Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw Review: Is it worth buying in 2024?

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Milwaukee is a reputable brand for making reliable chainsaws. The brand has been known for producing excellent outdoor equipment. However, battery chainsaws have just recently been on their radar. The brand made a strong presence in the market with its powerful Milwaukee M18.

Keep reading our blog post if you are in the market for a new saw and considering this model. We are breaking down all its noteworthy features and discussing everything related to its performance and quality. In this detailed Milwaukee m18 chainsaw review, we’ll help you decide whether it fits you.

Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw Review

This chainsaw has been around since 2008. It appeared along with the smaller version, M12. It is an advanced cordless power tool that has a lot to offer. It starts easily by activating its variable speed trigger. With this saw, you do not need to worry about the fuel capacity. This saw runs on a battery and an electric motor.

Here is an in-depth look at its material, quality, basic features, and performance:

Construction Quality & Material

This is a homeowner’s chainsaw. This means it does not have a lot of metal on its exterior. It comes with a high-quality plastic crankcase. However, the engine contains some metal components. Also, it operates on a lithium-ion battery—no need to mention that the chain and bar are made of stainless steel. 

Another great thing about the quality of the Milwaukee m18 saw is that it is made in the United States. It is an American product, although its owners are not Americans. The headquarters and plants are in America. So, this suggests the quality of products and components.


This cordless chainsaw is backed with unique features and specs that make different types of users want it. With a reliable battery, this chainsaw can rock your world. It is fast, efficient, and powerful. It can be more powerful than some beginner and prosumer gas-powered chainsaws, particularly 40-cc ones.

1. Power type 

The Milwaukee M18 is a battery-powered chainsaw. It comes with a high-output red lithium battery. The battery is 12.0 volts and operates on a platform of 18 volts. According to the manufacturer, this battery saves 50% more power. This makes the battery last longer.

2. Motor capacity

The Milwaukee M18 fuel chainsaw has a powerful motor with brushless technology. This means this motor is more advanced and powerful than the traditional brushed ones in older electric chainsaws. It comes with a prolonged life expectancy.

More importantly, it provides a high RPM of 6,600. This is an excellent rate for electric and cordless saws.

3. Weight 

Without the battery, chain oil, and chain, this machine barely weighs 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms). This is lighter than many mid-range gasoline saws. The saw can weigh around 14.5 pounds ( 6.5 kilograms) with the battery and other accessories on.

4. Bar Oil reservoir

The Milwaukee M18 saw, comes with a small oil tank but compensates for this with some advanced features. It can only hold up to 6.7 ounces ( 200 ml) of the recommended lubricant. This chainsaw comes with a transparent oil tank. This lets you check the oil level clearly and when it needs refilling.

Moreover, it has an automatic oiler to spare you the effort of manual lubrication. Such a feature saves you time and effort and increases your productivity.

Additionally, the cap of this tank remains attached to it with a string. This way, you can always keep the cap. The cap is efficient at preventing fluid leakage.

5. Bar size

This chainsaw is compatible with one bar. The manufacturer recommends a 16-inch bar to accommodate the motor’s capacity. This medium-sized bar enables you to accomplish various medium-range cutting tasks. Unlike many petrol chainsaws, this battery saw is incompatible with different bar sizes.

6. Chain features 

This chainsaw works best with a low-profile and narrow chain. This makes it safer and more reliable for what it is made for. This chainsaw needs an R56 chain. This allows the saw to provide more cuts. According to the manufacturer, this saw can give you around 750 cuts with each charge.

7. Dual Stud chain tension 

Milwaukee offers this system as a better alternative to side-chain tensioning. However, this option is only satisfactory for some users. Unlike tool-free chain tensioners in various gas saws, this system requires tools to adjust appropriately.

8. Storage Space for scrench

To properly adjust a chain, you will need a scrench. This tool is a combination of a screwdriver and a wrench. Luckily, this saw comes with a scrench, and there is space to store it underneath the machine. This feature makes losing this tool less likely. It also keeps the scrench on demand all the time.

9. Safety features

This cordless saw is no less safe than traditional gas-powered ones. Gas saws can be risky when stored and transported inside a vehicle. This is never the case with a battery saw, which is less hazardous.

Regarding safety, the Milwaukee m18 chainsaw has a highly responsive chain brake that is as powerful as petrol saws. Moreover, it comes with bumper dogs. These will reduce the risks of chain kickbacks. But these dogs are a real standout from many other equivalents.

