers. Consequently, this post will be both entertaining and educational.

Gardening is a common passion of house owners. Maintaining a yard is an excellent way to relieve tension, stimulate the senses, and create a comfortable environment.

Electric lawnmowers are made for users of all skill levels and are equipped with premium features and simple controls. The rapid charging times and long runtimes of EGO lawnmowers are legendary.

Greenworks vs Ego: Quick Overview

Make sure you get the most value for your money when looking for a lawnmower to meet your needs. 

People interested in cordless battery lawnmowers should pay close attention because many businesses make grand promises but just provide a piece of granite.

The two primary producers of battery-powered lawnmowers are Greenworks and Ego. 

Chinese multinational company Chevron is the owner of EGO. Chevron founded a small manufacturing business called EGO in 1993. Ego creates gas-powered substitutes after more than 20 years in the tool manufacturing business.

After finding success in businesses, it developed into a worldwide powerhouse and is currently being transformed into versions of homes for ordinary people to utilize. Available in more than 65 countries, millions of copies have been sold.

Greenworks, a North American company, is the most popular brand of cordless electric lawnmowers among homeowners. 

Greenworks was founded in 2007 by a group of Globe Tools. It has a solid reputation for producing electric lawnmowers.

The 24V series, the initial majority of cordless lawnmowers manufactured by the company, contained just one battery. 

Thanks to the development of employing several batteries, Greenworks lawnmowers can now compete in the current market.

An ecologically friendly substitute for conventional gas-powered lawn tools and equipment has been the goal of Greenworks Tools, a relatively new firm. Its headquarters are in Seattle, where it set up shop in 2017.

Despite being a young business, it has established a strong reputation because of its commitment to quality, emphasis on online shopping, and equipment that has a unique bright green color.

However, Chevron, a larger company with its headquarters in China, also owns a smaller brand called Ego. 

Ego was created by Chevron, which has over 20 years of experience, to develop alternatives to conventional gas-powered tools and equipment.

The ordinary person may now use it at home because of the business sector’s growing popularity and the expansion of residential versions.

Greenworks: Overview

A firm specializing in the production of battery-powered/electric outdoor equipment and tools for lawn care, gardening, landscaping upkeep, groundwork, forestry, and agriculture is known as Greenworks, also known as Greenworks Tools.

They manufacture various equipment and tools for industrial, domestic, and small- and large-scale green maintenance.

Greenworks engineering’s goal is to promote environmentally friendly green maintenance tools by doing away with the usage of gas-powered equipment that pollutes the environment.

Greenworks lawnmowers not only fill this purpose but are also made to be simple to operate and to reduce noise pollution. Lawnmowers made by Greenworks are renowned for their cordless design and quiet electric motors.

The company’s main office is in Mooresville, North Carolina, 500 South Main Street, Cotton Mill Complex. Greenworks employs up to 5000 individuals, with 80% of its staff based in China and the remaining 20% spread out over the globe.

Under a previous name, Greenworks first appeared in Canada in 2004. Yin Chen, the chief executive officer and largest stakeholder of the Globe Tools Group, started the business. 

The firm was founded by battery-powered outdoor equipment proponent Yin Chen out of a desire to create a viable, eco-friendly substitute for gas lawnmowers.

Before introducing the Greenworks brand in 2009, the Globe Tools Group originally produced its first cordless string trimmer in 2007.

Since 2011, Greenworks has introduced several products, including the 40V Cordless Mower, 80V Mowers, 60V Mowers, 82V ZTR Cordless Mowers, and the 60V Gen ll Mowers.

EGO: Overview

EGO is a competitor to Greenworks, specializing in producing cordless battery-powered tools and machinery for green maintenance, gardening, forestry, lawn, and landscape maintenance, including patented ARC Lithium batteries compatible with universal use.

Chevron, a Chinese manufacturer of power tools, is the organization that created the EGO brand. Peter Pan, one of Chevron’s three initial founders, founded the business in 1993. Chevron produces automotive components as well. 

After five years of research, testing, and spending on quality assurance, power tool production finally started in 1997.

Chevron is currently one of the world’s top power tool manufacturers, providing over 30,000 hardware stores and merchants with lawnmowers and other machines under the EGO brand.

The EGO 56V, EGO Power load String Trimmer, and EGO Select Cut Lawnmower are some of Chevron’s most popular items.

Finding the proper recipe with their research and development teams, the firm, which initially started as a parts/components reseller, moved on to producing power tools.

Having been in the industry for at least 23 years, Chevron upgraded its products to meet western standards, shattering the myth that Chinese goods were “poor quality knock-offs.”

For a battery-powered lawn mower, EGO was the first business to succeed. Other mowers were available, but none possessed the strength or functionality that was truly desired. 

Similarly to how Tesla altered our perceptions of electric vehicles, EGO revolutionized the OPE industry when it first entered the market.

