6 Most Common Kubota B2650 Problems & Solutions

Kubota B2650 is one of the most well-known compact tractors. Despite not being in production, the model is still widely used. This is due to its great specs and features.

The engine in this diesel tractor has 26 horsepower. The advanced hydraulic system has a high capacity to facilitate the machine’s work.

However, all the features won’t make this tractor free of problems. Some users are reporting some issues with their Kubota B2650. The Kubota B2650 has minor concerns regarding starting difficulties, overheating, knocking sounds, and gear-shifting challenges.

If you are facing one or more Kubota b2650 problems, this article helps you identify and solve them.

The Most Common Problems with Kubota B2650

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Kubota’s compact tractors in the B-series are among the least problematic. They have versatile engines and high-quality components that leave no room for negative user experiences.

The presence of some issues does not guarantee that there will be some disruptions while on site. You can tackle many of these repetitive Kubota B2650 problems if you know the basics of tractor maintenance.

1. Difficulty starting the engine

The powerful and reliable diesel engine of your Kubota B2650 is not supposed to give you a hard time while trying to start. It should not stall or break down after starting, either.

If you face either of these issues, you must look at the battery. A battery’s problem could be as simple as a need for a recharge or as complicated as being dead.

To work efficiently on your tractor’s battery, you need to start by cleaning its terminals. Then, give it a proper charge and see where things go. Lastly, any swelling means that your battery is no longer vital. Then you should get a replacement.

After testing your battery, you need to inspect the fuel system. The fuel levels should always be full. Also, make sure you are using fresh, properly viscous fuel. Additionally, perform regular cleaning to keep the fuel pipes and filter-free of clogs or buildup.

Another vital issue that leads to power failure in your Kubota B2650 is a clogged air filter. Consider buying a new one instead of wasting your energy and time trying to clean it. Cleaning a paper air filter can cause it to become damaged.

2. Constant overheating

This is a common problem with both diesel and gasoline compact tractors. However, the causes and treatments are a bit different. The first place you should look is at the radiator.

This part of the engine is responsible for cooling it down. Some faulty parts could make it difficult for the radiator to do its job. This includes a loose or broken cap. So, either tighten the cap or get a new one.

Additionally, the radiator could be plugged with fuel deposit buildup or debris. So, it needs some proper cleaning. Aside from cleaning, the main problem could be a lack of coolant.

The levels of the fluid could drop all at once. So, you must refill the radiator with the right type of coolant.

Another vital component that could lead to engine overheating is a malfunctioning thermostat. As a result, you should double-check that there is nothing wrong with it.

To do that, you need to test it by measuring the temperature of some boiling water. It would be best if you changed a faulty thermostat.

3. Unusual noise coming from the engine

It is usual for the Kubota B2650 engine to make moderate noise while running. However, this should be alarming for you when it gets abnormal and unusual. The machine’s abnormal temperatures significantly contribute to the engine’s unusual noise. 

We have thoroughly addressed this issue in the previous paragraph. Aside from excessive engine heat, your Kubota B2650 could run out of engine oil. You can readjust the fluid level.

The engine’s pistons could contribute to the strange noise. There could be worn-out piston rings. Alsothe pistons have attached wiring clips that get damaged after some operating time.

These need to be changed as you can’t fix them. Inspecting the pin bores is mandatory to determine the condition of these pistons. Replacing them saves you all this hassle.

4. Air in the fuel lines

While air is essential for fuel burning, it should not be inside the fuel lines. In this case, the engine would seize to correct pressurization.

Additionally, air will stand in the way of fuel reaching and feeding the engine properly. In addition to the rough operation of your Kubota B2650, it may emit strange orange exhaust.

These two warning signs mean that you have no other way but to bleed the air out of the fuel lines. While at it, you must inspect the lines for wear and tear. This helps avoid future air leaks. You can watch some tutorials if you need more clarification about bleeding the lines.

5. Blades are becoming dull

The blades are an integral part of the Kubota B2650. They should always be sharp to assist in digging and leveling the ground at the work site. It is usual for these blades to become dull with frequent use and improper maintenance.

Improperly addressing the dullness issue can jeopardize the quality of your work. You should keep a regular sharpening routine that ensures the blades never go dull. Despite being an easy task, it is not safe for everyone. If you are not used to performing this task, it is better to seek professional help.

6. Steering difficulty

If you notice that steering your Kubota B2650 is unusual, you should look in several directions. First and foremost, make sure the tires are at the right pressure. Flat tires are challenging to control.

Additionally, you should investigate the situation in the hydraulic system. This means looking at the levels of the transmission oil. Use the manual for guidance on the proper levels.

Also, the steering gear might require some greasiness. This simple maintenance action should always be a part of casual servicing. Such an action makes the steering components run smoothly.

Last but not least, you should take a look at the tractor’s front axle. It could be bent, which would negatively affect the correct alignment of the tractor.

So, it would be tough to steer perfectly with a bent axle. In this case, you should take your Kubota B2650 to a professional to correct the situation.

Kubota B2650 Problems: Are they a deal breaker?

No, all these repetitive Kubota B2650 problems do not make them a deal breaker. They are minor problems that you can quickly treat.

Even better, most of these issues can be avoided if you keep your Kubota B2650 properly serviced and maintained. As for casual wear and tear, it is normal for replaceable components on all tractors.

As long as you carefully attend to your machine, you can run it for years without any problematic issues. The Kubota B2650 is one of the best investments in compact utility tractors.

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