John Deere S160 vs S170: Which is the best in 2024?

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John Deere provides two great options in the S160 and S170 Lawn Tractors for homeowners looking to keep their lawns in top condition.

These two tractors are popular options among homeowners looking for reliable and efficient machines to do their yard work.

They come packed with features that make mowing your lawn easier.

So deciding which lawn tractor to buy can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider when making the right choice, including sizepower, and price.

In this blog post, we’ll compare two popular models from John Deerethe S160 and the S170—to help you make an informed decision. 

John Deere S160 vs John Deere S170: Quick overview

The John Deere S160 and S170 are both high-quality riding lawnmowers offering a range of features to help you look great in your yard. The S160 is slightly older but still offers many of the same benefits as the newer s170. 

Let’s take a closer look at these two John Deere mowers.

John Deere S160 Overview

The S160 is a powerful machine designed to tackle any terrain you throw at it.

It comes equipped with a 24-horsepower engine, which provides plenty of power for tackling even the toughest lawns.

This mower also has a 42-inch cutting deck and dual blades for a smooth finish on your grass every time.

Additionally, the S160 also features an adjustable seat, allowing you to find the perfect position while mowing.

Finally, this mower has an impressive 6 mph forward speed, making it easy to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. 

John Deere S170 Overview

The S170 is the top-of-the-line model from John Deere and packs quite a punch.

This mower comes equipped with a 25-horsepower engine and a 48-inch cutting deck for larger yards or acreages.

It also features twin blades for an even cut each time around the yard.

The S170 also comes with an adjustable seat for maximum comfort while operating the machine and an impressive 8 mph forward speed for covering more ground faster than ever before. 

John Deere S160 vs John Deere S170: The comparison

If you’re shopping for a new lawn tractor, you may come across the John Deere S160 and S170 models.

But what sets them apart from each other? Let’s dive into the key differences between the John Deere S160 and S170! 


The John Deere S160 and S170 are two high-end lawn tractors that offer a range of advanced features. 

These include a simple, one-touch gear selection, an AC motor for superior power, and specialized mowing decks designed to deliver superior performance in small spaces. 

Other convenient features include hydrostatic transmission for easier turning capability, cruise controlfoam padded steering wheel grip for more relaxed operation, tight turning radius, adjustable cutting height, and an LED headlight providing extra illumination during evening mowing. 

Above all else, these tractor models come with exceptional warranties that ensure worry-free use and reliable operation.

Also, both tractors have a comfortable ride – with reduced vibrations thanks to the thickly padded seat and ergonomic design.

In addition, both models feature cruise control to make mowing easier and an ISO-mounted clutch/brake lever to help reduce fatigue. 

Overall, the S160 and S170 have plenty of features that make them comfortable for long periods.


For professionals looking for a simple and efficient work companion, the John Deere S160 and S170 are attractive options. 

However, these models have some glaring disadvantages that should be considered before making a purchase. 

Chief among them is their relatively small decks (42 inches for the S160 and 48 inches for the S170). This makes them ill-suited for more advanced landscaping tasks such as killing thick weeds or clearing large plots of land. 

Furthermore, their transmissions fail to match those offered by competitors, with only 5 forward speeds and no reverse option. These could be deal breakers for those needing more than the basics.

Difference between John Deere S160 and John Deere S170

1. Engine Power 

The John Deere S160 is powered by a single-cylinder OHV engine with an output of 24 hp, while the S170 boasts a more powerful twin-cylinder V-twin engine that offers up to 25 hp.

The S170 has more power than its counterpart, making it better suited for larger yards or tougher tasks like tilling the soil or moving heavy objects. 

2. Size 

The S160 is smaller than the S170, with a wheelbase of 46 inches, compared to the S170’s 54-inch wheelbase.

This makes the S160 easier to maneuver in tight spaces and around obstacles like trees and shrubs.

However, the extra size of the S170 allows it to carry larger loads and easily pull heavier attachments. 

3. Cutting Ability 

Both tractors have 42-inch cutting decks that can cut wide swaths of grass quickly and efficiently.

However, the S160 is limited in deck width; it can only be upgraded up to 42 inches, while the S170 can accommodate up to 54-inch decks for even faster mowing times.  

4. Turning Radius 

When it comes to turning radius, both models have tight turning capabilities – but the S160 takes it one step further with a 6-inch smaller turning radius compared to the S170 (which has a 20-inch turning radius).

This makes navigating tight corners or obstacles in your yard easier.

5. Mowing Deck Design

The mowing deck designs on both tractors are slightly different – with the S160 having a deep deck design that helps lift grass for an even cut, while the S170 has a flat deck which allows for quicker mowing times. 

Both designs help deliver superior performance and leave behind evenly cut grass.  

Both models are great options – but it depends on your individuality.

6. Max Speed

The S170 has a higher top speed of 5.5 mph, while the S160 is slightly slower at 4.8 mph. 

This is due to the engines in both models – the S170 has a 25 hp V-Twin engine, while the S160 has 24 hp. 

The S170 also has a greater range of speed options than the S160, giving you more control over your mowing speed. 

Overall, while both models have ample power and speed for most lawns, the S170 is slightly faster and gives you more control to adjust your mowing speed.

7. Comfort Features

The S160 has a high-back seat with adjustable armrests and foam padding, while the S170 has an even more comfortable suspension seat with a unique design that conforms to your body shape.

8. Accelerator Pedal Position

The accelerator pedal position differs between these two models.

The S160 has an operator-controlled variable speed pedal at the rear of the machine for easy access. In contrast, the S170 has a fingertip-controlled, infinitely variable speed pedal at the front for fine-tuned control.

9. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity also differs between these two models.

The S160 has enough space to store up to 4 bags of grass clippings/mulch in its 2-gallon bagger system, while the S170 has enough space to store up to 5 bags of grass clippings/mulch in its 3-gallon bagger system.  

10. Fuel Capacity 

The fuel capacity also differs between these two models.

The S160 has a capacity of a 1.5-gallon fuel tank, while the S170 is slightly larger with a 2.5-gallon fuel tank.

This means you can go for longer periods without a refuel, making the S170 a better option for large jobs or acreage with lots of grass to mow.

11. Maintenance Requirements

The John Deere S160 and S170 have very similar maintenance requirements.

Both models use the same oil filter, air filter, and spark plugs, making it easy to keep running in top condition.

In addition, both feature an integrated battery system that makes jump-starting easier in case of dead batteries. 

12. Price

The prices for these two models vary significantly depending on where you purchase them.

However, you can generally expect to pay approximately $2,500 for an S160 lawn tractor and around $3,000 for an E170 lawn tractor.

So you can expect to pay more for an S170 than an S160 due to its increased engine power and larger storage capacity (as well as other features such as cruise control).  

John Deere S160 vs S170: Which is the best?

Few machines can compare to the power and efficiency of John Deere’s S160 and S170 Lawn Tractors when it comes to getting your lawn looking its best. 

Both models come packed with plenty of features that make them great choices for any homeowner who wants to maintain their property in style and comfort. 

So when comparing John Deere’s S160 and E170 lawn tractors, there are several key differences between them when it comes to power outputsize/weight capacitycutting ability, and price tag. 

Ultimately, which is right for you will depend on your specific needs and budget constraints, but either way, you will be satisfied by their performance and reliability! 

Considering everything from engine power and storage capacity to cost-effectiveness, you can pick out which model best fits your requirements and budget!

Regardless of which model you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the best lawn tractors on the market today!

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