6 Most Common Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Problems

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With over 60 years of experience, Cub Cadet is a brand leader in the utility vehicle market.

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 makes a great first impression, starting from its design. In terms of performance, however, there are a few things that users have complained about.

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 has a few issues with its engine, transmission, steering wheel, clutch, and shifting lever.

Since these can become fundamental problems that can compromise the whole vehicle, we will go through each in detail.

The Most Common Problems with Cub Cadet Challenger 750

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 is perfect for property owners on a budget or looking for the best value for money.

This lawn tractor has many accessories in its base unit, which is not as common as it may seem.

Unlike models like the Cub Cadet Rzt50 or the Cub Cadet XT3 GSX, this is a utility vehicle that can do much more than mowing your lawn.

Nonetheless, this beauty doesn’t come without issues. The most common Cub Cadet Challenger 750 problems are the engine, transmission, shifting lever, steering wheel, clutch, and reverse issues.

Let’s see what the fuss is all about!

1. Engine issues

A widespread problem with the Challenger 750 occurs when going uphill. It would seem that the engine on this model cannot handle this type of effort, but we know that its Hisun engine is more powerful than that.

The issue probably stems from the fact that there is no gauge to check the oil level, and thus the rider is not aware of the low oil level until it’s too late.

The oil then overheats, causing the engine to stop in the middle of work. The only way to get it to run again is to push the Cub Cadet tractor down the hill, which is somewhat troublesome.

If you’re one of those users who take check-ups very seriously and never run out of oil, the problem could be that there is too much air in the engine that struggles to operate under such hardships.

A thorough cleaning of the air filters or replacement of clogged ones beyond repair should do the trick in this case.

2. Transmission issues

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 starts to grind when you try to back up. This is another common issue that many owners of this tractor reported.

For utility vehicles with hydraulic turn systems like this one, the fluid can cause quite a few similar issues.

The problem is the insufficient or timeworn fluid that has become stale, changed viscosity, and lost its lubricating property.

If this is the issue, it’s simple enough to change the fluid and watch the problem disappear. But if that’s not the case, your transmission doesn’t work because the gears aren’t engaged properly.

Now, if you’re knowledgeable enough, you can take apart your transmission, check it, clean every component, and put it back together. The issue is solved!

But if you’re not confident, you should let a professional do the job to avoid causing further problems.

3. Steering issues

The steering wheel issue with this Cub Cadet UTV is so common that you can read users talk about it in every forum.

This isn’t specifically a problem that occurs with time (even though it can happen), but rather something that this Cub Cadet comes with from the very start.

When engaged in 2-wheel drive, this lawn tractor steering wheel feels very light, as expected from this model.

However, as soon as the other two wheels are engaged, the steering wheel becomes so heavy that it’s hard to turn around when you go at low speed.

Unfortunately, this is a default setting of this utility vehicle and may be a way for Cub Cadet to make you buy some Power steering accessories.

Some people don’t find the steering wheel that heavy until they put dozens of hours of work into the vehicle.

If that’s the case, your steering box is probably stuck. It’s enough to dismantle it, spray some lubricant on it, and it should be like new.

4. Clutch issues

Another somewhat common issue with this Cub Cadet is that it doesn’t engage and disengage as it should.

The clutch causes this problem, but there may be two different scenarios for why the grip misbehaves:

  1. The clutch wasn’t properly adjusted when you first got the vehicle; thus, it comes loose every now and then. It would be best if you tightened it properly.
  2. The clutch came loose because it had worn out. In this case, you can try to adjust it and see if it keeps up, or you can replace it.

5. Shifting lever issues

One of the most common problems with the Cub Cadet Challenger 750 occurs when shifting into reverse.

This utility vehicle has many issues engaging in reverse, as it will either not engage at all or do it with much delay.

Since even the base unit comes with various attachments, you should know that often these are the cause of the shifting lever issue.

Before you shift into reverse, you should empty all attachments. That should solve the problem right away most of the time.

If the problem still exists, there may be an accumulation of dirt and debris in one of the gears, so your Cub Cadet needs some deep cleaning.

6. Reverse issues

There are more problems related to the reverse mode of this Cub Cadet because some users reported that this UTV wouldn’t go into either reverse or neutral mode.

Other users reported that the vehicle doesn’t back up unless it’s on flat hard ground. On other surfaces, it stays there and jerks, the wheels struggling but not moving.

These could be problems related to the drive belt. You may encounter this and many other issues if worn out, misplaced, loose, corroded, or straight-out broken.

Luckily, the drive belt is easily adjusted or replaced if necessary.

Cud Cadet Challenger 750 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

We could name a few things you could improve about this UTV model from Cub Cadet, but it’s far from a bad investment.

We believe it should come with a better steering wheel, and we noticed that its reverse mode could give the user a few hassles.

But it doesn’t happen to everyone, and we don’t feel like it compromises the overall judgment on this model, which is, for most people, a good utility vehicle.

The main bonus point for buying this Cub Cadet Challenger is that it already comes with the most needed attachments, so it’s perfect for those trying to keep expenses to a minimum.

Overall, the Challenger 750 proves to be a worthy machine for property owners. Keep an eye on its maintenance!

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