Kubota LA765: Review, Price, Problems, Specs & Attachments

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One of the loader attachments available for the Kubota L4701 tractor is the LA765. Double-acting lifting and bucket cylinders are both parts of the loader’s equipment. 

The Kubota LA765 front-end loader can raise objects up to a maximum height of 2673 mm (105.2) with a lift capacity of 764 kg (1684 lb) at the pin, as well as the 1433 kg breakout force of the bucket (3153 lb).

2063 mm is the complete dump clearance at a maximum dump angle of 41 degrees ” (81.2″). The maximum height is reached in 4 seconds, and the full bucket is dumped in 1.6 seconds, according to the rated cycle times.

The Kubota LA765 may use 6-foot regular material buckets or heavy-duty material buckets with a piled capacity of 0.37 cu.m (13.1 cu. ft) or 6-foot light material buckets with a heaping capacity of 0.45 cu.m (16 cu. ft).

Kubota LA765: Review

The Kubota LA765 is a LA series lawn harvester from the Kubota Company. It is a garden lawn mower with a 765cc 3-cylinder diesel engine and a power output of 23.5 horsepower. 

According to the manufacturer, it has a 72-inch mower with a three-blade cutting system and a cutting capacity of 8.5. The machine also has a hydrostatic transmission system and a hydraulic steering system, allowing easy and precise handling.

In addition, it features a three-blade grass-cutting system that allows users to adjust the cutting height.

The Kubota LA765’s release year is unknown because information on it was discontinued in 2021. Nevertheless, it is an older model and could have been introduced years ago.

Regarding cost, a used Kubota LA765 machine’s worth might change based on certain factors such as its condition, usage history, and other factors. We estimate the cost without knowing the precise time, but we can suggest that a grass harvester of this caliber and features is worth around $12,000 and $18,000.

It is crucial to remember that the cost might change based on the vendor, the buyer’s location, and other elements. Some of the virtues of the Kubota LA765 include the following:


With a 3-cylinder diesel engine and 23.5 horsepower, the LA765 is capable of handling tough terrain and large lawn areas with ease.

This greatly facilitates the use of your machinery to carry out the work on your land in an ideal way. 

Three-Blade Cutting System

The three-blade cutting system allows for a precise and clean cut, helping to keep the lawn in good condition.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission allows for easy gear shifting and precise handling, making it easy to operate.

Hydraulic Steering

The hydraulic steering system allows for precise and easy handling, making it easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach areas.

Cutting Height Adjustment System

The cutting height adjustment system allows users to adjust the cutting height to suit the needs of the lawn and weather conditions.

High-Quality Blades 

The Kubota LA765 features high-quality blades that ensure excellent performance and durability.

Compact Design

The compact design of the LA765 makes it easy to store and transport.

Kubota LA765 Problems

It is important to note that some problems may vary depending on the use, maintenance, and care given to the machine. 

It is important to mention that these problems are not common in all Kubota LA765 units. Therefore, checking the machine’s condition before purchasing it is crucial.

Some of the common problems that have been reported with the Kubota LA765 include the following:

Ignition or Starting Problems

Some users have reported problems starting the engine, which a discharged battery or a faulty ignition system can cause. Troubleshooting the mechanical parts is necessary if your Kubota tractor is having difficulties starting.

Tractors require battery power to start, much like automobiles. It won’t start if the battery in your Kubota tractor is dead. You should be able to test to see if the problem is with your battery, as it is a simple process.

To test whether this fixes your issue, it’s worth charging the battery. The voltage may be low if your tractor has been left idle for a long time.

The battery on your Kubota tractor may have trouble conducting current if the connections are loose. This is a highly likely problem if you turn your key in and nothing occurs.

Before changing any parts, test whether tightening or loosening the battery wires fixes the issue.

It’s possible that damaged safety switches are to blame if your Kubota tractor is having trouble starting. These are crucial safety features that stop the tractor from being accidentally started by unauthorized people.

The tractor has safety switches in several locations to stop this from happening. The tractor won’t start if one of these switches has been triggered.

Transmission Problems

Some users have reported problems with the hydrostatic transmission, such as difficulty shifting gears or a malfunctioning transmission.

You will undoubtedly experience shifting issues when driving; in the worst-case scenario, the transmission will completely fail. Because it is a shifting issue, you won’t notice it until you are moving at the proper speed and rpm.

In most cases, this issue may be fixed by replacing the worn-out transmission oil pump. In some instances, it has been observed that this problem may be fixed by removing and rebuilding the oil pumps.

Kubota hydrostatic transmissions may have temperature problems and overheat if their fluid is contaminated. Another frequent issue with Kubota hydrostatic transmission is fluid contamination brought on by system leakage.