These are metal dogs, mainly stainless steel dogs. There are various electric models with plastic spikes, which are less efficient and durable.


This great saw, with its brushless motor, provides powerful performance. It will make you feel like you are holding a mid-size gas chainsaw without all the hassle of fuel running out. The powerful engine and long-lasting battery will match the performance of a 40cc gas-powered model

Despite being made for mid-level cutting projects, it can help you with infrequent, heavier use. It even comes with Redlink Plus technology, which protects the battery against overloading. When a battery overloads, it can be easily and irreversibly damaged.

You can count on this chainsaw to cut tree logs of different widths. Surprisingly, it can chop logs up to 12 and even 14 inches in diameter. However, thick trees won’t be cut down with this saw. It can easily bring down thinner trees, even if they are tall. Also, it can clear bushes and limbs as a part of your routine property maintenance.

Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw Reviews: What do people say?

Thousands of users have purchased this chainsaw as both a brand-new and a second-hand item. The chainsaw addresses infrequent users, beginners, and homeowners.

Generally, it satisfied its target audience. Looking online for Milwaukee M18, you will find diverse real-life user reviews and ratings. Take a peek at the Milwaukee 18 website’s reviews area, for example.

Generally, this saw is everything it says it is. For instance, its 12.0-volt battery can give you a steady current reaching 1.5 amps for each hour of use. However, this excellent battery can double this expected rate. So, you can expect at least 3 amps per hour. Most users appreciate this extended runtime.

Furthermore, the eco-friendliness of this machine makes it a popular choice among people worried about the environment. There are no emissions associated with operating this machine. Another great thing about this chainsaw is its compatibility with all M18 batteries.

So, for instance, you can replace its battery with any other one from the Milwaukee M18 series.

User Feedback

On various platforms, users expressed their admiration for the chain’s sharpness. Also, the extended battery life was another source of satisfaction for hundreds of users. The ergonomic handle

Another great thing that users love about this saw is its nature. The battery operation is cleaner, not only for the environment but also for the users. They do not have to deal with gasoline and mix it with engine oil. Also, there is no carburetor inside the saw’s motor. So, there is no need for multiple adjustments.

Some users have experienced issues with the chain. They noticed that the chain was getting loose more frequently than usual. Moreover, readjusting it requires more work and tools, as the chain has no side access.

The Milwaukee m18 fuel chainsaw costs around $500, which is relatively expensive. Users find gas saws cheaper and more efficient. However, this is the case with all the electric and battery-powered saws. They are more expensive.

Users also disliked having to keep an extra battery on hand in case the original ran out. It takes some time for a dead battery to recharge fully. So, the cost of buying an extra battery is costly. However, if you are a loyal fan of the Milwaukee 18 series, you can use any other battery on this saw.

Product Satisfaction

On Milwaukee’s official website, this saw got a 4.7-star rating out of 5. Also, there are more than 2200 reviews. Nearly 93% of the users gave it the full mark and recommended it to others. So, there is a consensus among verified users about the reliability and quality of this chainsaw.

Customer Service

The best place to get Milwaukee chainsaws is from an authorized local dealer. In this case, you do not need to do any registration to enjoy the warranty coverage. Instantly, the dealer will give you a valid warranty. The Milwaukee m18 fuel chainsaw comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

This coverage gives you free repairs or replacements for broken parts as long as they adhere to the coverage conditions. Fixing or replacing these parts applies to manufacturing defects, not personal misuse. As for the return policy, the manufacturer offers returns for parts that need replacing or repairing.

The manufacturer offers a responsive customer service center covering the whole country. You can reach them online. Also, their social media team is highly responsive and interacts with any user complaints.

Should You Buy the Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw?

The Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw is an excellent outdoor power tool collection addition. This chainsaw takes cutting trees and firewood to a whole new level. It is an upgrade in power compared to many traditional battery-powered chainsaws.

It has an upgraded brushless motor and a powerful battery, giving it longer runtime and increased speed. It is also the right size and weight for the targeted user category. It was made for non-professionals in the first place.

So, with the proper maintenance and wise use, you can expect this saw to stay sharp for years. Milwaukee M18 is a long-term investment that can give you clean property without harming the environment.

The Milwaukee m18 chainsaw is an excellent cordless saw that provides optimal performance with its brushless motor and 16-inch bar. It is lightweight and has a reliable battery for more prolonged use. There are better options out there, but it provides proven long-term reliability.

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