Greenworks vs Ego: The comparison

What lawnmower, out of Greenworks and EGO Power Plus, is the greatest, as you have been waiting to know? 

You must confirm that the model you want is in the same class as those produced by these two businesses, which provide a variety of lawnmowers with various features.

In other words, you must evaluate characteristics that fall within the same price range because, in most circumstances, a more costly lawnmower is of higher quality and offers superior performance than a less expensive model. 

To select the best lawnmower for your purposes, you must take into consideration several factors, like the following ones.


The reality is that most Greenworks mowers are not self-propelling and hence take more effort than you may need while operating with an Ego mower, even if they are lighter than Ego mowers and can make a case for superior maneuverability.

Greenworks mowers are lighter than Ego’s versions, providing more flexibility and control, but they fall short in terms of self-propelling characteristics.

And here is where EGO triumphs, despite being heavier and more difficult to store.

You may reduce the effort required to mow flat ground by using a self-propelling motor, which reduces the amount of pushing required.

The maneuverability category is tied all together. Choose Greenworks if you want more control over complex situations.

However, the self-propelling EGO mowers are unrivaled if you simply mow flat surfaces.


Mowers made by Greenworks may use batteries with an 80V capacity, which provides exceptional power and long battery life. Its corded lawnmowers have an approximate 13 AMP output.

However, EGO’s entire power capability is only up to 56V. These provide the same power as an 80V battery from Greenworks due to its batteries’ somewhat higher efficiency.

It may be inferred that Greenworks’ corded lawn mower models have higher power than EGO’s cordless lawn mower models, despite the fact that these differences are not very noticeable.

As a result, the change is minimal. However, it is safe to state that any Greenworks corded mower will have far greater power than any EGO cordless mower.


A 56-volt lithium-ion battery is used in EGO lawnmowers. In contrast, Greenworks mowers’ lithium-ion batteries have a voltage range of 24 to 80 volts. Greenworks produces batteries that are even 80 volts, which is higher than the peak power output of 50 to 56 volts offered by EGO.

A battery’s power is determined by a number of factors, not only the voltage of the battery. A crucial factor is the battery’s capacity. 

The voltage and capacity of the battery determine its output power. Compared to Greenworks, the EGO battery packs are much more durable. Therefore, we may conclude that EGO has longer battery life.


The motor and brush are often linked in EGO lawn mower models. Some models allow for an exception. The majority of Greenworks lawn mower models often use brushless motors, in contrast.

Less friction and voltage dips are produced with brushless motor mower motors. The motor’s performance and longevity will be improved by keeping it cool.

This leads us to conclude that a Greenworks lawn mower has a brushless motor, whereas an EGO lawn mower has a brushed motor.


Here is how the two models compare if durability is an issue for you, especially if you plan to use your mower for an extended period of time.

Mowers made by Greenworks operate well, lasting more than 5 years without experiencing major damage. Their batteries are powerful and high-strain, ideal for demanding usage. 

However, Greenworks contains a lot of plastic components that might degrade faster. EGO lawnmowers are pricey because of their incredibly durable construction.

Because of their extreme resilience, you might not have any problems with their durability. An EGO mower is less likely to wear out or break since superior materials are used.


EGO is a little more sophisticated and is made so that you don’t have to worry too much about maintaining it. EGO requires less time and effort for cleaning or replacement.

In comparison, Greenworks features fewer robust components and a somewhat poorer design, which makes it challenging to clean, maintain, and repair.

EGO has immaculate characteristics that offer it an advantage, yet if you look closely, the difference might not be very noticeable.


A lawnmower shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Even if you plan to utilize it to increase your income (by working as a landscaper or mowing people’s lawns), you still want something that won’t deplete your savings.

The best option in that situation would be Greenworks. Greenworks lawnmowers are unmatched in terms of affordability, particularly corded models. The price difference between them and an EGO mower might be as much as 50%.

However, EGO still prevails in terms of long-term expenses. EGO mowers not only require less upkeep and feature parts that last longer, but they also require less charging time. 


These two manufacturers provide respectable warranties. On the other hand, it is acceptable to conclude that one has a few more benefits than the other. For batteries and components, for instance, Greenworks offers a 4-year guarantee.

Most people will find this warranty to be great. Then there is EGO, which offers a warranty of up to 5 years on parts and 3 years on the battery.

EGO lawnmowers have a hardware guarantee that ranges from three to five years, depending on the model, as well as a battery warranty that lasts three years.

Greenworks vs. Ego: Which is the best?

Based on the above facts, you must decide what is best for you. More so than the next individual or a salesperson, you are the expert on your requirements.

Different client demands and requirements are met by one or more of the several lawnmower models that Greenworks and EGO both provide.

With little work on your side, these small pieces of equipment will cut your grass, giving you a nicely trimmed lawn every week. 

Finally, an EGO mower performs better than its rivals in terms of battery power, strength, mobility, and, most significantly, lifespan.

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