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The Husqvarna GTH2548 is an incredibly powerful and capable lawn tractor that will allow you to get through any mowing task quickly and comfortably – no matter how big or small! 

With its impressive performance features, such as its 25-hp engine, hydrostatic transmission and locking differential, comfort features, electric blade engagement system, automatic reverse safety system, and LED headlights – this tractor truly has it all! 

Whether you are a professional landscaper or just looking for an effective way to maintain your yard – the Husqvarna GTH2548 is worth considering! 

But like any other machine, sometimes problems may arise while using it! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this reliable riding mower, its most common problemshow to fix them, and its price tag. 

Husqvarna GTH2548 Review

If you’re in the market for a lawn tractor, the Husqvarna GTH2548 is an excellent option. It’s packed with features and built to last, plus it has a long history of exceptional performance. 

The Husqvarna GTH2548 offers a wide range of features and capabilities. Let’s take a look at what makes this lawn tractor special. 

1. Performance Features 

The GTH2548 lawn tractor from Husqvarna is designed to make lawn mowing easier. 

The Husqvarna GTH2548 is powered by a 25-hp Kohler Command PRO CV730 engine, which provides plenty of power for even the most challenging mowing tasks. 

The engine also features an oil filter for easy maintenance and extended life. 

The hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth and effortless operation, while the foot pedal-operated locking differential helps you easily navigate tougher terrain. 

And with a top speed of 5.5 mph, you can get your yard work done quickly. 

2. The cutting deck

The cutting deck is 48 inches wide, which makes it perfect for larger yards and gives you a smooth, even cut every time. 

Plus, the mower has an ergonomic steering wheel and adjustable seat that ensures comfortable operation no matter how long you spend in the saddle. 

3. Comfort Features 

The Husqvarna GTH2548 was designed with comfort in mind. It features an adjustable high-back seat with armrests, so you can remain comfortable while mowing your lawn even if you’re out there for hours. 

The ergonomic steering wheel ensures maximum control, while the cruise control option makes it easier to keep a constant speed even over rough terrain. 

Additionally, the tractor has integrated cup holders so you can stay hydrated throughout your task without having to stop and take a break every few minutes. 

4. Additional Features 

In addition to its performance and comfort features, the Husqvarna GTH2548 also offers several other valuable features that make it stand out from other lawn tractors

It has an electric blade engagement system that eliminates hassle when starting up or shutting down operations and an automatic reverse safety system to help prevent accidents when reversing directions quickly or suddenly stopping after going too fast over rough terrain.  

It also has LED headlights for visibility during low light conditions and a mulching kit included as standard equipment, so you don’t have to worry about filling bags with clippings after each mow session.  

And if you need to move large items around your yard or garden, there’s also an integrated trailer hitch for easy hauling capabilities.  

Husqvarna GTH2548 Problems

The Husqvarna GTH2548 lawn tractor can be invaluable for keeping your lawn looking great year-round. 

It is designed to make mowing your lawn easier and more efficient, so you can enjoy your garden more and spend less time maintaining it.

However, as with any machine, it can sometimes experience problems. Here are the most common issues with the Husqvarna GTH2548 and how to fix them. 

1. Excessive Vibration 

If you notice that your GTH2548 is vibrating more than usual when in use, it could be due to a few different things. 

First, check the blade bolt and make sure it is secure and tight. If the blade bolt is loose, tighten it using a wrench or socket set. 

Additionally, check the blade itself for signs of wear or damage. If the blade is damaged or worn out, replace it with a new one to reduce vibration levels. 

2. Engine Overheating 

If your engine overheats while running, there are a few things to consider.

First, inspect the fuel filter for any blockages or debris restricting fuel flow into the engine.  

Additionally, check for air leaks around the carburetor gasket and intake manifold gasket; if either leaks air, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.  

Finally, ensure that all engine cooling fins are clear of debris, which can restrict airflow and lead to overheating. 

3. Hard Starting 

If your GTH2548 has difficulty starting up after several attempts, a few potential causes need to be checked out. 

First, inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or damage; if it looks worn out, replace it with a new one. 

Additionally, check all wiring connections between the battery and starter solenoid; if any connections are loose or corroded, they should be tightened up or replaced before trying again. 

Finally, ensure that all fuel lines connected to the carburetor are not clogged or blocked; if they are, they should be cleaned out before attempting another start-up cycle.

4. Poor Fuel Economy 

If you need more fuel than usual when operating your GTH2548, there could be an issue with one of its components, such as dirty air filters or clogged fuel injectors

To fix this issue, you’ll need to clean or replace dirty air filters and unclog any clogged fuel injectors with an appropriate cleaner, such as Sea Foam Deep Creep Fuel Injector Cleaner & Lubricant (available from most auto parts stores). 

Additionally, regularly change your oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently for maximum fuel economy results over time! 

