Husqvarna vs John Deere: Which one is the best choice?

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If your lawn is large, you generally don’t want to be pushing a mower across it. The area eventually grows too large to mow without a riding mower easily. 

Several companies make zero-turn lawnmowers. The most well-known brands, though, are Husqvarna and John Deere. Which of the two riding lawnmowers is the better model?

Because of its durable design, superior output, and low failure rate, John Deere gets to the top. 

The most effective and powerful versions are those made by Husqvarna, nevertheless. Despite the excellent specifications both firms offer, there are still crucial differences to be aware of.

Due to their durability, cutting-edge features, and exceptional mowing powers, these brands have been consumers’ preferred choices for lawnmowers for many years.

As you continue reading, the ideal mower for your needs will be determined by comparing Husqvarna and John Deere models.

Husqvarna vs. John Deere: Quick Overview

The biggest manufacturer of outdoor power equipment is Husqvarna. Its product selection is quite broad and includes everything from robotic lawnmowers to chainsaws.

This Swedish business was initially established in 1689 as a manufacturer of military weaponry, and throughout time, it underwent many product line changes.

Beginning with chainsaws and eventually going on to riding mowers and other equipment, Husqvarna has concentrated on producing outdoor power tools since the early 1900s.

The business has expanded through acquisitions, and as a result, they now hold a number of additional brands, including Poulan Pro.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Husqvarna, there is a good chance that you are at least somewhat familiar with John Deere. 

John Deere established this business in 1837 at Grand Detour, Illinois, to meet the needs of the prairie people. When Deere and his neighbors discovered that the agricultural equipment from the east coast wasn’t fit for the tougher land in Illinois, he started developing and founded the business that we are all familiar with and appreciate today.

Both Husqvarna and John Deere are renowned for producing high-quality, long-lasting goods. Many people will be so devoted to one brand that they won’t even consider using anything else!

Husqvarna Overview

Chainsaws are Husqvarna’s most well-known product, and the company is a trusted manufacturer of high-end outdoor power equipment. 

Despite the company’s availability of lawn tractors and walk-behind mowers, its riding mowers, which also include tractors and zero-turn mowers, are its most recognizable offering.

With one of the most reliable and long-lasting product lines on the market, Husqvarna is a leading brand in the United States. With their high-end amenities, including ergonomic chairs, comfortable controls, and pedal-operated speed and direction control.

However, modern features and durability come at a prohibitive price. Like the rest of the company’s outdoor products, Husqvarna lawnmowers are pricey.

Most Husqvarna lawn tractors come with a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission. You use the foot pedals to regulate the speed while turning the steering wheel with your hands.

The driver can easily access gauges and controls thanks to their convenient locations. A rear differential that is electrically or automatically locked is one of these controls.

John Deere Overview

One of the most iconic American brands is John Deere. The business was established in Grand Detour, Illinois, by a man of the same name in 1837, and it has since expanded to become a well-known name in the heavy machinery sector.

The majority of John Deere mowers are produced in Waterloo, Iowa, in the US. Nevertheless, John Deere has manufacturing plants across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Because the business notably refused to reclaim any of its tractors from farmers during the Great Depression, John Deere developed a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

Given the above mentioned, it should come as no surprise that John Deere lawn tractors are among the most costly models available.

When working with John Deere, their distinctive yellow and green stand out, alerting you to the situation. Deere has outdone its competitors in terms of details.

Husqvarna vs. John Deere: The comparison

Let’s start by stating that both brands are powered by gas. Because of this, you won’t be constrained by a battery’s lifespan or a cable’s length. 

The two designs are also both self-propelled. So their owner has to put in a lot less effort. Pushing it forward won’t make you weaker. The excellent mulching function and electric start are present in both types.

Both vehicles also are equipped with excellent steel decks and headlights for situations when visibility is poor.


The engine is the first thing you should look at when purchasing a riding mower. You wouldn’t be able to mow the lawn effectively or take pleasure in your journey without a reliable engine.

Husqvarna has earned a reputation for producing outdoor products of the finest caliber for more than ten years. 

Husqvarna can accommodate lawns with various engine performances thanks to its two unique riding mower brands, residential and commercial. Yamaha, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kohler engines power Husqvarna lawnmowers.

On the other side, the premium V-Twin engines from John Deere offer more power and a longer service interval.

With access to just 20 to 25 horsepower, John Deere may be behind in terms of power availability. However, you will want to observe how precisely and intelligently it can trim your yard grass.


In terms of durability over an extended period, John Deere’s zero-turn mowers appear more robust than Husqvarna’s. 

Its high-end features, which include steel stamping decks, rubber floor mats, high-impact polypropylene top hoods, and polyethylene chutes, all add to a genuinely premium riding experience, albeit these features differ between variants.

Husqvarna mowers, in contrast, include a sturdy, reliable engine from Kawasaki or Kohler and a body made of premium 10, 12 gauge steel. 

If you’re looking for a powerful machine at a reasonable price, Husqvarna can satisfy your needs in the long run. The key contrast between the two is that.

Mowing Capability

Both John Deere and Husqvarna have the same cutting deck width. Whatever you need in terms of mowing will depend entirely on what you’re searching for.

Husqvarna is better for rugged and steep terrain, although John Deere does tend to be more powerful.


The one-year standard Husqvarna guarantee covers any flaws in the materials or workmanship when the machines are used regularly. Basically, it will most likely be covered if the device, motor, trigger system, or engine fails.

The warranties for John Deere goods range from two to four years. Everything is dependent on the item. The model affects it for tractors. 

Any failure brought on by flaws in the materials or workmanship that takes place during the valid warranty term is covered. Exclusions apply to this, though.


Last but not least, if you have a big yard and will be spending a lot of time mowing it, you want to make sure it’s comfortable.

These riding lawnmowers both offer user-friendly control panels. You won’t waste time looking for the control because they are quickly accessible and button operated.

Additionally, thanks to their adjustable lap bar systems, you may customize your experience to be as comfy as possible.

Husqvarna vs. John Deere: Which is the best?

Given what we’ve said thus far in our Husqvarna vs. John Deere riding mower comparison, it’s safe to say that there are some similarities between the two manufacturers’ products, as well as some variances.

Husqvarna, for starters, offers outstanding height adjustability with 6 distinct levels. Second, Husqvarna features a great fuel tank size, a blade brake, and a much superior turn radius.

On the other hand, John Deere benefits from several factors. In particular, John Deere features an OHV system, excellent cutting width, and somewhat more power (26 horsepower).

Overall, we hope that our Husqvarna vs. John Deere riding mower comparison will be helpful to you in determining which one best suits your needs.

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