After the transmission has cooled, examine the condition of the gearbox oil. If it is entirely black and excessively thick, change it. If the cause of this issue is your clutch, you should also inspect it.

Cutting System Problems

Some users have reported problems with the cutting system, such as blades not cutting properly.

Typically, Kubota LA765 decks produce an excellent cut. A bent, worn-out, or imbalanced mower blade, an uneven mower deck, a low tire, a clogged mower deck, worn spindle or pulley bearings, or a worn belt can all affect the quality of the cut.

Your poor cut may potentially be the result of operator mistakes. The cut quality of your Kubota mower can also be impacted by improper path overlap, high ground speed operation, and low engine speed.

Simply adjust the cut height with all four wheels in position 1 or 2 until the desired cut height is reached if you are knowledgeable enough about lawn care.

Call a professional to assist you in properly adjusting the height of the cut if you don’t have adequate expertise in caring for your grass.

Steering System Problems

Some users have reported problems with the power steering system, such as steering that feels hard or not responding properly.

However, this issue can be avoided easily. Simply disconnect the weep hole often, allowing clogged water to escape from the steering shaft.

Ensure that the stopper is frequently cleaned of dirt and debris so the water can drain. Avoid leaving your tractor parked outside in the weather, and check and replace the top steering column bushing as needed.

Kubota LA765 Maintenance

One of the many seasons of the year when we require our tractors is the winter since it might be difficult.

Although Kubota tractors are tough and primarily weatherproof, there are several things you can do to enhance the operation of your tractor in the winter.

Here are some short maintenance procedures you can carry out on your Kubota tractor LA765 in the fall to prepare it for the winter.

Check the Tires Pressure

During the winter, you should check the pressure frequently. Tires might slip off the bead and pose serious problems if the tire pressure drops too low because of the cold weather. 

Examining such items in advance is preferable because this always appears to occur when you need to use the tractor.

Take Care of your Fuel

Diesel gasoline can gel in extremely cold temperatures. There are several gasoline additives available that can stop this. Most users typically use the brand Winter Power in all Kubota tractors.

Check the Battery

Nothing is more annoying than a dead battery when you’re trying to start your Kubota to clear some snow. Before it becomes chilly, make sure your battery is in good condition.

Check that the Air Filter is Clean

Double-check that your air filter is clean if you have a dry fall. You don’t want your tractor to have trouble breathing and lose power when you need it most.

Change the Fuel Filter

Replace your fuel filter since they tend to accumulate water over time. It is a good idea to start with a new fuel filter to get rid of the water before the temperature drops below freezing.

Kubota LA765 Price 

When discussing the cost of the Kubota LA765, it is crucial to consider the needs of both you and your land and that the qualities of the Kubota fit your budget. 

The cost of the same is an estimated USD 5,488; due to the brand’s excellent reputation, it can be said that the balance between price and quality is ideal.

Kubota LA765 Specs 

In this section, you will find the most critical specifications of the Kubota LA765 so that you can better see the benefits that this model will have for you.

Engine Detail
Displacement: 148.5 ci

2.4 L

Bore/Stroke: 3.43×4.03 inches

87 x 102 mm

Emissions: Tier IV
Power (gross): 47.3 hp

35.3 kW

Fuel system: common rail direct injection
Rated RPM: 2600
Starter: electric
Starter volts: 12


Transmissions Overview
8-speed synchronized shuttle


2WD Standard tires (ag): Front: 7.5L-15. Rear: 14.9-24
4WD Standard tires (ag): Front: 8.3-16. Rear: 14.9-24
Lawn/turf front: 27×8.50-15
Lawn/turf rear: 44×18-20
Industrial front: 10-16.5 (4WD)
Industrial rear: 17.5L-24 (4WD)


2WD Wheelbase: 72.8 inches

184 cm

4WD Wheelbase: 72.6 inches

184 cm

2WD Length: 122.8 inches

311 cm

4WD Length: 119.5 inches

303 cm

Width: 62.4 inches

158 cm

Height (ROPS): 91.7 inches

232 cm

Ground clearance: 15.2 inches

38 cm

Front tread: 50.4/54.3/58.3/62.2 inches

128/137/148/157 cm(2WD)

Front tread: 45.5 inches

115 cm (4WD)

Rear tread: 46.5/47.2/51.2/57.1/60.8 inches

118/119/130/145/154 cm


2WD Gear : 3219 lbs

1460 kg

4WD Gear : 3296 lbs

1495 kg

4WD Hydro : 3307 lbs

1500 kg

Kubota LA765 Attachments

To help you better understand the advantages that this model will have for you, you can find the Kubota LA765’s most crucial attachment in this section.

Attachment Overview
Front-end loader
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