5. Leaking Hydraulic Fluid 

If you notice that your Husqvarna gth2548 is leaking hydraulic fluid, there are a few potential causes for this issue. 

One possibility is that the hydraulic filter may be clogged, which should be replaced with a new one. Additionally, check all hoses and connections for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them as necessary. 

Finally, check the hydraulic fluid level in the reservoir; if it is too low, add more to bring it up to the recommended level.

6. Clutch Issues 

If your Husqvarna gth2548 is having difficulty engaging its clutch, there are a few potential causes for this issue.

One possibility is that the clutch cable may be worn out or stretched, which should be replaced with a new one. Additionally, check all cables and connections for any wear or damage, and replace them as necessary.

Finally, the clutch itself may be worn out; if so, it should be replaced with a new one to restore proper operation.

7. Poor Cutting Performance 

If your GTH2548 is having trouble cutting grass, it could be due to a few different things.

First, check the blade itself for any signs of wear or damage; if it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Additionally, inspect the mower deck for any build-up of grass clippings or debris, which can prevent grass from being cut properly. If there are many build-ups, clean it out before attempting another cut.

Finally, ensure that all belts and spindles are not worn out or stretched; if they are, replace them with new ones to ensure proper cutting performance. 

8. Hard Steering 

If your GTH2548 is difficult to steer and the steering wheel feels stiff, it could be due to a few different things.

First, check the hydraulic fluid level in the system and add more if it is low. Additionally, look for any leaks in the system and repair them as necessary. 

If there are no leaks and the fluid level is correct, then it is likely that the problem is with the steering wheel itself; inspect it for any signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary.

These are the most common issues associated with the Husqvarna GTH2548 lawn tractor. 

Following our guide above, you should now understand what some of these issues may look like and how to quickly repair any issue and get back up and running in no time!

Husqvarna GTH2548 Price

The Husqvarna GTH2548 is an excellent choice for a reliable riding mower with plenty of features and power capabilities. 

From its powerful engine to its convenient design details like electric blade engagement and trailer hitch integration, this model offers everything you need in a mower—and at a price point that won’t break the bank! 

Regarding price, the Husqvarna GTH2548 has been a reliable option for gardeners of all ages in recent years.

It typically sells for between $2,000 and $2,500, depending on where you purchase it and whether any additional accessories are included in your purchase. 

That said, prices can vary significantly depending on sales or promotions offered by retailers during certain times of year—so if you’re looking to save money on this model, keep an eye out for deals!  

Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or feature-packed, this lawn tractor should be on your list of considerations when shopping for your next ride-on mower.

Husqvarna GTH2548 Specs

Let’s take a deep look at the specs of the Husqvarna TH2548:

Husqvarna GTH2548 Engine specs

Engine Model Kohler Command PRO CV730
Engine Type: 4-cycle gasoline OHV V-Twin air-cooled
Number of Cylinders: 2
Displacement, (cc): 44.3 (725)
Engine Bore, in (mm): 3.27 (83.0)
Engine Stroke, in (mm): 2.64 (67.0)
Rated Engine Power, hp (kW): 25.0 (18.4)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm: 3600
Idle Speed, rpm: 1100-1300
Maximum Torque, Nm (ft-lbs): 54.1 (39.9)
Torque Speed, rpm 2800
Compression 9.0:1
Fuel System Type Carburetor
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L) 4.0 (15.0)
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 1.9 (1.8)

Husqvarna GTH2548 Electrical specs

Electrical System Rating, Volts 12
Charging System Alternator 15A
Starter Type Electric
Number of Batteries 1
Battery Rating 12V, 400 CCA
Electric Ground Negative

Husqvarna GTH2548 Transmission specs

Transmission Model Hydro-Gear
Transmission Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Number of Forward Gears Infinite
Number of Reverse Gears Infinite
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 5.8 (9.3)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 2.2 (3.5)

Husqvarna GTH2548 Dimensions and Weight

Wheelbase, in (mm) 48 (1220)
Length, in (mm) 71.3 (1800)
Height, in (mm) 42.5 (1075)
Overall Width, in (mm) 50.7 (1280)
Ground Clearance, in (mm)  7 (175)
Weight, lb (kg) 528 (240)

Husqvarna GTH2548 Wheels and Tires specs

Drive Wheels 2WD 4×2
Steering Configuration Front steer
Steering System Manual
Brakes Typ Disc
Front Tire Size 16.5×6.5-6
Rear Tire Size 23×10.5-12

Husqvarna GTH2548 Attachments

Let’s look into the Husqvarna GTH2548 attachments.

Husqvarna GTH2548 Mower deck

Mower Deck Type Mid-mount
Number of Blades 3
Cutting Methods Side discharge
Cutting Deck Type Stamped, reinforced
Cutting Width, in (mm) 48 (1215)
Overall Width, in (mm) 60 (1520)
Cutting Height, in (mm) 1.5-4.0 (37-100)


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